Dead Boys Thoughts - Irish Wolf Hound Competition Submission

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem created for Irish Wolf Hounds 'Shadows in Shadows' competition. Inspired by this line from the ninth chapter of the novel 'All I can hear are the screams of my parents,
my screams'. It's a pretty sombre poem but I feel it raises some interesting issues.

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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Submitted: April 18, 2012



My parents told me not to stay out late,

They say there is danger in the night,

But I am invincible I tell them,

I would rather run than fight,


I hold morals close to my heart,

For I was brought up with respect,

But other people roam the night,

The ones who’ve not learnt yet,


It pays to be respectful,

Being polite is free,

Starting fights with strangers however,

Is the highest form of idiocy,


So when I was in the queue for the bar,

And stumbled and spilt my pint,

I did not expect the man the lager landed on,

To stand up and start a fight,


I tried to calm him down,

Apologies came in a hurry,

I reasoned with the guy,

Tried to tell him not to worry,


I’ll buy you a pint mate,

I’ll pay the dry cleaning bill for your shirt,

It was at this point the guy stood up to me,

And faced me with a smirk,


‘Outside now’ he shouted as he dragged me to the door,

He had me in a headlock,

I tried to dig my feet into the floor,


Now we were facing each other,

Under the streetlamps artificial sun,

I checked the location around me,

Looking for avenues,

On which to run,


When I turned back,

The first blow hit me,

Causing a sharp stabbing pain,

In my abdomen,

Somewhere towards the kidney,


All I can hear are the screams of my parents,

My screams,

I’m remembering what they said,

I knew I should have listened,

But instead,

I’m dead.

© Copyright 2020 JamesSemlow. All rights reserved.

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