The New YouTube Star "Daniel Wilder"?

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About The Upcoming Star "Daniel Wilder.

Youtube is the best place to share your own content to get Discovered, Heard, or even Famous.

"Daniel Wilder" is a 15 year old Teenager who got his very own "Hit / Single" Called "Maggie Swaggie" by a small Record Company called "Swag Productions inc".

He uploaded the "teaser" on "June 29" and the full video was released on "July 5" on his own Youtube Channel by name "Daniel Wilder".

The Music video Is exactly 4 minutes long and it's basically just "Daniel" himself dancing around in a Green screen with "Maggie Simpson" From the Popular TV Show "The Simpsons".

So could it mean that FOX has something to do with this? Nothing of that is Confirmed.

The Video seems to be loved by a lot of people, This day (July 27) The video only has "2000 views" but it has over "400 likes" and only a few dislikes but only positive comments.

The official Music Video -->

Submitted: July 27, 2013

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