The Ghost Of Mick Johnson

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10 men are in this olden time building. It was rumored that the building they was in had Mick Johnson's ghost in it. Every night, the ghost comes out stab everyone who enters the building. You do not want to know what happens to the 10 men who entered the building. But you have started to read, so you have to carry on.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



There are 10 men who are called Jack Miller, Bob Hardman, Jake Cardwell, Spencer Ducksberry, Jeremy Southend, Kyle Stopford, Ryan Hamilton, Calvin Jackson, Fletcher Myres and Hector Hampson who had a friend called Mick Johnson who died of getting stabbed by a mysterious figure in an olden time building. After his funeral, the 10 men started trash-talking him and Mick didn't like that one bit, so he told god's angels to go down to the 10 men and tell them 'there is a rumor that if you go into the olden time house that Mick Johnson died in, he will come out and stab you and no-one in the world shall remember you'. These are the excact words the angel said. "There is a rumor that is important to you guys," she told them. "TELL US!" shouted the 10 men in shock. The angel said "well, if you go into the olden time house that Mick Johnsen died in, his ghost will come out and stab you, and no-one shall remember you, EVER." At that moment, everyone heard a sudden THUD!. 9 of the 10 men, and the angel, turned around to see that Spencer had fainted. "Quick!, someone check his pulse!" shouted Jeremy in a shock. At that moment, Kyle checked his pulse. "He's dead!" whispered Kyle. Jeremy was crying his eyes out. "HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND!" he screemed. "Don't worry Jeremy, let's all just get a good nights sleep," Ryan said to Jeremy.

At that night, Jeremy couldn't sleep, so he decided to go on a nightly walk. He didn't believe the rumor that the angel told them so he walked into the building and waited. After 2 hours of waiting, the ghost had finally arrived. "Well, well, well, look who finally decided to show up, it's Jeremy Southend" the ghost of Mick Johnson said. "So the rumor that the angel was true then" "yes of course it was, and now i must KILL YOU!". Mick Johnson's ghost stabbed Jeremy in the heart and he died second later. "Excactly as planned, now just to wait until the rest of them come," the ghost said and he did so. When it came to morning, the ghost had disappered, and so did Jeremy's body.

When the 8 men that were left woke up, they realised that Jeremy was missing. "Where's Jeremy" said Calvin as everyone looked around for him. "Jeremy?, Jeremy?" everyone shouted. "Oh no, what if that rumor that the angel told us is true" Jake said anxiously. "Well we'll just have to find out, Jack, Fletcher and Jake, go to the olden time building" Ryan said as he waited in his chair, "well are you going or what" "what" said Fletcher, laughing his head off. Pointing his gun at Fletcher, Ryan said "If you don't go I will shoot you" "god i was only having a joke". After the 3 men had gone, Bob said anxiously "what if they don't come back" "don't worry they will" said Calvin, "the rumor isn't true at all anyway". After a few minutes, Jack came running back, "I told you they'd come back" said Calvin. "GUYS! FLETCHER AND JAKE ARE DEAD, AND SO IS JEREMY!" screemed Jack, crying his eyes out. "THE RUMOR IS TRUE THEN" shouted Bob. "see i told you the rumor was true" he added on. "Well another 3 of us have to go, Kyle, Calvin and I will go, and Jack, you can go when you feel up to it" said Ryan. A few seconds later, Calvin said "Fuck you, i'm not going, i mean i'll end up shitting myself" "watch your language, and you are going or else you will get shot" said Ryan, "OK" Calvin added on.

When the 4 arrived at the olden time building, Mick Johnson's ghost arrived, with the 3 people's bodies that he killed. "Well, well, well, it's Jack again, and 3 others, i see you brought some friends with you" Mick said, "it's time to kill you all" he added on. When Jack got stabbed, the people left in the house heard a massive screem, so they came to investigate. When they finally came to the olden time house that Mick Johnson died in, they said "so the rumor is true". "Yes it is" said Mick. "And now it's time to kill you all". A few seconds later it came down to just 1 man, and that man was Ryan. "You was the worst of them all, you started trash talking me, and now it is your turn to die" Mick said in an evil way, "no, please don't kill me, i have 3 kids" Ryan said, well you shouldn't have been trash-talking me shouldn't you" Mick said "I'M SORRY!" Ryan shouted, "it's too late for sorries, now you will die". A couple of seconds later, after Mick had stabbed Ryan, he died. And from now on, the 10 men were never spoken of again.

That story tells you something. NEVER TRASH-TALK SOMEONE WHO HAS DIED! Excpecially Mick Johnson.

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