Don't let go mummy...

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This is a poem called Don't let go Mummy, this poem just explains whats going on in countires that are in war like Gaza, and I have expressed it in this poem.

Submitted: August 08, 2014

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Submitted: August 08, 2014



My hand mummy, hold it tight and don't let go no matter what

We're holding tight my child,

Everything is going to be alright,

Don't ever let go, I need you more

You know that I am nearly four.



Pitch darkness and burning fire, rubble and mud,

Or isit the earth mixed with our blood?

Swiftly I move my body, not much

My chin and cheek I cannot touch.


I call my mummy, as my face is sore

Cuddle me from the floor,

We'll never let go, our fingers reunited 

A much greater love you'll never find

I know I'm safe with you mama, here in my room. 


Quiet now, it'll be over soon my child,

Thats what you told me last time mama, now Papa's gone

I know my child, but Papa's in a safe place,

He will never know of harm again,

Why couldn't we all go along?

We need to be strong son, this is where we belong

There will come a day my child,

Were we will be Free,

Of pain, torture and disbelif


Mama I don't understand though?

Why is there so muc hate?

Can't we live together?

Get along with each other?



Son, some people don't understand 

How to share, 

Because if they did there

Wouldn't be a warfare 

We will be free

Even though I cry oceans out of my eyes,

I believe that day will come were we go and have fun




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