I never stopped loving you...

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This short story is about two couples together, for a while but the girl wanted to marry a guy she loved,and this man named Hassan loved her and showed her how much he loved her but she ignored it. But one day, everything changed.

Submitted: January 18, 2014

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Submitted: January 18, 2014



We got married on the 19th July 2009. You were upset, crying. I bet you were wishing you weren't marrying me, but I promised you I'd treat you like an angel and that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. You didn't care. One day, I was walking down the street with you, we went into a sweet shop and you were shocked, your eyes wide opened, screaming. I turned around and found the sweet shop destroyed, two teenagers holding a gun to your head. I promised you that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. The teenagers told me to get out of the shop so I did, but he didn’t know there was an exit door.

I walked out of the shop, ran and ran as fast as a speeding car. I opened the exit door quietly; both teenagers were having a conversation. One of them was called Jason, I knew because the other said his name I didn't know the other ones name.

Jason said to his mate “We need to kill her, and then we can mug her. I don't give a fuck about her and her child ha!!!... And his mate laughed loudly. They touched your legs, then your chest and that’s when I lost control. I was shocked and furious. No one was allowed to hurt you. I looked behind me and found a long metal stick, I grabbed it. I told Imran to sit in the car and to lock the car doors and told him to lay down on the seats so no-one sees you, I waited for him to do that and then I walked in. They still hadn't noticed, but you had noticed. I held up the metal stick, and hit Jason on the leg, he screamed. Moaning. Then the other teenage boy was coming for me, he was shooting at me, I screamed to you  "Run! Get to the car Imran is in the car. GO! " and you screamed out "I'm not leaving without you" and that’s when I smiled and said to you" I love you, I promised you that no-one will hurt you and I promise I will be home, you need to go to the police" and you said "I love you too" and ran out. I hit both men nice and hard. Then I felt pain in my hand, looked at it and noticed one of them had shot me. I carried on fighting back.  I hit the men hard, but I didn't kill them because they needed to be alive for the police. After a few minutes, the police came. I noticed I had got shot in the stomach as well, that when I closed my eyes and fell on the ground calling out your name "Marriiiiiiiiiammmmmmmmm" and you rushed towards me and was screaming for "Help!!!" and the ambulance had come over. 

An hour went by.You had gone into the reception to pray. You made a Dua'a saying " Oh Lord, forgive me please forgive me punish me not my beloved husband, he showed me his love but I didn't. I was too selfish. I will not be able to live with myself if I love my love, please Lord forgive me and give me another chance and I promise I will fulfil it." A tear came down your face. You hadn't noticed I was standing by the doorway, you looked left and looked up screaming, and crying. You ran towards me hugging me. I kissed you on the forehead. You said to me "I love you, but I never told you because I thought I wasn't good enough for you, not only that but I didn't think you'd fall in love with me”, I sighed saying "Are you joking? Who couldn't fall in love with you eh? I fell in love with you before everything, before the marriage but I didn't tell you. Just remember those promises I told you. I will not let anyone hurt you and I will treat you like an angel, My beloved wife when I make a promise I don't break it, I fulfil it and for you I'd do anything for you." and you smiled happily , with a blue tear coming down your smooth skin. I wiped it off. You smiled and I asked where Imran was, you said “He fell asleep", I saw him lying on the prayer mat, with a hat on his head. You said “He was making dua'a with me, but he fell asleep" and I smiled and went to pick him up, I walked back to you  and put my hand over your shoulder and had Imran in my hand sleeping. 

2 days later, then I was let out of the hospital. I went home, slept, ate and spent time with my family.Then one day I opened the newspaper and saw me in the front it said "This man is a hero, who saved his child and wife and the owner of the shop". I smiled. Thinking I got an amazing family, beautiful country and a beautiful neighbourhood. Weeks went by and I'd go mosque every day and go to you my beautiful wife and now we had 3 children Imran, Jasmine and Sophia. Sophia was only 1month, jasmine was 4 years old and Imran was 10 years old. I am grateful for everything I ever had and will never regret it.

This is how my life changed, how did your changed? Remember, Be grateful for everything because there are children out there that have no shelter, no shoes, no family, no home and you do, don't give up on that.Love your family, Like I did and Love yourself.

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