My Scars, Tell you everything.

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The girls name is Jasmine, and she goes through hell everyday, and has had enough of it. She decides to do something about.

Submitted: January 30, 2014

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Submitted: January 30, 2014



I didn't even do anything wrong, and he just hits me. 

What are the scars from my arms from? They're from exaclty what you think thy are from. 

It was 7:30 in the morning and I came down to eat breakfast but I didn't want to come down, why? Because he was downstairs, my dad. I can’t even call him dad because he doesn’t act like one. I had to go downstairs, so I did. I sat on the table, eating my cereals as his sharp eyes were digging in to me, but I tried to look down so I didn’t give him any eye contact. I was just about to leave the house, until he calls says something “Oi you ugly brat, don’t be late again” I just nodded back, wishing he had maybe given me a kiss or said I love you but obviously not. I turned the handle, and open the dark brown door while he was watching me walk out. Hours went by, I was in my English lesson and my friend was crying so I said to her to be strong. She smiled. I was wishing it wasn’t the end of the day; I just didn’t want to go home and see his face again. My dad’s. I felt sorry for my mum how could she even live with him?

I came home, I rang the bell and my mum opened the door saying “Your dads asleep, don’t make any noise” and I sighed and went upstairs. While I was sitting upstairs in my bed, I had an idea to run away. I started packing all my clothes, shoes, pants everything and I also packed my mums things, I crawled downstairs quietly into the kitchen but leaving the suite case near the stairs, I told my mum that I wanted to run away with you, that I had packed her things too and she smiled saying “I can’t leave, you know he will find us somehow don’t you?” and that’s when I shaded a tear saying “Why did you have to fall in love with him? He will kill us to death, by hitting us all day we have to do something about it mum, please mum this will be our last opportunity”. My mum was so scared, and she nodded saying “Let’s go quickly and quietly” but we were too late, he had woken up. I grabbed my mums hand and was shaking, with his huge feet, his long muscly hands he grabbed me by the throat and said “You fucking piece of shit, you’re not going anywhere because your death is soon coming to you”, I tried to scream but I couldn’t.  He was holding my throat so tightly, my face was red, and he then threw me to the wall and went to my mum.  He kicked her in the stomach, that’s when she fell and he grabbed her hair and dragged her, I couldn’t let him do that to her so I got up but I was still very weak. I run up to him and punched him in the face; he moaned “Ahhhh, you bitch” and I grabbed my mums hand but he slapped me on the face and then he kicked me in the stomach, my mum started screaming “Please don’t hurt my baby, hurt me not her I’m begging you” and that’s when dad said “Tell me who came up with the idea of leaving eh?” and that’s when my mum lied saying it was her but I screamed out saying “It was me, you idiot ha! No one like you, wait until everyone finds out what you do because your face is going to be in the newspaper tonight pronounced dead, because you will end up killing yourself”. He started to laugh, and that’s when I started laughing with him and then he grabbed me by my throat and lifted me up, me choking and gasping for air I made a hand gesture to my mum telling her to call the police or ask for help, my mum was just about to get up but he kicked her in the head and right then I froze. Thinking what if she’s dead? My dad was still holding me by my throat, I kicked him in the stomach and I fell to the ground. It hurt me badly but I couldn’t leave my mother in that state, I put my mums head on my lap trying to wake her up and she opened her eyes and I kissed her on the forehead I said to her “Mum let’s go, quickly”. We both got up, but I couldn’t walk neither of us could our legs were literally broken.

I felt something pulling me back, it was him pulling my hair and I told my mum to run and she did. He took me upstairs and did something to me which I had experienced before, I was his daughter and I was 9 years old and he was doing this to me. He left the room and had gone into the other room to get something, I thought let grab some to hit him with. When he came in, he was looking for me but I was behind the door I was creeping behind him, I lifted the lamp and wacked him across the head. I was frozen, crying to myself thinking why he would do this for 9 years I went through it and so did my own mother. Exactly, 45 minutes had gone by and I could hear my mum calling out my name, and me sitting in her bedroom in the corner of the room. My mum rushed to me and I saw the police behind her, the police had said to me he is still alive and you both need to come with us. 2 hours when by and we were getting interviewed, me and my mother told the police officer everything. The police officers name was Steve, I told him when I was 5 my dad tried to make me sell drugs, I told him when I was 7 my dad tried to make me have sex with other men what I found weird was that the police officer was shedding some tears. He asked “How old are you?” and I replied “I am only 9 years old “ and he said to me “When we came upstairs what had he done to you? “ it took me a while to reply and I answered nervously “He had raped me!” and his face had frozen, he was in shock. The last two things her said where “How many times has he done this to you?” and I replied “ 4 times to me and my mother” and then he said “I promise you, he will be gone forever okay, and you both are now in safe hands” and I smiled. My mum put her hands over mine and I said “I’m sorry mum” and she just smiled and tilted her head on my shoulder.  Days went by, and my father was sentenced to 103 years in prison. He was no longer my dad and never was.


Days, weeks and months went by, me and my mother had gone to America for a change and my mum got married to a decent fella, who loved me and I loved him back as a dad, also he knew what we went through. His name was Dave; he hugged me and kissed me every day saying “I love you”. I finally had a family that didn’t hurt me and that I loved spending time with. One more thing, my mum got pregnant with twins a girl and a boy we named them Sandra and Jake. I love them both and my dad and mum. I and my mother were finally living a life we wanted to live for years.

I tell everyone to be strong, knowing that I am the weakest person in the world. 

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