True Love Isn't Easy: Justmine Love Story Epi 15 *S2*

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Justin and Jasmine Love Story

Submitted: March 30, 2011

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Submitted: March 30, 2011



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Jazzy: Calm down Jas

Jasmine: CALM DOWN!!!!!!

Caitlin: Jas I’m sure it has a perfectly good explanation

TV: Well it seems like the Biebs just can’t get enough of Disney starlet Selena Gomez. They were caught coming out of I Hop this morning hand in hand we are wondering what the Biebster was doing in Philadelphia we can guess his supporting his girl. Niether have yet to confirm there relationship but from this I think we can say they are a couple. * Looking away* Ohh just in a new pic that tv host Wendy Williams as provided where Bieber has his arm around Ms. Gomez. Ohhh what are Bieber’s fans have to say bout this. We leave with the pics and till next time.

Jazzy: Jas say something

Jasmine: ………. * Tears strolling down her cheek*

Bernie: Sweetie come ome let’s get you out of this dress

Jasmine: * Crying harder* Get me out of this. Get me out of here * Ripping the dress*

Caitlin: Jas its ok calm down

Bernie: * Talking to the worker* We will pay for all the damage caused

Worker: Ummmm ok is she ok??

Bernie: She will be.

Jazzy: Jas please

Jasmine: * Screaming, yelling* WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!!!! * Falling on the floor*

Bernie: Jas get up sweetie let’s go home * Picking her up*

Jasmine: Mom why, why, why would he do this to me * Looking at the dress*

Bernie: I don’t know sweetie but don’t think bout that now ok * Grabbing her clothes*

Jasmine: * Falling on the floor* All I ever asked was to be loved and…. * Sobbing*

Bernie: * Picking her up and dressing her* Sweetie I wish I could protect you from all the pain and suffering but I can’t. All I ca say you will be ok and this just a bump in the road before you find your prince charming

Jasmine: * Crying*

Bernie: Come on sweetie lets go home

Later on at night

Jazzy: She’s been sleeping for so long

Bernie: Well I think she needs it and it will make her feel bad.

Jazzy: The minute I get my hands on Bieber I will kill him

Bernie: You won’t do that

Jazzy: * looking at the window* Ohhh look who it is?? Ohh wait till get my hand on him.

Bernie: Jazzy go upstairs and make sure is ok and tell her Justin is here. I’m going to have a talk with him before.

Jazzy: You tell Bernie

Bernie: * Laughing* Jazzy upstairs now!!

Jazzy: ok, ok

Bernie: * Gets up and opens the door*

Justin: * Holding flowers and smiling*

Bernie: Hello Justin

Justin: Hey Bernie. Umm is Jas home??

Bernie: Yes but before I want to talk to you.

Justin: ohhh ok is everything ok?

Bernie: Come in * Leads him into the living room*

Justin: Ok * Sits down* What’s wrong??

Bernie: Jas today had a little nervous break down.

Justin: OMG how is she doing???

Bernie: She’s fine after some rest

Justin: Ohhh ok so can I go see her???

Bernie: Ok I want to tell you that I have been nothing but nice to you but once you hurt my baby girl it can turn ugly.

Justin: * scared* Ummmm ok…

Bernie: Please Justin just be honest with her and stop hurting her she knows you weren’t in NY

Justin: I was…..

Bernie: I don’t need explanation you owe Jas an explanation.

Justin: ok

Bernie: Ok up stairs

Justin: * Walks up the stairs slowly* * Knocks on the door*

Jazzy: * Opens the door* Hmmmm

Justin: I’m here to see Jas

Jazzy: Well I will be down stairs

Justin: * Walking over to Jasmine* Hey….

Jasmine: * Her head on her kneels*

Justin: Umm brought this flowers for you

Jasmine: ………..

Justin: Jas are you going to speak to me

Jasmine: * Looking up*

Justin: Jas I want to say….

Jasmine: I know you’re sorry and truly mean it won’t do it again blah, blah, blah…. I know the story already.

Justin: * Sitting down on the bed* Jas look I knew if I told you wouldn’t understand

Jasmine: What is there to understand??

Justin: Well that…..

Jasmine: You and Selena are friends but yet you can’t tell me you are going to go see her.

Justin: I knew you would get mad.

Jasmine: I really don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I was stupid or naïve to actually believe that you 2 were going to stay away from each other * Tears strolling down her cheek*

Justin: Jas I love you

Jasmine: You know what * Wiping her tears* my mom is right you are just bump on the road till I find the right guy for me.

Justin: Jas please

Jasmine: If you love then swear on our daughter’s name and say I’m still the one you want for the rest of your life.


Jasmine: Ok I think you know where the door is right?? I want to say that I will wait but I just can’t. As much as this killing me inside and my heat is beyond broken we are done.

Justin: I want to work things between us and I’m willing to do anything. But please don’t push me away

Jasmine: * Sobbing* I didn’t push you way you did. I wish I can say yea lets work things out but when there is another person in between we just can’t

Justin: No I-I-I

Jasmine: Leave please if you love like you say you do leave and stop hurting me

Justin: I’m truly sorry for everything you are right I should have been completely honest with you but just know I love you. * Gets up and walks away*

Jasmine: * gets up and locks the door*

Uhohhh Poor Jas hopefully she won't do anything stupid. That darn Selena just doesn't ge it. What will happen next?? Will Justin try to win Jasmine back?? What will happen between Justin and Selena?? Comments :)

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