The Girl with a Violin

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Note: You may say it is me who is in the story. This is just one of my imaginations. This is the short story version of "The Violinist". The novel version is coming so soon.

A teenage girl, playing with her violin, has given out a sorrowful melody which composes a message to her mother, who died of a diesease and I came along to help her, compose a song which will make her happy...

Submitted: April 22, 2007

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Submitted: April 22, 2007





The Girl with a Violin


By Jan Christian Duarte 



"To hear the sweetest sound of a love song, one must have loved in hearts to the people he or she knew."







 March 10, 2007; Saturday


Six days ago, walking in the cool nights of Corniche and also relaxing on the benches. When I arrived to the breakwater, I've heard sounds of the violin. A sweet sound of the violin attracted my attention to it. There, I found a girl, playing a freshly varnished violin. The girl is around fifteen to sixteen years old and she's an American. I came to where she is. She was just near where the big flag pole is and the benches.



When I came to sit down on the bench in where she is, she paused and looked at me. "Hi!" I greeted her and smiled. She smiled at me and picked up the fiddle stick of the violin and started playing.



While I listen to the classic song that she play, my thoughts said; "She's good. The smoothness of the strokes she made creates a mood. Certain moods that can make people feel the mellow of the one playing the violin with the player's feelings."



After a song, she placed her violin in the violin case and sit down beside me.

She felt very tired and wanted to go home but, she just relaxed on the bench.

I tilted my head to her and asked; "Would you like some water?"

"I would like to have one." She said and I went to the vending machines to get two bottles.



I came back to the bench. She felt very tired. Mastering one song from a violin. I guess she is trying to compose a classic song. A song unheard from anywhere.



"It's the first time I have heard the song you're playing." I commented because I am touched by the song she played with her violin.



"I see. Quite impressing." The girl said and picked up her violin case from the ground and placed it beside her at the left side and asked; "May I know your name my friend?"



"My name is Jan. Seventeen-years-old. A Filipino. Still schooling as a Third-year junior student." I said to her and she looked at me pleased.



"I am Joanna Marie Ross. Sixteen-years-old. An American-British. I'm a high school student but a senior already. And also, half-breed." She said and posed her hand for a handshake.



I took her handshake and accept the friendship. "Very well then, where do you live?" she asked and put out a handkerchief from her left pocket and wiped her forehead with it.



"I just live in passport road, I often walk home. But always use the taxi." I said.

"Well, um... It's getting a bit late right now. I have to go now." Joanna said and carried her violin case and walk along the sidewalk.

I came after her and stretched my arm and hand to tap her on the right shoulder.

She turned her head back to me and asked; "What is it?"



I turned cold and said; "Would you like me to escort you?"

Joanna shook her head slightly to the left and looked at my eyes.



"Okay." She said and handed her violin case to me. "Escort me home. From now on, you are my friend."


"Thank you then, let's go!" I said and we walked to a nearby taxi stand and called a taxi.


"Can you come with me?" Joanna asked while her body is half inside the taxi.



"Ok, then... I'll come." I replied because I took pity on her, riding alone going home.


"Airport Road, HSBC Building please..." Joanna said to the taxi and the taxi driver press some buttons on the fare meter and took off from the stand.


At arrival, I escorted her all the way to the inside of the building.

"Well, I must go now." I said and turned away.

Before I walk through the door, she called me back.



"Wait! I want to know your phone number." She said and took out her cell phone from her right pocket.



I came to her and gave my phone number to her and asked; "Why do you ask for my phone number?"



"I want to call you. That's all. Well, Um... Good night!" Joanna said and went in the elevator while I walked home.



The next day, at Six O'clock PM, she called me.

She told me she is going to have a recital in two days at her school and asked if she can help me.

I replied; "I am willing to help you but I am only vacant by Six PM everyday except the weekends. Anyway, it's on Tuesday, March 13."

She replied to me; "Ok, I'll call you tomorrow then." And dropped down the line of the phone.



March 11, Joanna called me to go to the flat where she lives. She provided me her address and what floor is it.


I came and she was all set, ready with her violin.

The practice was in the house. It did not disturb any neighbors.

But, she is disturb and also on her mind is what she is going to do on the recital.


I gave her ideas. Most of my ideas where classic songs. Songs that are based on the opera house. She also liked it. For almost two worthful hours were in for more practice and she felt tired.

"Are you alright?" I asked and I took her violin from her tired hands.

She breathes in deeply like she was running a hundred-meter dash.

"I would like to sleep right now. I'm very tired." She said and I kept her violin in the case. "I'll be leaving you now." I said and went to the door.



Before I go, Joanna came after me and started embracing me tight.

I'm shocked and my face blushed in full red.

"Why... why... are you... embracing me?" I asked in a very shy voice (like it should never happen).

"I do not like to lose another person before my eyes." She said. "Even I do not have a boyfriend in my whole entire high school especially grade six."

I removed her embracing arms that are around me.

"I will be leaving then... I will see you tomorrow then." I said and went home.



March 13, the day of Joanna's music lesson recital. When I got in, I was able to get the first front seat at the right wing, in where I can see Joanna play her violin. Recitalist after recitalist, we applause and also enjoy the music instruments that they're playing and also the instruments were a grand piano, acoustic guitars, organs, digital drums, some wind instruments, and other stringed instruments. Came next is a boy with a wind instrument, a Flute.



He's playing charmed the crowed with his own-composed music that he created and after him, it's Joanna.



Joanna came in with another kind of violin. A violin in the color white and it matched her dress.

Spotlights came out and pointed at her and started playing.



But the song she played is different.

It's not the song that I listened in Corniche when I met her.


But it has also a very sweet, mellow voice. The voice of the violin made me feel like I'm in love.

While she is playing, her face is in joy of happiness.

After the recital, I am about to ask Joanna if she had any friends because I will make a celebration for the song she played at her recital on a violin.

But, she's gone. Gone in the thin air. I asked one of the recitalists who performed, but they said she went home. I called her up.


When she answered, I heard her voice like she was crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked.


"I'm so sorry if I played another kind of song but it dedicated to my mother, who passed away three years ago. The song is really my mother's favorite and also the violin I used is hers." She said.


My feeling went pity for her and I said; "It's ok if it is for your mother. But I like it too. You do not need to feel the discomfort that you did not say any dedication or you made a huge mistake. You just have done the right thing for your will. In your heart, that loving heart has a piece of your love towards your mother and also, your mom like the song. The song you played is really touching. You do not need to worry."



Joanna stopped sobbing and said; "Thank you! Thank you for everything you have done for me! And I am also sorry for embracing you that day."



Before we put our phones down, we said goodbye. But, when I go to the breakwater at Corniche, she is still playing the violin, in where I met her is where I can still hear the sound, that reminds me that her love for her mother, is inside her soul.


And I never see Joanna again, with the violin she played and the piece she composed.



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