Dizzying Whimsy

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This poem is about... wait, no. I have no absolutely idea what it's about. I don't even remember writing it, but apparently I did. Good God, what have I done?

This piece is subject to interpretation (and possible clinical analysis).

Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Submitted: May 06, 2012




If I were a boy, what would I do?

If I emerged from my mother’s moist cavern

With one bodily appendage and not the other

What would have become of me?


Truly, truly, I would be full of giddy!

Much giddy and gayness, much jolly and delight

Descending upon my pelvis, impregnating me with merry

Raped and tossed asunder by glee with vigorous abandon!


Truly again, I would take to the skies

Soaring freely with… my tongue!

Oh my tongue, that sparkling wet blade

It is the scourge of my heart, the malice of my spirit!


Wonderful, simply wonderful!

I have discovered that pearl of great price

It is in my breasts, swishing in the milk of wondrous price

Beating wildly in my chest, yearning for its freedom!


But how can this be, when surrender is but a fleeting though?

I am but a lonely virgin of the soul, weary and forlorn

Abject and torn, consumed by the fear integral to man

To kill, to burn, to be subdued by that bitterness


Grandest and most delicious audience, if only it were so!


© Copyright 2017 Jan Gabriel. All rights reserved.

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