Oh Morning Star

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I wrote this two years ago as part of my project in Religion class. We were told to make a creative reflection of a particular scene based on any piece of Judeo-Christian lore, and I wrote this poem based on the fall of the archangel Lucifer from grace. It is admittedly a very straightforward piece.

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012



Oh Morning Star, crowned in glory

Burning bright, of light most holy

The paths of comets twist and fade

Just as the Moon, like a sparkling blade

Shies away from your beauty’s gaze

How they pale to the light of your wings ablaze!


Oh Morning Star, in your house enthroned

With lilies, dewdrops and jewels adorned

From your palace of clouds, most splendid abode

Where the chariots of the Sun in times past rode

How angels sang in those wondrous days

Exalt and worship with honors praised!


But where are all the stars that shined?

Have all the dazzling lights gone blind?

The glow of comets never came

The face of the Moon is obscured in shame

The songs of angels, turned still and lame

 And the wretched Sun, turned dim and tame!


Oh Morning Star, with hubris crossing

With your renegades, swords unsheathing

Soaring to battle with anger seething

But in your lust, destined for weeping

Struck down from on high, like lightning fall

And plunging from grace, to brimstones call!


Woe to you, oh Morning Star

Upon your breast, that cruel scar

See your crown, consumed by rust

And see your wings, transformed to dust

To the shade of hubris your soul descend

To the throes of ceaseless anguish condemned.

© Copyright 2017 Jan Gabriel. All rights reserved.

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