The 17th of May

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This is something I wrote for the man who captured my heart exactly one month ago, on the 17th of May.

I will work on an audio version of this soon, as I have yet to come up with a strong tune for it. My love deserves nothing less from me. Teehee.

Submitted: June 16, 2012

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Submitted: June 16, 2012




Looking out the window

And down to the lonely streets below

Vision obscured by the rain

Beating against the glass

Senses numbing to the rhythm of the growing storm

My thoughts, how they wandered

As they wandered pleasantly

To the quiet memory

Of the 17 the May.


In that memory I found myself

Looking out the window again

But the skies, they were clear

A soft blue mantle draped overhead

And as I drifted into sleep

On that hazy afternoon

I never would have guessed

That I would yearn to dream again

Of that quiet memory

Of the 17th of May.


When I awoke the very next hour

I found myself embarking on that memory

Like a daze, a trance, an airy serenade

Drifting on a bed of clouds

And I couldn’t help but wonder

As I wondered listlessly

What other fantasies were in store for me

On the 17th of May.


And that which I long fantasized

In quiet solitude

Had so suddenly come alive

Only not in the way I had imagined

Not in a parade of lights, or a carnival of colors

But in a soft, twisting whisper

And we rolled together in hushed delight—

A delight like no other, just you and me—

That blossomed on the 17th of May.


Looking away from the window,

I return to my scribbled verses

And take up my pen once more

And as I write my song for thee

My mind lingers a moment more

In that delightful fantasy—

That quiet memory

Of the 17th of May.

© Copyright 2017 Jan Gabriel. All rights reserved.

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