*The Wedding*

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My short story for Vampirgirl's challenge!

Submitted: November 27, 2009

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Submitted: November 27, 2009



Jesyka Roberts would soon be Jesyka Smith. Today she was to be wed to Josh Smith. It was a beautiful day out, the perfect day for a wedding, inside or out. Jesyka swallowed nervously. The butterflies wouldn't go away.
"Oh honey, I'm sure you will be fine!" Her mother assured her. "You look stunning!" It was true. Jesyka looked absolutely beautiful. Her wedding dress was a beautiful white, with a long train and a heart shaped bodice. It had small pearls sewn in on the top, and the dress was strapless. Jesyka's hair cascaded half-way down her back in blonde curls. She had on a small tiara with the veil in the back.
Soon, the church bells were ringing. Jesyka took her father's arm and walked down the aisle. It was exactly like she had imaged it. She didn't trip, like she had had a nightmare about last night.
Jesyka smiled nervously at Josh, and he smiled back. The priest spoke for a long time, and then the time to say 'I do' came.
"Josh Smith, do you take Jesyka Roberts to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The priest asked.
"Ye--" Josh was cut off by the guests screaming. A masked man with a gun ran into the room.
"Nobody move!" He yelled. He quickly scanned the room, and his eyes settled on Jesyka. He smiled cruelly, and stalked up to Jesyka. He pointed the gun at Josh, who looked as if he was about to take his chances with the man and the gun.
The man grabbed Jesyka's arm and pulled her harshly out of the church. It was dead quiet. Then Jesyka heard the sirens in the distance. The man, who was rather big, picked Jesyka up and slung her over his shoulder. She squirmed, but he had a tight grip on her legs. The man started to run towards a black car. He opened the trunk and threw Jesyka in. Then he got in the car, started the ignition, and sped away.
Jesyka screamed and screamed. Why was this happening? It masked man must be Harold. He had wanted to marry Jesyka, but she had said no. He was a rude and selfish man, and she wanted nothing to do with him. Besides, she was in love with Josh - he had asked her while she was dating Josh. Harold was apparently getting his revenge now.
Every bit more they drove away from Josh and the life she had always wanted, Jesyka's heart felt as it was tearing apart even more.
Jesyka finally stopped screaming and fumbled around in the car. It looked like a newer model, so there might be a switch or something to get the trunk open. Jesyka had to get back to Josh. She knew there was a switch-like thing in her car, which she had just purchased a month ago.
Her fingers hit something cold and she pulled it. The trunk flew open, and she could see the road. Jesyka didn't see any other cars though. The car was going about 50 mph, but Jesyka didn't care. She would do anything to get back to Josh.
Jesyka got ready, and she jumped.
She hit the ground hard, and rolled into the muddy grass. Jesyka tenderly sat up.
Her wedding dress was practically ruined, but at that point Jesyka didn't care. Her tiara and veil were gone; they had probably fallen off in the parking lot. Her shoes were also gone. Jesyka got up on her feet and winced. She would really feel that tomorrow.
Unfortunately, the road was gravel, which meant she could either walk barefoot through muddy grass or on gravel. She chose the grass, and ran towards where she thought the church was. She could get there.
Jesyka would do anything to get back to Josh.

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