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Poem about sentiment of a woman to a man ..

Submitted: September 04, 2009

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Submitted: September 04, 2009



She came up to watch an existence arising in her soul,
only to see that she could not unlock the entrance that lead to her quintessence,

But who could understand this?
In a place so cold..
So rendered..
So crowded ..
an yet so alone..

when she thought of him all she could see was a face in a horde,
His essence beyond others struck as her once was..as her still is..in this..a world, filled with careless habitual nonsense..

Struck by something more meaningful..
Something she can't yet explain...

They exist in realms An eternity away...

She can picture him standing ahead of her...
with a message of empathy,
and a promise in a song,
That said he wouldn’t shred her psyche apart.
When she speaks with him,
Or rather ..when she listens
when they converse.. when he speaks he defy her senses...

Such clarity..in such manner
She can not but prove beyond any reasonable doubt..
She can not manifest or make evident...

the trials she fear/feel that she once endured...

Nor can she bring to light in words the Common sense of it..
it must and will evince the truth of this. ...

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