The Sex Slave Housewife

The Sex Slave Housewife

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



This is the story of a waitress who is falling in love with her boss and falling out of love with her boyfriend. Her boss, however, has a dark side, and wants her to become his sex slave.
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This is the story of a waitress who is falling in love with her boss and falling out of love with her boyfriend. Her boss, however, has a dark side, and wants her to become his sex slave.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Sex Slave Housewife

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This is the story of a waitress who is falling in love with her boss and falling out of love with her boyfriend. Her boss, however, has a dark side, and wants her to become his sex slave.

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Submitted: May 22, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 22, 2014




The Sex Slave Housewife


by Jane Limit


| Copyright 2014 Jane Limit


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Miami, June 1: Linda knew she had a problem.  All her friends told her so.  But there was nothing she could do about it.  She wanted to fuck her boss.

She was not looking for a raise.  She was not looking for better hours.  She just wanted to fuck him.  Yeah, he was hot.  But he was also a jerk.

“And you have a great boyfriend.  Stan would do anything for you,” said her best friend Jenny.

“I know and I really do love Stan.  But I just can’t stop thinking about Mack.  He does not come into the restaurant that often.  Yet whenever he does I can’t stop flirting.  And then when he leaves I feel like shit,” said Linda.

“Linda get a grip.  The guy is fucking married,” said Jenny.

“I know.  I don’t want to be that girl either.  The other woman -- or a home wrecker or anything like that,” said Linda.

“Then why do we keep talking about this?  Frankly I am getting sick of it,” said Jenny, sucking on her Margarita, “Girls night out keeps turning into talk about your boss night.”

Linda laughed.  “What should I do?”

Jenny was about to answer when a couple of guys approached their table.  One of them made a lame comment.  It wasn’t a pick up line exactly but it was still lame.  Then the same guy offered to buy them drinks. 

Linda whispered to Jenny, “I bet he still lives with his mother.”

Jenny laughed, saying, “You’re nice.  But we’re not interested.”

They left, looking defeated.

“Guys never do that when I am alone.  I get hit on so much more when I hang with you,” said Jenny.

“So what should I do?” Linda asked.

“I don’t know,” said Jenny.  “Don’t bang him?”


Miami, June 2:  The day had started off crummy.  Her boss had not been in, the tips had been horrid all day, and most of the customers had been creeps.  Two of them had asked her for her number.

Did she really flirt that much?

Didn’t they understand that being friendly was part of being a waitress?

She didn’t tell them she had a boyfriend because she did not want to come off like a bitch.  But she did not give them her number either.  She just smiled.

But the tips still sucked.

Whatever, Stan made good money as a computer programmer.  But she hated always bumming money from him.  He was nice about it.  He never gave her a hard time.

Maybe that was because she gave such good head, she thought, laughing.  But she knew it was true.  She was a major league cock sucker.  She knew that most girls did not give it much thought.  But she understood the science of a blowjob, and she liked giving them. 

Still she wished the tips were better.  She had a car payment coming up and her half of the rent would be due soon.

It probably did not help that her waitress outfit was so lame, just a black shirt and black pants.  Linda had big tits, always had.  They made her look great naked.  But they also made her back hurt if she did not wear a tight bra. 

However, she went into the bathroom and took off her bra, throwing it in a brown paper bag taken from the kitchen.  And she unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt.

“Much better,” she thought.

As she walked out of the bathroom, her boss walked by.  It seemed like he did a double take.

“Hey Mack,” she said.

He smiled.  He was really hot.  Yeah he was older, but that did not bother Linda.  He was probably only like 30 at the most.  She had never asked him.

“How has it been?” Mack asked.

“Slow,” said Linda.

Linda had only been working at the Whale Fish for a month.  But she felt like she had known Mack for years.  She just felt really comfortable around him.

“Yeah, looks like it still is. Maybe it will pick up,” said Mack.

As Mack was talking Linda saw a napkin on the ground.  She bent down and picked it up, slowly.  As she bent down she kept her legs straight as if she were touching her toes.  It was a move she had learned during her strange stripper stage.  She called it her strange stripper stage because she had found being a stripper really strange and so she had only done it for a week.

She sensed Mack staring at her ass.  She was slow to get back up.

Mack coughed.

She smiled.

At that moment some customers walked in and she led them to a table.  By the time she had taken their order Mack was gone.

She did not see him for the rest of the day and that made her sad.

She thought about him all night.  While her boyfriend Stan was still at work she masturbated to the thought of Mack fucking her.  Stan came home a few minutes later.  He wanted to fuck.  Linda told him that she was not in the mood.


Miami, June 3: The day started off slow again.  Linda spent a lot of her time talking to her two waitress friends, Julia and Jasmine.  Julia and Jasmine were both bisexual.  Linda was straight.  But they made her curious because they talked about their lesbian sex a lot.  She had an urge to at least kiss them.  But she did not tell them this.  They were both hot and they knew it.  Actually Mack did not hire any waitresses who did not look really good -- that was obviously part of his business strategy.

Mack did not come in that day.  It made Linda miserable.

At closing she said to Jasmine, “Has Mack ever had an affair with any of his waitresses?”

“Not that I know of -- but you obviously like him,” said Jasmine, laughing.

“Yeah, I think I have a crush of him,” said Linda.

“I bet he has a big dick,” said Jasmine.

Linda laughed.

“Maybe Linda should try to find out,” said Julia, having overheard the conversation.

Linda laughed.  Then said, “I don’t think I could ever sleep with a married guy.”

“There is a first time for everything,” said Jasmine.

That night Stan was super-horny.  They fucked five times.  The sex was great, especially the anal.  After their fuck fest, Stan said, “I want to make a video with you someday.”

“What do you mean?” Linda asked, turning on her side to sleep -- after all that fucking she was really tired.

“I want to record us having sex,” said Stan, kissing her on the neck.

“Why?” Linda asked, the kiss had tickled her.

“Honestly, it is in case we ever break up.  I want to have something to remember you by,” said Stan.

“That is a weird thing to say,” said Linda.

“Why?” Stan asked.

“I don’t know.  It just is,” said Linda.

“Well, we should do it,” said Stan.

“I don’t know, maybe,” said Linda.


Miami, June 4: The day was almost over and Linda’s legs were tired.  She sat at the bar and sipped a juice, wishing she was 21 so she did not have to wait until she got home to drink.  Mack had been in earlier.  As she drank her drink she replayed their conversation through her mind.  At one point she had told him that he looked good.

“Thanks, I guess,” he said.

“What do you mean you guess?” she said.

“I’m just not used to people saying that to me,” said Mack.

“Doesn’t your wife tell you that?” Linda asked.

“Yes, I suppose,” said Mack.

He had looked nervous.

“Well, she should tell you that cause it is true,” said Linda.

“Yeah, well it is also true that the sky is blue today.  People don’t go around saying, ‘Hey the sky is blue,” said Mack.

“Weathermen do,” said Linda.

Mack laughed.

“We should hang out sometime, outside of work I mean,” said Linda.

“I would love to hunny, but I’m married,” said Mack, walking away.

So was that it?

Was it all over?

Had their one month of flirting all built to that point?

To nothing?

That night she told Stan that she was tired for sex.

“Then just give me a blow job,” he said.

She gave him one.

“You give the best head,” he told her after it was finished.

“I know…”


Miami, June 4:  Finally a good tipping day -- maybe it was the red lip stick.  A girl at one of her tables looked familiar but she could not quite place her.  She was eating with another girl.  After they had ordered and she was collecting their menus the girl said, “You don’t remember me do you?”

Linda admitted that she looked familiar.

“You probably don’t recognize me because I have my clothes on,” said the girl.

“Tammy?” said Linda, suddenly remembering her from the strip club where she had worked for a week.

“Actually it is Mona in the real world.  How is it going?” asked Mona.

“Great, how are you doing” asked Linda.

“I’m fine.  So why did you leave?  You were really good?” Mona asked.

“It just wasn’t for me,” said Linda.

“Yeah, I’m probably going to leave soon too.  Hey we should hang out sometime,” said Mona.

“Definitely,” said Mona.

They traded numbers.

Later that day Mack came into the restaurant.  Linda sensed that he was giving her odd looks.  Finally he told her that he needed to speak to her. 

They sat together in an empty part of the restaurant.

Linda could tell it was going to be a Serious Talk because Mack had this super Serious Look on his face.

“Listen,” he said, “I don’t think it is working out for you here.”

Linda gulped hard.

“We are going to have to let you go.”

“Is that because of what I said to you yesterday?  Because I asked you to hang out?” Linda asked.

“No, it is because this establishment does not employ sluts,” said Mack.

“Excuse me!” Linda exclaimed.  “What did you say?”

“That sluts can’t work here.  I’m sorry but that is just the policy,” said Mack.

“What the fuck are you talking about Mack?” Linda asked.

“Jasmine told me that you have a crush on me.  Then you ask me to hang out.  Then I over-hear you talking to a customer about how you used to work at a strip club.  You are a slut.  That is not good for business.  Get the fuck out,” said Mack.

Linda could not believe the words that she was hearing.  There had to be something illegal about what he was saying.  She had always known he was a jerk -- but this was taking it to another level.

“Mack I worked at that place for like a week --.”

“You do have nice tits though -- It is a shame they belong to a slut,” said Mack.

“Excuse me!” said Linda.

“I said you have nice tits,” said Mack.  “Now get the fuck out.”

“Mack I need this job, and I like working here, and I am not a slut,” said Linda.  She was on the verge of tears.  It all seemed so unfair.

Mack laughed, saying, “I’m just fucking with you Linda.”

“What!” said Linda, she was so confused.

“I said I am just fucking with you,” said Mack.  “Come over here and sit on my side of the booth.”

Linda sat next to him.

Mack looked straight into her eyes.  His eyes were a deep brown. 

He put his hands around her waist.  He kissed her lightly on the lips.

She kissed him back.

Then he said, “I wanted to fuck you the moment you walked through the door.”

“I wanted you too,” said Linda.  She wanted him right now.

“I remembered you from the Pink Slipper.  You gave me a lap dance.  I’ve already held your boobs in my hands,” said Mack.

“That week was a blur for me -- I was on ecstasy the whole time,” said Linda.

“It okay you don’t remember.  But I remember you.  Come into my office,” said Mack.

Linda followed.

Was she really doing this?

Yeah she had a crush on him.  Yeah she had wanted to hang out.  But that did not mean she was going to fuck him for sure.  Now it was happening.  She was wet.  She wanted him. 

He locked the office door.

“Strip for me,” said Mack, sitting behind the desk and turning on his radio.

She stripped, slowly removing her clothes, and then getting on the floor on her hands and knees and shaking her ass at him.

“Just like I remembered,” said Mack, adding, “Give me a lap dance.”

She sat on his lap.  She took his hands and placed them on her giant boobs, grinding into his pants.  She tried to kiss him again but he pulled away.  He got up.  She could see that he had a huge boner.  He did have a big dick.  She decided that she would show him what a good blow job she could give him. 

“Thank you.  Well, I have to get going,” said Mack.

“That’s it!” Linda exclaimed.

“Yeah, I don’t want to cheat on my wife,” said Mack.

“But we just kissed, and I just stripped,” said Linda.

“That was just a peck on the lips.  My wife wouldn’t care about that.  And she knows that I go to strip clubs sometimes.  She knows I get contact lap dances.  But she does not consider that cheating and  I am not going to cheat on her -- even with someone as hot as you,” said Mack.

Linda was so horny.  She wanted him so bad that cum was running down her leg.

“Bye,” said Mack, walking out.

And she had thought that stripping at the Pink Slipper was strange…

She put her clothes back on and finished serving her tables. 

“Maybe I didn’t do a good enough job stripping,” she mused.


Miami, June 5:  Linda had worn her sexiest underwear just in case Mack asked her to strip again.  And she was determined to do a better job this time.  But he did not come into the restaurant all day.  It made Linda feel miserable.  She called Jenny and tried complaining to her while she drove home.  But Jenny finally said, “Seriously Linda I am sick of hearing about Mack, drop it.”

That night she gave Stan the worst blowjob that she had ever given.  But Stan still said, “That was a great blowjob.”


Miami, June 6:  Mack came into the restaurant at about 5PM.  He told Linda that he wanted to see her in his office immediately.  She followed him in and he locked the door.  He put on the radio.

“Strip for me,” said.

Linda tried to be more seductive as she removed her clothes, and she tried to be more hardcore once they were off.  She spread her pussy lips and showed him her cunt.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

“Just a minute,” said Mack, adding to Linda, “Keep going.”

Linda flung her hair back and whipped it from side to side while on her hands and knees.  She cupped her boobs.  She licked her lips.  Her eyes did not leave his.

“Give me a lap dance,” he said.

She said on his lap and placed his hands on her boobs.  He grasped them, squeezing them tight.  She ground her ass over his package feeling its hardness through his clothes.

“All right that is enough.  I have to see what that was about,” said Mack, adjusting his pants.

“What are we doing?” Linda asked.

“We are not doing anything.  You just stripped for me which was nice.  But I am not going to cheat on my wife.  I have to go.  Get dressed quickly because the door will be unlocked,” said Mack.

Linda put her clothes back on.  She felt dirty for the rest of the day.  She did not call Jenny on the ride home.  Later, it felt nice snuggling with Stan on the couch.


Miami, June 7-12:  Mack had bought a portable stripper pole for his office.  He put it up before Linda started stripping and took it down after she was finished.  He kept it hidden in his closet.

For the next six days Linda stripped for Mack once per shift -- she also gave him lap dances.  But they were no longer flirting at work.  It was like she was his private stripper, but one who did not get paid.  Finally she said to him, “This is absurd.  I am not even getting paid and I am stripping for you every day.”

He replied, “I know.  I’ve stopped going to strip clubs.  You are actually saving me a lot of money.  I usually go at least twice a week.  But here is a $20)

He handed her the bill.  She took it. 


Miami, June 8:  Finally she admitted to Jenny that she had been stripping for her boss.  Jenny nearly spit her Margarita out of her mouth.

“Shut the front door!” said Jenny.

Linda told her the whole story.

Jenny replied, “He actually sounds like a decent guy.  At least he isn’t cheating on his wife.”

“He can be a jerk but he is a good guy.  I am totally falling for him.  But no matter how many times I take my clothes off he won’t let me go any farther than letting me give him a lap dance.  I want him so bad.  And I can see his dick through his pants.  I can tell it is huge.

Jenny laughed, saying, “You are crazy.  You have let this go way too far.  You have to end this now.  He is actually doing you a favor by not cheating on his wife.  End it -- I’m serious.”

Linda pouted, saying, “I know I should, but I can’t imagine ending it.  I feel like Mack is the best thing in my life.  I almost feel like I would do anything for him.”

“Obviously, you are stripping for him at work!”


Miami, June 9: As much as she did not want to stop stripping for Mack, she could see that she was getting nowhere with him.  So after he had taken her into his office and locked the door, she said, “Mack this is the last time.  This whole thing is pointless.”

“We can talk about that after.  But right now I want to see your hot naked body,” said Mack, turning on the radio.

Linda tried to do her best job ever stripping.  She wanted to give him something to remember.  She stuck two fingers into her asshole and then slowly licked her fingers.  Then she gave him a lap dance.  But again he pushed off when the lap dance was over.  He shut off the radio and tossed her a twenty, saying, “That was a nice touch, licking your fingers like that.  Why don’t you do that again next time?”

“I’m serious that was the last time,” said Linda.

“Do you need more than 20 bucks?  I could do 30,” said Mack.

“It’s not about the money,” said Linda, putting her underwear back on.


“It’s not about the money,” said Linda.

“50?” said Mack.

“I like you don’t you get it!” said Linda, feeling as if she were about to cry.

“All right $100 but we won’t be able to do it every day,” said Mack.

“No, Mack,” said Linda.

“Well what the fuck am I going to do with that stripper pole now?” Mack asked.

“I can give you money for it,” said Linda.

“Whatever, do whatever the fuck you want,” said Mack.

“Mack, please, don’t be like this,” said Linda.

“What?  I like staring at your tits.  I like staring at your ass.  And I like it when you sit on my lap.  And now you don’t want to do those things anymore.  How did you think I would be?” said Mack, leaving.


Miami, June 10-June15: Linda did not strip for Mack.  But Mack had completely stopped talking to her.  And when he was in the restaurant it seemed like he never even looked in her direction.  When she tried to talk to him he brushed her off.  After work, whenever she tried to talk to Jenny about it, Jenny told her that she did not want to talk about it. 

Stan told her that she had been quieter lately.  He also asked her why they had stopped having sex.  She lied and told him that she had a yeast infection.


Miami, June 16th:  Finally Linda broke down and told Mack that she would strip for him.  He eagerly accepted, leading her into his office.  When she had finished stripping and was about to give him a lap dance, he said, “Do that finger thing again.  I’ve been thinking about that.” 

She got on her hands and knees and stuck two fingers deep into her asshole.  Then she slowly licked her fingers, still never taking her eyes off him.

“Very nice,” he said.  “Now give me a lap dance.”

When the lap dance had finished he gave her a hundred dollar bill.

“You don’t have to do that Mack,” said Linda.

“No it’s fair.  That’s for sticking your fingers in your ass.  They don’t do that at the strip club.  I’m willing to pay more for that.  And watching you suck on your fingers after you do that really gets me hard.  Later when I fuck my wife, I’ll be thinking about that,” said Mack.

“I’m glad you like it.  I like to do it for you.  But this was just a one-time thing,” said Linda.  “I’m not your personal stripper.”

“Oh, not this again: here we go.  Blah, blah, I don’t want to strip, blah, blah,” said Mack, opening and closing his hand as if it were a puppet.

“I’m serious Mack,” said Linda.

“You are seriously hot, standing there naked with your big tits.  That is the only thing you are serious about,” said Mack.

“This was the last time,” said Linda.

“Yeah whatever, it seems like you just do whatever the fuck you want anyway,” said Mack, leaving. 


Miami, June 17th-June 27th:  Linda did not strip for Mack.  And again he stopped speaking to her.  Finally the other waitresses caught on that Mack was giving Linda the cold shoulder.

“What is that all about?” Jasmine asked her.

“I have no idea,” said Linda, adding.  “You didn’t tell him that I told you that I had a crush on him did you?”

“Me? No,” said Jasmine, suddenly walking away and rushing through some side-work.


Miami, June 28th: Finally Mack talked to Linda, but it was to ask her to strip.  As he asked her he flashed her a hundred dollar bill, saying, “Come on, I’m sure you could use the money.”

“Mack I told you I am not doing that anymore,” said Linda.

“Come on, I want to see you lick those fingers clean one more time.”

“No, I don’t want to,” said Linda.

“It does not take long and it makes my day,” said Mack.

Linda wavered.  He was so cute.  She hated saying no to him.  But she was trying to retain some dignity.  Still, she wanted to do as he asked.

“Last time,” said Linda.

“If you say so,” said Mack.

Linda followed him into his office.  She went through her now personalized show for him.  When it was over she did not even try to kiss him, or get him to have sex with her.

After it was over she swore to herself that she would never strip for him again.

That night Stan took Linda out to dinner to celebrate their one year anniversary.  But Linda had forgotten her fake ID so she could not drink.  She was miserable.  On the ride home Stan asked her if everything was okay.

“Is this relationship going anywhere?” Linda asked him.

“I hope so.  We are living together and I love you,” said Stan.

“Yeah but it is like we do the same thing over and over,” said Linda.

“We usually stay in but we could go out more,” said Stan.

“Just forget it,” said Linda, who felt like she had been complaining to Mack.


Miami, June 29th:  When Mack came into work he was carrying two boxes.  He pulled Linda aside and said, “I have a couple of presents for you, come into my office.”

Was he finally trying to make up with her?  It would feel nice to not feel pressure to have to strip for her boss every day.  She followed him into his office and he did not lock his door.  That was a good sign.

She opened the first box.  It was a beautiful blue dress.  She held it up.  It looked like it might fit.

“Thank you so much!” said Linda, hugging him.

“Put it on.  I want to see how it looks on you,” said Mack.

Was this a trick to get her to strip?

“Come on it is nothing I have not seen already.  Take off your clothes and put on the dress.  I want to see how it looks,” said Mack.

Linda was not sure.  But what did it matter really?  She had already stripped for him a bunch of times.  If he was tricking her into taking her clothes off one more time, so be it.  She was willing to take that risk because on the other hand he might be trying to do something nice for her.

She took off her clothes and put on the dress.  It fit perfectly.

“It makes your tits look really nice,” said Mack.

“Thanks,” said Linda.  She felt beautiful.  She hugged him again.

“Now open your other present,” said Mack.

Linda opened the second, smaller box.  It was a dog collar.

“I don’t understand,” said Linda.

“Put it on,” said Mack. 

Linda strapped on the dog collar.

“That turns me on,” he said.  Then he locked the door, and added, “Now strip for me.  But leave the dog collar on the whole time…”


Miami, June 30th-July 2:  Linda did not strip for Mack.  But during work she often found herself daydreaming that she was stripping for him.  Sometimes she caught herself staring longingly at his office door.  One day he said to her, “I know you don’t want to strip, but could you just flash me your cunt.”

“What?” she asked, holding dishes that she had just cleared.

“Your cunt -- I have been thinking about it all day,” said Mack.

“No,” said Linda, almost laughing.

Was he for real?

“Show me your cunt,” he whispered.

“No,” she said.

“Here we will go around the corner.  I want you to flash me your cunt,” said Mack.

Linda rolled her eyes.  She walked about the corner and pulled her black pants down to her thighs.  She pulled her underwear down to her thighs too, showing him her cunt.

“Satisfied,” she said.

“Now stick in your fingers,” he said.

“What?” she said.

“Quickly, before someone comes,” said Mack.

She was not wet, but she managed to work two fingers into her cunt.

“Now lick your fingers,” said Mack.

She licked her fingers.

“Do you want money for that?” Mack asked.

“No,” said Linda.

“Thanks, I’ll talk to you later,” said Mack.

Linda pulled up her pants.  She felt violated.  But at the same time she felt loved. 


Miami, June 2-July 4:  Linda took a vacation.  But the whole time she just imagined that she was stripping for Mack.  She liked it when he told her to finger herself.  Every night during her vacation she stripped for Stan, imagining that Stan was Mack.  She told Stan to tell her to finger herself.  When she gave Stan a blowjob she imagined that she was giving Mack a blowjob.  When she fucked Stan she imagined that she was fucking Mack. 


Miami, July 5:  Linda told Mack that she would strip for him but that she would not accept any money, saying, “I want you to know that I am doing this for you because I like you.”

Mack replied, “Even better, a free lunch is a tough thing to get in this world.”

Mack asked Linda to finger herself the entire time she was stripping.  After the lap dance, he said, “I would still like to tip you though.”

“You don’t get it.  I don’t want your money.  I want your love,” said Linda.

Mack shook his head.  “I’m married.  But I like it when you are naked and you finger yourself, and when you lick your fingers and keep staring at me.  And I like it when you give me contact lap dances.  So I hope you will continue to do these things for me.”

“I don’t know, maybe,” said Linda.

“If you do, bring in the dress I gave you and the dog collar.  It turns me on a lot more when you wear those things,” said Mack.

The next day Linda changed into the dress and the dog collar before stripping.  And changing into that outfit really turned her on.

After her shift she finally called Mona, the girl she had stripped with for a week at the Pink Slipper.  Mona told her that she would love to meet up for drinks later in the week.


Miami, July 6: Linda took the day off from work.  She had just taken a vacation but she was not feeling up to working.  She did not have a good excuse.

“But I don’t need a good excuse for the waitress who fingers herself at my request,” said Mack, over the phone.

Linda laughed, saying, “So if I finger myself whenever you ask me then that means I can call in whenever I want.”

“Sounds like a good deal to me,” said Mack, adding, “Are you home alone?”

“Yes,” said Linda, saying, “My boyfriend is at work.”

“So let’s get started, tell me what you are wearing.”

Linda laughed.

“I’m not joking,” said Mack.

“I’m wearing black underwear and a black bra,” said Linda.

“I think I have seen that underwear before,” said Mack.

“Yeah, you definitely have,” said Linda.

“I can picture it,” said Mack.  “Where are you in your house?”

“I’m on the couch,” said Linda.

“Do you keep a vibrator at home?” Mack asked.

“Yeah, I have a rabbit,” said Linda, laughing.

“Where to you keep it?” Mack asked.

“In my closet, hidden from my boyfriend,” said Linda.

“Go get it.  I will wait on the phone,” said Mack.

Linda retrieved the rabbit.  She was feeling really horny.

“I got it,” said Linda.

“Take off your underwear,” said Mack.

Linda stripped naked, saying, “Okay I just did.”

“You are at home so you can be as loud as you want.  I want to hear you orgasm.  I want you to scream,” said Mack. “And at the moment of orgasm I want you to scream, ‘I love fingering myself.’”

Linda laughed.

“Will you do that for me?” Mack asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“Okay, remember be as loud as you can,” said Mack

“Yes,” said Linda.

But she knew that would not be hard.  She had been waiting forever to have sex with Mack, and even though this would not be sex it seemed like they would finally be sharing something besides her just taking her clothes off.

She turned on the vibrator and held it between her legs with one hand.  She held the phone up to her mouth with her other hand.

She could feel the orgasm building.  She started moaning.  She did not hold anything back, getting louder and louder.  Her legs began to shake.  She imagined that Mack was on top of her fucking her at a rapid pace.  She could see his huge dick.  She was screaming for him to give her more.  She started screaming for him not to stop.  She screamed that she wanted it harder.  She felt as if she was sharing a special moment with Mack, a moment she had been waiting for months to have, a moment that was just about the two of them.  And then she screamed out as she had an explosive orgasm, “I LOVE FINGERING MYSELF.” 

It was over.  She felt spent.  She almost felt as if she really had had sex with Mack. 

Then she heard shouting and cheering.  Who was that on the phone?

“Mack?” she said.

“Hey, you are off speaker now,” said Mack.

“You put me on speaker -- where are you?” Linda asked.  Had everyone in the restaurant just heard her masturbate?

“I’m at the gym.  My workout buddies really enjoyed that one.  Listen I go to go and get some more reps in.  I’m gonna have to let you go,” said Mack.

“Okay,” said Linda.  She did not know what to say -- that was a jerk move putting her on speaker.  But she did not want to criticize him.  She just wanted him to love her.  Why was it so hard to make him care for her?  Again she had that feeling like she would do anything for him, and she had never had that feeling about a guy before.

“But if you ever want to call in again just fuck yourself over the phone and I am fine with it,” said Mack.

“Fuck you,” said Linda, laughing.  “That was the first time I ever had phone sex.”

“I just popped your phone sex cherry then,” said Mack.

“You did,” said Linda, curling into a ball on the couch.

“How did it feel?” Mack asked.

“I feel like I love you,” said Linda.

“Let’s not get carried away,” said Mack.  “I’ll see you at work tomorrow.”

“Okay, I will see you then,” said Linda.

“And don’t forget your dress and your dog collar,” said Mack.

Linda promised to remember.

For the rest of the day she practiced stripper moves.  She still held out hope that if she just turned him on enough while she stripped that he would grab her and fuck her -- and that they would start a real relationship from there.

That night she met up with Mona for drinks and asked for stripping advice.

Mona gave her some technical advice, then saying, “But I remember that you were pretty good.  Are you trying to impress a guy?”

Linda explained the whole situation with her boss.

Unlike Jenny, Mona did not judge her at all.  Mona thought that it was cool that she was trying to pick up a married guy, saying, “I usually date married guys.  They appreciate you more cause they know how bad their wives suck.  And so long that you do things that their wives won’t do you can wrap them around your finger.”

“Mack always tells me that he won’t cheat on his wife, and at this point I am starting to believe him.  But I just keep throwing myself at him, hoping that he will change his mind,” said Linda.

“You know I know Mack well.  I used to give him regular lap dances.  I wondered what happened to him.  It was because you came along.  You are stealing my customer from me and you aren’t even a stripper anymore,” said Mona.

They both laughed.

A guy nervously walked over and offered to buy them drinks.

Mona shooed him away.  Then she said to Linda, “You are going about it wrong.  I have a friend who once told me how to get any married guy.  But it is kind of screwed up and it takes a lot of guts -- and you have to throw your pride right out the window.  Do you want to hear it?” 

Linda nodded.

“You have to find out what his sickest and darkest fantasy is.  Then you video tape yourself telling him line by line how you will live out his fantasy.  Then you give him the video tape and sit back and wait.  They always crack eventually.  You just promised to do that thing that they have always wanted to do after all.  You become the fantasy.  They can’t live without you,” said Mona.

Linda laughed.  “Yeah, but how do I find out his darkest fantasy?  I can’t just read his mind.”

“I’m pretty good at getting guys to tell me theirs.  I’ve had practice.  Tell him you bought him a free lap dance with Tammy at the Pink Slipper, make up some reason why.  And he remembers me, he will want another lap dance from me.  With my ass in his face, and his hands on my tits, I’ll get him to tell me.  I don’t care how many lap dances it takes.  And I’ll hide a recorder in the cushions so you can listen to what he says later,” said Mona.

“Do you really think it will work?” Linda asked, but feeling like perhaps it would.  In any case merely taking off her clothes, fingering herself, and letting him grab her boobs everyday was getting her nowhere with him.  At least this would be a different approach.

“Absolutely,” said Tammy.  “And I work tomorrow night.”


Miami, July 7: When Mack arrived at work he was carrying a couple more boxes.  Linda wondered if they were more dresses.  Mack managed a handful of restaurants, so he was never in any one restaurant.  However, he had started to make an exception for the Whale Fish.  Linda knew that it was obviously because he wanted to see her take off her clothes every day.

But some of the other waitresses started gossiping about it.  They wondered if the Whale Fish was having financial problems, or if the ownership was thinking about selling.  Sometimes Linda joined in on the conversation too, but always while thinking to herself with a smile, “No, it is really because Mack likes to see me shake my ass at least once a day.”

Linda was in a good mood, hopeful that Tammy’s plan would work.  Mack and Linda realized that they could not keep walking into his office together, the staff would get suspicious.  So now Linda would sneak into his office a few minutes after him. 

She walked in and locked the door behind her.

“You have boxes,” said Linda.

Mack nodded, “Open them.”

Linda opened the first box.  It was a red teddy.  She smiled, saying, “I love it.”  She opened the second box it was a garter belt and a g-string.  “Oh, thank you.  I love lingerie.”

“I want you to wear that under your uniform at work.  That way when you strip out of your uniform and into the dress and dog collar, I will get to see you strip out of the lingerie too.  I don’t want you to wear ordinary underwear anymore, I want you to always wear lingerie under your uniform,” said Mack, handing her a card.

“What’ this?” she asked, looking at a card.

“A gift card for 500 bucks -- I want you to buy a bunch of lingerie --.”

Linda interrupted, “Mack I can’t accept --.”

Mack cut her off, saying, “You can and you will. Now put on your dress and your dog collar and strip for me.”

Linda changed into the dress and buckled on the dog collar.  She stripped for him, her cunt running wet.  She was feeling so horny.  As she gave him a lap dance her cum stained his work clothes.  When she had finished she said, “I’m worried that you are getting bored just having me strip for you.”

Mack sighed, saying, “Not this conversation again -- I’ve told you a million times that this is not going to another level -- I am not cheating on my wife.  Our relationship is this.  You are the waitress who strips for me.  You are the waitress who fingers herself for me.  You are the waitress who masturbates over the phone for me.  You are the waitress who gives a really good pole dance and a really good lap dance.  And for some reason you do all these things for free.  But I am not going to argue with a good thing.  But you are just a waitress to me.  You are not a friend, you are not a lover, you are not even an acquaintance.  You are an employee of the Whale Fish, period, and I am your boss, period.  Does that explain it well enough!”

Linda felt hot tears stinging her eyes.  Nothing that he had said surprised her.  But it was not what he had said -- it was how he had said it, like she did not matter at all, like she meant less to him than the grime on the bottom of his shoes.

She said, “No, you misunderstood me.  I meant getting bored with just me.  I know you used to go to the Glass Slipper a lot and get lap dances from other girls.  You said you don’t do that anymore.  I was just worried you might be getting bored.”

“Then why did you let me blab on?” said Mack.

“I wanted to hear what you had to say once you started saying it,” said Linda, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“No, I am not getting bored.  To tell you the truth, it excites me every time I come into work and I know that the waitress in section 3 will soon be getting naked for me,” said Mack.

“Well, I got you this anyway,” said Linda, handing him a paper card.  “It is a card for 3 free lap dances from Tammy at the Glass Slipper.  It is only valid for tonight, so you should use it -- since I bought it for you,” said Linda.

“Thanks, but you don’t have to buy me things.  Every time you lick your fingers clean after they have been in your ass or your pussy I am thankful that you work here.  But I remember Tammy and I would not mind feeling her tits tonight,” said Mack.  “But I hope this is not some trick for meeting me out.”

“It isn’t.  I’m not going,” said Linda.  “They wouldn’t let me in unless I was stripping anyway because I am not 21.”

“Because we don’t go on dates -- you strip for me and that is it.  And I know you have a fake ID,” said Mack.

“I’m not going to be there,” said Linda.  “I’m doing this so you don’t get bored.”

“Well I’m not bored, but like I said, I will gladly feel Tammy’s tits tonight,” said Mack. “I’ll be leaving shortly.  Remember to wear lingerie tomorrow under your uniform.  No more bland underwear.”

“Got it boss,” said Linda, smiling.

“If I wasn’t married I would so fuck the shit out of you right now.  See ya.”

After Mack left, Linda locked the door.  She masturbated on his leather chair to the thought of Mack fucking her.  Then she put her waitress outfit back on and left his office in order to get back to work.


Miami, July 8-10th: Linda could not strip for Mack because he was having work done on the office.  Construction guys were in and out of his office all day.  She fantasized about stripping for the construction guys.  (They were in her stripping spot after all.)  When she asked Mack what all the construction was for he said, “It’s a surprise.”

Stan took Linda out for dinner three nights in a row.  The third night he proposed to her.  It was very romantic.  The waiter brought her the ring instead of the dessert she had ordered, while Stan got down on one knee.  A photographer came out of nowhere snapping photos.  The whole thing had been planned.  She obviously said yes.  What else could she say? 

Stan kissed her passionately.  Everyone in the restaurant cheered.  They left the restaurant and took a moonlight stroll.

“I knew I had to do that when you were talking about the relationship not going anywhere,” said Stan.

“This is a huge ring,” said Linda.  “I don’t want to ask, but I do.  How much did this cost?”

“More than I can afford,” said Stan, laughing. “I love you so much baby.”

“I love you too,” Linda lied, because even at that moment she was thinking about Mack, wishing that Mack had been the one to propose to her.

They had sex five times that night, and Linda knew she would forget it all by the morning.  Sex with Stan did not mean anything to her anymore.  As Stan snored, she checked her messages.  She had three.  They were all from Mona:


At 1:00 AM: Call me!

At 1:07 AM: I got it all recorded lol.  This guy is a freak!

At 1:15: AM: Just listened wid a cup of girl at work -- we are LMAO


Linda sat on her porch and called Mona.

Mona picked up on the first ring, saying, “Yeah, I made it happen.  It wasn’t all me though.  The drinks helped.  He was drunk.  We have got this guy.”

“Awesome, so you think it will work?” Linda asked.

“It should.  This guy is a major freak though.  I managed to upload the recording on my phone.  I’m going to send it to you.  Listen to it and call me back,” said Mona.

“Okay,” said Linda, hardly able to contain her excitement.  A few seconds later she got an incoming message from Mona.  It was the recording.  She walked back inside and found some headphones.  (She wanted absolute privacy while listening to the recording in case Stan woke up and walked out onto the porch).  She sat back down on the porch and listened, her heart beating rapidly.


Mack: I love your boobies.

Mona: Thank you.

Mack: I love holding them.

Mona: I know you do big boy.

Mack: I could hold them forever.

Mona: I know you could big boy.  Do you like my ass too?

Mack: Your ass is the best.

Mona: What do you like better, my ass or my tits?

Mack: I don’t know.  Whatever I am thinking about.

Mona: If you think about my tits you like my tits?  If you think about my ass you like my ass?

Mack: Yes.


Linda was starting to feel jealous, but she obviously kept listening.  This senseless sexual talking continued for a while.  But finally Mona began to implement the plan:


Mona: You are making me really horny talking about me.  But you know what else makes me horny?

Mack: What?

Mona: Talking about you.

Mack: I really like holding your tits right now.

Mona: I know you do big boy.  But let’s talk about you.  If we talk about you it will make my cunt drip with cum.  Do you want to make my cunt drip with cum?

Mack: Yes.

Mona: Say you want to make my cunt drip with cum.

Mack: I want to make your cunt drip with cum.


Linda thought, “Wow, she is good.  I never do anything like that when I give Mack lap dances.  I pretty much say nothing.”


Mona: Tell me your darkest sexual fantasy.  When you tell me your darkest sexual fantasy my cunt will drip with cum.


Linda listened as Mack explained some things that turned him on -- but they were all standard things, like big asses, and big tits, and girls who were good on top, and things like that.


Mona: That’s not good enough big boy.  You are not making my cunt drip.  I want you to close your eyes and tell me something really perverted, something really fucked up, something you have never told anyone -- your darkest sexual fantasy -- and don’t leave out any details -- that will make my cunt drip big boy.


Linda listened with growing excitement:  Mack had to tell the fantasy a few times because he was so drunk that he was slurring over his words.  He also got mixed up about the order of things.  But eventually Linda thought that she understood the gist of it.  She was wet.  She called Mona.

“Did you listen to it?” Mona asked.

“Yeah, thanks, you were right.  He was really drunk,” said Linda.

“Yeah, that was why I had him keep saying it.  But you understood it right?” said Mona.

“I think so.  It seems like what he wants is to stay married to his real wife.  But he wants a sex slave housewife on the side.  A sex slave housewife who lives in a different house and always wears a dress and a dog collar,” said Linda.

“Yeah, didn’t you tell me that that is what he has you wear when you strip for him?” Mona asked.

“Yeah, he does.”

“So this is probably the truth.  Did you hear the part about no words?” Mona asked.

“Yeah, he does not want his sex slave housewife to ever speak any words.  And he will never speak any words to her.  Instead they will talk to each other on notes of paper,” said Linda.

“Freaky huh?” laughed Mona.

“So the next step is that I put myself on video telling him that I will do these things?” Linda asked.

“Exactly, he won’t be able to resist,” said Mona.

“So I have to become a sex slave housewife?” Linda asked, laughing.

“That’s what he wants most -- and you only have to do it until you have him wrapped around your finger.  You do this and he will belong to you soon enough,” said Mona.

“Wow, this is crazy, but I think I am going to do it.  I mean I think I am going to make the video,” said Linda.

“You should send me a copy when you do.  I want to see it,” said Mona.

“Maybe, I don’t know.  I’ll think about it,” said Linda laughing.

“When do you think you will make it?” Mona asked.

“Probably tomorrow after work,” said Linda.  “Oh, hey, my boyfriend proposed to me tonight.”

“Congratulations!  What did you say?” Mona asked.

“My words were yes, but my heart was saying no.  But I felt bad he had obviously gone through a lot of work to set up the proposal,” said Linda.  “And the ring is huge.”

“I so want to see it.  Yeah, relationships are complicated,” said Mona.

“Tell me about it.  And how fucked up it is that I have less interest in being a normal wife than in being a sex slave housewife?” Linda asked.

Mona laughed.


Miami, July 11: The construction workers were finally gone.  Everyone at work had been wondering what had been going on.  The whole thing was top secret.  Jasmine tried sneaking into the office but it was locked.  Eventually Mack arrived.  He did not tell anyone what the construction work in his office had been.  He just made a b-line for his office and slammed the door shut.

Linda had worn some really sexy lingerie that she had bought with the gift card he had given to her.  She was excited to show it to him.  She waited until no one was around and then she snuck into his office.  She locked the door behind her.  Everything looked the same.  The stripper pole had already been set up and was waiting for her.

“I don’t get it?” said Linda.

“Two things have changed,” said Mack, sitting in his leather chair.  “This room is now totally sound-proofed.  You can scream as loud as you want and no one will hear you.  I had the sound proofing put under the normal wall so that no one would notice.  I brought in a vibrator for you.  I want you to orgasm for me like you did over the phone.  I figure you can do that between stripping and giving me the lap dance.  And no fake orgasms.  I want to see you really cumming.  The second thing is that video feed up there.”

Mack pointed and Linda looked up to see a video camera that she earlier had not seen.

“What is that for?” Linda asked.

“Wave,” said Mack.

Linda waved.

“You are on a live feed.  After you did that great orgasm over the phone, I told my best buds at the gym about you.  And I feel bad about having you all to myself.  This live feed goes to their phones.  You will strip for them now too,” said Mack.

“I am not fucking doing that,” said Linda.

“Here we go again.  Blah blah.  Shut it!  We both know you are going to take your clothes off so just do it,” said Mack.

“So people are watching me right now?” Linda asked.

“Yeah, and you are wasting their time.  So take your fucking clothes off,” said Mack.

Linda walked out of the room.  She was so angry.  She couldn’t believe she had been contemplating making him a video telling him that she wanted to be his sex slave housewife.  This bozo just wanted to show her off to his friends.  He did not care about her at all. 

She walked outside and called Mona.  She told her what had happened.  She was crying.

“I think you are over-reacting,” said Mona.  “I think this shows how much he cares about you.  He just spent I don’t know how many thousands of dollars on changing that room around.  He is trying to get you into one of his fantasies but he is afraid to admit that dark fantasy to you.  I think he likes you.  I would still make the video.”

They discussed it for a few more minutes.  Eventually Linda stopped crying and she returned to work.  She saw Mack inside.  She had hoped that he would have left.  He seemed to be looking around for her.

“Where the fuck did you go?” Mack asked.

“Outside,” said Linda.

“Come sit with me back here.  We have to talk,” said Mack.

They sat in the back of the restaurant.  It was a slow point during the day so there was no one back there.  It was the same place they had sat when Mack had made that not-very funny joke about not hiring sluts. 

Linda waited and wondered if he was going to apologize.

He began, saying, “Listen I know this is difficult for you.  You like me and want to have more of a relationship than I can offer.  I get that.  But you have to remember that when you do what you do, which is take off your clothes and finger yourself and stuff for me every day, it gets certain events in motion.  Yeah, I told my friends about you.  I told them that because you make me happy, because staring at your juicy ass makes me happy, because staring at your wet pussy makes me happy.  I was sharing something that was important to me.”

“I do it for you Mack.  That’s why I don’t take any money.  I don’t care about your friends,” said Linda, but she was happy that she was getting a semi-apology.

“I care about my friends though.  And I want to make them happy.  I know you can make them happy.  When you strip for them, and orgasm for them, and they watch you on their smart-phones, at work, in the store, wherever they are -- that will make them happy.  And when they bang their wives later they will probably think about you.  And maybe when they fall asleep at night they will see your nice juicy ass in their dreams.  But those things can’t happen if you sit out here pouting with your clothes on.  You have to get into my office and you have to take your clothes off,” said Mack.

“I really don’t want to do that.  I don’t even know who those people are,” said Linda.

“That does not matter.  I don’t know you very well either.  I know next to nothing about your personal life.  And I don’t give a shit about it either.  But what I do know is the most important thing about you -- that you look really good naked.  I think about your naked body all the time.  I see it right through your clothes right now.  You are always naked to me.  You are always fingering your asshole to me.  Why?  Because that is the you that matters to the world, and there is no point in hiding it,” said Mack.

She had no idea what he was talking about.  And how did a person have a juicy ass?  But she did want to make him happy.  And she sensed that he felt like he was letting down all his friends.  

“Fine, all do it.  But just today.  I’m not stripping for your friends every day,” said Linda.

“Blah, Blah, Blah.  Now get in there and take your clothes off.  You really are my favorite waitress,” said Mack, smiling widely.

Linda paused.  Was she really going to do this?  She didn’t even know who she was stripping for.  And they all lived in the area obviously because they went to Mack’s gym.  She stopped thinking about it.  She took off her shirt, revealing a white corset.  She asked Mack to help her untie the corset.  She took off her pants, revealing a white garter belt and thigh highs.  She wore hip-hugger white underwear.

“That is a great outfit.  Wave to the camera,” said Mack,

Linda waved up at the camera.  She felt so bad.  What would Stan think if he saw her doing this?  But she discarded that worry from her mind instantly -- she did not care.  However, she paused realizing that she had forgotten to take off her ring.  She looked at it.  Mack saw.

“Where did you get that ring?” Mack asked.

“Stan proposed,” said Linda.

“And you are doing this right after?” he laughed.  “You definitely are not wife material.”

Linda could not help but think to herself, “But I may be sex slave housewife material.”

“Look up at the camera at tell everyone why you are wearing that ring,” said Mack.

Linda gave him a confused look.

“The camera has audio too,” said Mack.  “I don’t want them to miss out when you orgasm for me.  Go on tell them.”

Linda looked up at the camera, holding up her ring.  She said, “I just got engaged.  Do you like it?”

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