Our Lives.

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Life. Duh.

Submitted: June 09, 2008

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Submitted: June 09, 2008



The unsinkable sinks,
The unbreakable breaks,
Life's just certainty
Of uncertainty throughout

Those forty winks may just forever last
That drink can never drown your past
Life's just a magic trick
With a disappearing act at the end.

The idol slips,
We burn our last ships,
And the Lord just silently sits,
Watching us all lose our wits.

Good intentions break
Like the thread of dreams when we wake,
And we all say "For God's sake!"
Just before our lives they take

And we all love our delusions
Our sad little illusions
And we all grow up believing in fusion
And relying on blood transfusion

We slave away everyday
Not contributing,
But not withholding,
Either; Our existence eventually gray

The end is sad;
We watch it all slip
Our of our grip
Into oblivion

So that we slowly lose it all-
Everything we have been so far-
And it slowly fades
Until it's almost as if we never existed.


Here's an analysis, because yeah,the poem's a bit full of symbols :D

Rhyme Structure
The poem's divided into four sections, like life is. The first two stanzas are about birth, the third and fourth about teenage, the fifth and sixth about middle age and the seventh and eighth about old age.

First and Second Stanzas
The first stanza doesn't rhyme, because when we're born we don't immediately grasp everything. It takes time =]
The first two lines of the second stanza do rhyme, but the following two don't-kind of like walking and falling when you're a kid.

Third and Fourth Stanzas
The third and fourth rhyme; they're about teenage, a time when you feel invincible, when life is at full swing.

Fifth and Sixth Stanzas
The fifth and sixth stanzas are about middle age. The fifth rhymes, but the sixth sort of catches up in the rhyming, kind of like when you get older you sort of start losing hope in life.

Seventh and Eighth Stanzas
The last two are about old age. In the seventh, the second and third lines rhyme, then it all 'slips out of our grip.' The eighth, which is about the time when a person starts becoming a child and begins to forget everything, does not rhyme.

If you'd like to look at the hidden meanings, I've done the interpretation here . It's a bit messy, so...yeah. Hope you like it

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