444 McCambridge

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Five young adults living together in Burbank, California, all trying to break into show business. The story is less about their auditions and acting problems and more about their relationship with each other and trying to balance out their lives.~

Lee Fillmore: (female) slender, medium height, half-black, curly hair, pretty. She is the mediator of the group and a closeted nerd - she works at the local burger joint and loves to read. When she has time she likes to do community theatre plays just to pass the time.~

Erin Kim: (female) tall, skinny, Korean, gorgeous. Erin is the model of the group, and not the sharpest. She works in a bar when she is not going on cattle calls or out on dates with her numerous boy toys. She has a kind heart and some secret insecurities behind her "diva" facade.~

Ben Taylor: (male) medium height, dirty blonde, blue eyed, boy-next-door cute. Ben is shy; the younger brother of Charity. He is quiet but very smart, and enjoys geeking out about little things. He is a bag boy at a local Ralph's and has trouble talking to girls.~

Charity Taylor: (female) medium height, dyed dark brown hair, blue eyes. Charity cleans up well, but refuses to wear make up or even try to look pretty in the name of her extreme feminism. She is spiteful and mean to almost everyone around her, and tries to find a bit of injustice in anything anyone says ever. Despite this harsh outward appearance, Charity loves her friends and little brother deeply and would do anything for them. She works in the same bar as Erin.~

Ray Jackson: (male) tall, spiky black hair, handsome. Ray, at first meeting, is your run of the mill douchebag. He loves to party, pick up girls, and make fun of all his friends. However, he comes from a not so great past and secretly appreciates his friends more than they could possibly know. He works at Tillys in the local mall, where he often picks up girls.

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Christmas Eve, 2013

Submitted: December 22, 2013

The gang sits around the Christmas tree and the fire, just hanging out. (More interesting chapters to come - simply an exposition :) ) Read Chapter