Pulling the Trigger

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lyrics and song-Marianas Trench

Submitted: October 08, 2010

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Submitted: October 08, 2010



'Sing sing to me, sing me something I need...' my music blasted in my ears as I walked down the street. It was pretty quiet, just a normal a Thursday night. Autumn breezes swirled around me, the smell of rain coming along with it. I was singing and dancing around the street to one of my favourite songs, 'Sing Sing', when a van pulled up beside me. A man got out, carrying a gun. He demanded I get in the car, threatening to shoot me. I laughed. \"I'm not afraid of death,\" I whispered. The man stood there, still pointing the gun at me. He took a step closer, then another. He demanded I get in the car a second time. I refused. He got closer and closer while i stood my ground. The man was angry. He took three final steps towards me. \"Kill me. Really. You would be doing me a favor.\" I took his hand, directing it and the gun towards my heart. \"Do you want to pull the trigger, or should I?\" I asked. The whole time, the man stood there, shocked at what I was doing. \"You really don't understand what you're doing for me,\" I began, stepping forward so I was just inches from him. \"You're helping me out so much. Ending my pain,\" I whispered into his ear. I took his hand, pulling it so the gun was placed against the skin above my heart. \"Thank you.\" I pulled the trigger.

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