Reasons to be a Vegetarian

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Reasons why you should be a vegetarian.

Across the United States, many families sit down to dinner with meat as the main course. The Standard American Diet typically consists of animal protein and processed foods. Seventy percent of Americans are dying from diseases that are directly tied to their eating habits. Some scientists say that you need red meat for the iron but the truth is you can get iron from many different plants. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of being a vegetarian visit 22 Reasons to be a vegetarian and find Meat lovers may want to rethink their appetite for meat because by eliminating meat you could live longer, save money, help reduce waste, air and water pollution, and lower the risk for heart disease and cancer.
First, people should stop eating meat and become a vegetarian because they could potentially live longer. Generally vegetarians live longer and healthier lives then omnivores. Loma Linda University conducted a study that showed vegetarians live on average seven years longer than people who eat meat. Research has shown that vegetarians tend to have 18% less bone loss, leading to fewer cases of diseases such as osteoporosis. Clearly the research shows that typically vegetarians live longer and healthier lives than those who eat meat. People who consume high amounts of animal protein should consider the health benefits of a vegetarian diet because it could add years on to their lives (22 Reasons par 2). 
Secondly, people could save substantial amounts of money each year by reducing or eliminating their consumption of meat. In the economic down turn that the United States is facing people are looking to save money in any way possible. According to an article on msn .com, vegetarians save more money than the average meat lover. It has been estimated that one can save up to four thousand dollars by making the switch from meat to veggies. Looking at the financial saving potential, those who would like to “tighten their belts” should leave the meat off their weekly shopping lists (22 Reasons par 4).
Thirdly, the production of animals for meat has large effects on the environment.Fecal waste from the animals pollutes the water we drink and the air that we breathe. Manure pollution is on the Environmental Protection Agency’s top 10 list of pollutants in the United States. Also, most meat animals are fed corn, which requires fuel to produce. Clearly, animal farms are a big contributor to the pollution problem in the world. One large pig farm can create more waste than the City of Los Angeles, CA. By eating little or no meat, you can help reduce pollution and help make the world a better place (22 Reasons par 11).
Finally, diets containing little or no meat have been shown to significantly reduce your chances of developing deadly diseases such as cancer and heart disease. A British study tracked 11,000 vegetarians and meat eaters for twelve years, this study showed that vegetarians were forty percent less likely to die from cancer and twenty percent less likely to die from other diseases. Also, by cutting out meat, the average American male has a thirty five percent less chance of dying from heart disease than one who eats meat. Therefore, it is clear that by eliminating meat from your diet, your risks for getting a terminal disease are going to be much lower. Based on these facts, you may want to seriously consider becoming a vegetarian in hopes of improving your quality of life by reducing your risks for disease(22 Reasons par 5).
In conclusion, omnivores should rethink their choice of diet because by eliminating meat they could live longer, save money, reduce their effect on the environment, and lower their risk for diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Studies have shown that vegetarians can live up to seven years longer than their meat-eating friends. Meat costs more than fruits and vegetables therefore; by becoming vegetarian you can keep more money in your pocket. By eliminating your intake of meat, you can help preserve the environment a little at a time. Finally, by becoming vegetarian you can lower your risk of dying from a disease such as cancer because doesn’t everyone want to be around to play with his or her grandkids. People need to look at the facts and consider the risks of a diet full of meat, look at the benefits of a vegetarian diet and decide if they want to live a healthy life or not.

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