Crimson, Red Cheeks

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Bojangles makes everyone happy.


My eyes watered, cheeks turning bright red from the shortness of breathe. I couldn't stop my heaves and found myself laughing hysterically, turned towards my friend sitting beside me.

"Don't choke on the biscuit!" He warned me, his cheeks turning as red as mine felt. His blue eyes also were on the verge of tearing up, dancing with pleasure. We sat in the classroom, enjoying our Bojangles biscuit. Correction; HIS bojangles biscuit that he had been willing to share with me. I couldn't believe he was actually willing to give me any at all. We had intended to finish the rest of our Physics, which we both knew wouldn't happen. Our teacher, Mrs. Sanders, had taken the lab group into the hall, leaving the class to goof off for the remaining time of F Block.

"Well, stop making me laugh then wiCth your goofy looking face!" I giggled, munching quietly on my biscuit piece. He jutted out his chin, making the strangest face he could possible which sent me into another laughing fit. We both burst out laughing even more when one of the other kids had managed to start a pen throughing fight in the back of the room. Before long, both our heads were covered as pens whizzed by other our heads.

"Incoming!" Someone yelled. Moments later, around 20 pens were dumped on my covered head.

"Hey!" I laughed, turning in my chair to confront my assaulter. He stood with another guy, both of them in tears with laughter. Honestly, I couldn't figure out how dumping writing utensils was all that funny, but at the moment, it was the most comical thing that sent me into hysterics. "Stop dumping my stuff on the floor!" I warned, trying to look mad and stern. That just sent them both into making even more delighted faces. I bent to collect a few pens while they started to bombard me with an avalanche of colored pencils. We fired back and forth, the rest of the class joining in with us. We screamed, running around in circles, dodging desks, and throwing anything that we could grab. It was a miracle no teacher walked in to confront us about the noise we were making. It was all fun until we heard; "Mrs. Sanders!"

A hush fell among us, like a switch had been pulled. I never knew any of us could collect anything so fast. Before the knob was even turned, all rear ends were in chairs, picking up on were we had left off. 

"Next group!" She said promptly, waving her hand at Group 4. Once the group was shuffled out and the door closed, a peaceful air was infectious in the room. 

"You have a pen in your hair." He said. I turned to face him, reaching my hand back.


"Here." He muttered, reaching his own hand towards me to softly pull the pen entangled in my blonde hair. "Surprise." He smiled, dropping it into my hand.

"Thanks." I smiled, tossing it towards another kid in the room. The pen's owner. It hot his head with a "clack", straight between the eyes. Both of us concealed our laughter, clasping our hands over our mouths.

"Nice aim!" He joked, leaning back in his chair. We settled back into our chairs, picking up pencils and turning back to the homework page.

"How's that formal date going?" I asked him, reading question 56 halfheartedly.

"Good. I think I going to ask Jamie." He replied, unhesistant. I can't believe that I actually felt slightly heated. My hand clenched my pencil, my heart beated furiously yet full of remorse at the thought of him asking this other girl and not me.

"What about your favorite person? Me?" I joked quietly, trying to not convey the hurt I felt. I guess I didn't do a good job at concealing the voice crack either. He turned back to me, his eyes unfazed.

"You have a date." Oh yeah. That other guy had asked me to go. I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I said yes. I wish I hadn't. 

"Why are you asking Jamie?" I asked, truely interested. Did he like her? I know she likes him

"She's my friend. It will be fun to go with her."

"Do.... Do you like her?"

The silence was long, painful, unbearable slow. He sat, puzzled and staring back towards me. I felt my cheeks turning redder by the second.

"What would you say if I said yes? Or no?" I felt shocked. He was asking ME if I liked HIM!

I hesistated, "Uh.... uh, I would support you in all your decisions. You know I'm always here for you. Date her if you want." I turned to face my work briskly, my head tilted down.

"So you don't like me that way?" YES! I like you! LOVE you even! My face was turning crimson. An idea hit me.

"What would YOU say if I said yes? Or no?" I faced him again, staring back at him with his own question. He looked surprised, yet undaunted.

"If you said no, I'd ask Jamie to formal. We'd have fun, dance and all that shit that everyone does." I was surprised to hear him cuss. He never did. "If you said yes, I wouldn't ask her."


He grinned and tilted his head down. What was so funny? "It's so obvious." He looked back up at me. "The only girl I'd want to go with is you. You're my friend, but I've started to... feel stronger about you. You make me happy, sad, confused, jealous, angry, and ecstatic all at one time. Do you... feel the same?

He stared back at me, looking for my answer. He liked me too. "Well, we're going to need to get you a therapist." I said, holding a neutral face. His face darkened and his eyes started to lose their glow. "Because when I tell you I feel the same way, i have no clue how out of control those emotions will be. We can't have you joking on Bojangles either, can we?"

Submitted: November 19, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Janelle Beckett. All rights reserved.

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