Vampire Academy (The Last Sacrifice Book 6) Alternate Ending: Chapter 33

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Vampire Academy: Written by Richelle Mead
All characters, plot, and ideas are hers.
Alternate Ending to Chapter 33 of the sixth book, Last Sacrifice

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Submitted: November 22, 2014

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Submitted: November 22, 2014



Vampire Academy: Written by Richelle Mead
All characters, plot, and ideas are hers.

There are some direct wordings from the book! I am not claiming that writing is mine! It is to speed the story along :)


The audience was astounded by our appearance, unable to muffle their screams and gasps that echoed through the great room. Dimitri and I stood, upright and strong side by side, as my mother and Mikhail circled to defend us from the approaching guardians. Dimitri was stiff, eyeing the guardians who encircled us. His presence made them shake with fear, while it gave me upmost confidence that such a god was here for me.

I held my hands above my head --Dimtri followed suit reluctantly-- "Wait. Listen to us first." I was pretty sure my mom and Mikhail were the only thing keeping them from shooting us then and there. Guardians would always avoid fighting other guardians if possible. Two blockers were easy to take down, though, and these guardians wouldn?t wait forever. "We know who killed the queen."

"So do we," Said one of the opposing guardians. "Now, the rest of you . . . back away before you're hurt. These are dangerous fugitives." Dimitri stiffened at these words. He always held himself to a higher expectation, and it must have stung him to be addressed as a fugitive, when all he had ever wanted was to be loyal to Lissa.

"They need to talk," said Abe. "They have evidence." Our semi circle of protectors never faltered, holding their ground. Soft, shocked gasps escaped few Moroi's mouths at the word "evidence".

?Let them talk.?

Lissa pushed her way towards us. They held their tight position, the immediate concern being that we not escape. This allowed her to slip through—but only so one could grab her arm and stop her from reaching us. 

?They?ve come this far. They were right about . . . Jill.? Boy, that was not easy for her to say with a straight face, seeing as she hadn?t entirely come to terms with the issue. My imminent death was probably the only thing distracting her from the earth shattering experience of learning she had a potential sibling. She too was taking a lot on faith here, confident I was telling the truth. ?You?ve got them. They can?t go anywhere. Just let them talk. I?ve got evidence to support their case too.?

?I?d hold off on sharing that, Liss,? I said in a low voice. Lissa still believed Daniella was the killer and wasn?t going to like hearing the truth. Lissa flashed me a confused look but didn?t protest. 

"Okay," Dimitri said, "Let the guradians through." It took a little more convincing to make our protectors back down, something that was not guardian nature. After persuading them to take down their defense, the other guardians swarmed around us, seizing our hands to bind behind our backs. Dimitri and I stayed together, holding our ground with pride.

"Get on with it!" Someone called from the crowd. My stomach twisted, hating the words that were going to leave my mouth. Lissa had put all her trust in me. Christian, Adrian, Eddie, Abe, Mom, Sonya, Jill, and Mikhail all were depending on me. Most of all, Dimitri's fate- and mine but I wasn't as concerned about myself- was on the line of I failed to persuade them. We would be headed off to become butchered.

"I didn't kill Tatiana Ivashkov. I didn't like her, but I didn't kill her." Grumbles filled the room. "You?ve questioned the janitor who testified about where I was during the murder, right? And he ID?d the man who attacked Lissa as the one who paid him off to lie about where I was? There?s no record of his existence—at least not with the guardians. But the Alchemists know who he is. They saw him at one of their facilities—acting as someone?s bodyguard.? My eyes fell on Ethan Moore, who stood with the guardians near the door. ?A bodyguard for someone who was let in to see Tatiana the night she died: Tasha Ozera.? 

"What on earth are you saying, Rose? Are you out of your mind?" Tasha exclaimed so loudly that a few Moroi cowered and shuddered with fear.

"I wish it wasn't true." I said with remorse, "But, it's true. We both know it is. You killed Tatiana." Tasha was in disbelief, tingling with anger. "I never, never believed you killed her--and I've fought for you on that. Why are you doing this? Are you playing on the Strigoi taint in our family? I thought you were above that kind of prejudice." Ouch. That hurt. Tasha was trying to turn this whole thing back on me.

"What I?m saying has nothing to do with Strigoi. I almost wish it did. You hated Tatiana for her age law and refusal to let Moroi fight. I didn?t have my bodyguard bribe a witness or attack Lis—Princess Dragomir. And don?t pretend you didn?t know the guy,? I warned her. ?He was your bodyguard. You were seen together.? Ian?s description of her when she visited St. Louis had been perfectly clear: long black hair, pale blue eyes, and scarring on one side of her face. 

?Rose, I can?t even believe this is happening, but if James—that was his name—did whatever you?re talking about, then he acted alone. He always had radical ideas. I knew that when I hired him as outside protection, but I never thought he was capable of murder.? She glanced around, looking for someone in charge, and finally settled on the Council. ?I?ve always believed Rose was innocent. If James is the one responsible for this, then I?m more than happy to tell you whatever I know to clear Rose?s name.? 

Christian stood up beside her, looking at me like I was a stranger. ?Rose, how can you say any of this? You know her. You know she wouldn?t do it. Stop making a scene and let us figure out how that James guy killed the queen.? This would hurt him when he discovered the truth. Lissa was also in shock, unable to decide if to support me or Christian.

?James couldn?t have staked Tatiana,? I said. ?He had an injured hand. It takes both hands for a Moroi to stake someone. I?ve seen it happen twice now. And I bet if you can get a straight answer out of Ethan Moore . . .? I glanced over at the guardian who had gone pale. ?James wasn?t there the night Tatiana died, was he? But Tasha was. She was in the queen?s chambers—and you didn?t report it.?

Ethan looked like he wanted to bolt, but his odds of escape were about as good as mine and Dimitri?s. He slowly shook his head. ?Tasha wouldn?t kill anyone.? Not exactly the confirmation of her location I wanted—but close. The guardians would get more out of him later.

?Rose!? Christian was pissed off now. Seeing him look at me with such outrage hurt even more than Tasha?s expression. ?Stop it!?

Lissa took a few hesitant steps forward. I could feel in her mind that she didn?t want to believe what I was saying either . . . yet she still trusted me. She thought of a controversial solution. ?I know it?s wrong . . . but if we used compulsion on the suspects . . .?

?Don?t even suggest that!? exclaimed Tasha, turning her sharp eyes on Lissa. ?Stay out of this. Your future?s on the line here. A future that could make you great and achieve the things our people need.?

?A future you could manipulate,? I realized. ?Lissa believes in a lot of the reforms you do . . . and you think you could convince her of ones she doesn?t. Especially if she?s with your nephew. That?s why you?ve fought so hard to change the quorum law. You wanted her to be queen.? You want the control.

Christian stepped forward, ?That?s idiotic. If she wanted Lissa to be queen, why make that James guy attack her??

That was a mystery for me too. But Dimitri knew. He leaned in beside me, supporting my statement.

?Because no one was supposed to die.? Dimitri?s low, resonant voice sounded in the open room. He needed no microphone as he directed his words to Tasha. ?You didn?t expect a guardian to be with her.? He was right, I realized. Eddie had been drafted that night and only barely made it back in time to be with Lissa. ?James was probably going to fake an attack and run . . . enough to generate sympathy and more support for Vasilisa. Which it certainly did—just a little more severely.?

Tasha's face of anger lessened, shaping into a face of true pain. She?d seemed offended at my accusations, but from Dimitri—it was more. She looked legitimately hurt. ?Dimka, not you too,? she said. Her aura changed into brighter colors, I saw through Lissa's eyes. Sonya had been correct about affection being shown. Tasha still loved him.

?And that?s why I took the fall,? I murmured softly. No one but Dimitri and our guardians heard me.

?Hmm?? Dimitri asked. I just shook my head. When Lissa had revealed my relationship with Dimitri to Hans, Tasha had already known. But for how long? I wasn?t sure. She?d obviously known about the relationship before killing Tatiana, and putting the murder on me left Tasha free and clear and opened back up her chances with Dimitri. 

"You wanted Dimitri. You believed that if having me out of the picture would open doors to have him back." Dimitri sucked in air beside me. He disapproved greatly. "I know about the offer you made to have him as your 'guardian' and lover." More gasps followed. Man, they were annoying. 

Tasha looked outraged by my statement, one that was 100% true. Christian looked surprissed as he stared between Tasha and myself. "How dare you bring up personal, UNTRUE matters. You are a child!" Dimitri stepped forward, pulling his weaker guardians with him as he slightly shielded me. Tasha's bottom lip quivered. He was mine. Never to be hers.

"She is no child! Rose is 18, an adult and guardian. I have always seen her as my equal and you should as well. She knows more and does more than you have or ever will!" Dimitri practically growled. I swear I saw Tasha shudder.

"Take them all into custody." A head guardian voiced, waving more guardians off towards Tasha and Ethan. Tasha fought fiercely, kicking and throwing punches at any advancing person. She made a move, grabbing at every guardian. More and more guardians filtered in towards her. Suddenly, gunshot echoed across the room. Tasha had swiped a guardian's gun, waving it widely at the backing guardians. Tasha grabbed the first person closest to her. Mia Rinaldi.

"You've brought me to this." She snickered, restraining Mia. With a swift bite, Mia dropped to the floor, white and pale and dead. Tasha's eyes filled with red, her skin like the moon, as she glanced at the remaing guardians. She turned strigoi. When her eyes became full, she beared her long fangs towards the crowd. Moroi were fleeing from the scene, guardians allowing them out quickly while the doors were sealed off. Dimitri and I had broken away from our holders, jumping down from the lift to face Tasha. Christian had scrambled away from her, protected by few guardians.

"Lissa!" He screamed searching among the crowd for her. It scared me that I couldn't locate her either.

"Tasha," I hesitated, holding out my hands to try to calm her.

"Silence, you naive dhampir! I'll make you my first awakened meal." Tasha lashed forward, grabbing a hold of my wrist before I could jump back. With swift pressure, my wrist was broken and I was screaming like hell. Dimitri grabbed a hold of my jacket, pulling me out of Tasha's grip and behind his strong body. I crumbled to the ground, holding back tears.

"Rose!" It was Adrian.

"Get out of here!" I cried, tears slowly pouring from my eyes. He grabbed me, pulling me back away from Dimitri and Tasha. He didn't seem to understand that that's where I wanted to be.

"Dimka," She smiled, her eyes widening. "You can still join me. I recall that you too have been awakened." He didn't quiver at the words, but I knew they haunted him as I sat, gripping my wrist.

"I'll never join you, Tasha. Not again." My silver stake was pulled from his coat pocket. He flicked it in his hand over again. "Goodbye, Tasha. I'll remember the old you." He advanced forward swiftly towards her. She lunged as well. Both paused when Lissa walked steadily out of the crowd towards them.

"Lissa!" Christian screamed, trying to break past all his protectors. "Don't get near her!" I found myself screaming along with him, Adrian holding me back in my weak state.

Lissa walked towards both of them, coming to stand beside Dimitri. She pulled the stake from his hand, glowing from her touch. It was full of spirit. "I'll bring you back, Tasha." She whispered, holding the stake with two hands.

"Not before I kill you!" She screamed, holding up the gun we all had forgotten she had. Dimitri was shoved backwards. Lissa. She was going to protect him even while she was about to be shot herself.

"No!" I screamed, breaking away from Adrian. He called back after me but I was not going to turn around. I threw myself in front of Lissa before Dimitri could.

"Roza!" He called. It was full of fear for me. Yet, full of love.

Tasha's gun rang out, sending me flying towards the ground. Pain flamed in my chest as my head hit the ground. Everything turned fuzzy.

"Awaken, shadow-kissed." Tasha's voice rang in my ear before the world tuned out around me.


Dimitri and Lissa were beside me. I could just barely make them out. Lissa was screaming and crying while Dimitri had a strong, tender hold on me. I stared back up at them. "I.... I've done... what I need...ed to do." I gulped in air. "You're...both safe... I can... leave you... now." 

Lissa sobbed harder. "No, Rose! Stay with us!"

Dimitri had lifted my face up to his. "You. Are. Not. Leaving. Me." Tears were coming from his eyes, something I had only seen a few times in my life.

"Take... care of... Lissa." I breathed, tears also falling from my face. "I love you forever... Dimitri." I felt my eyes close shut as my head rolled back limply. 

The last thing I heard was Lissa bawling uncontrollably. Dimitri would comfort her. Oh, Dimitri. I felt his warm face pressed against mine, his tears running down my face as he too cried.

"Roza! Stay with me!"

I swear I smiled at him before I died.


Everything was white when my eyes opened. I hissed, covering my eyes with my palms. A hand rubbed my back. A strong, loving hand. As my vision slowly returned, I realized I was in a solid hospital room. The ones that doubled as a holding cell.

"Roza?" Dimitri's voice whispered. I flipped anxiously around to face him. He backed away a few steps. I felt hurt. Why was Dimitri not concerned for me? What was he nervou about?

"Dimitri," I whispered, my voice soft. "What is it?" I stared down at myself, trying to find the answer. I knew imidately. My skin was pale, like Tasha's. There was no pain at all in my body. 

"Roza," Dimitri said affectionatly. "It's o.k. Listen to me." I didn't listen. I scurried towards the mirror on the wall, almost falling from the speed I reached the dresser. I stared, unable to comprehend what I saw. My eyes were red.

I looked Strigoi. 

I screamed, falling backwards against the opposing wall. The mirror hit the ground, shattering arounf me Dimitri was by my side, covering me with his body. "Get away from me! I'm dangerous!" I wailed, pushing him away from me quickly. I held myself in the back corner of the bed, holding a pillow in between myself and him. I'll kill him! I'll kill him or make him strigoi! I can't control myself. Tears were pouring out of my eyes as I stared at the man I loved. He would never love me like this again. I would never be able to love him.

"Rose, listen to me." Dimitri whispered, standing up from where he had knelt beside me. A faint shine came from his jacket pocket. A silver stake. I understood before he could hide it from me.

"You're going to kill me, aren't you?" I cried, clinging onto the pillow so hard that it ripped down the middle. I wailed louder, sinking my head deeper into its softness. "Do it! I might kill you or Lissa..." My thoughts changed. "I can't be around Lissa! I'm dangerous and deadly! She'll be unsafe and hate me!"

A clank sounded. Looking up, Dimitri had dropped the stake on the ground. "Rose. It's o.k. You aren't strigoi." My mouth was open.

"I am! Look at me!" I yelled at him. How could he not see? "Pick up the stake and defend yourself from me! I could kill you!" I tossed the half pillow in his direction, surprissed to see it almost knock him off balance. I actually could throw a pillow hard enough to make impact. "I'm sorry!" I sped towards him, hugging him around the waist. He was surprised at this notion. So was I. He wrapped his muscular arms around me hesitantly, then all at once fully embracing me. even in my strigoi state, this still made my body burn uncontrollably.

"Lissa healed you... almost fully." He stuttered.

"Almost?" I asked, backing away from him. I was deadly. I needed to remember that. "She healed me?"

"Since you're shadow-kissed, you weren't supposed to live again. Lissa staked you after Tasha... bite you. I restrained her until she was killed." He replied. Tasha was dead. "Your strigoi nature didn't return. Just the appearance. They believe that the eyes will turn back to blue and your skin will also change." He smiled softly. "I'm afraid the sun will still be an issue."

I couldn't believe this. I was half strigoi and half dhampir. This was crazy. "I have strigoi abilities... but I'm not cruel and deadly?"

"You're still deadly." Dimitri replied, "But you get to chose to what extent." He pulled me into his arms, giving me comfort. "Lissa will see you soon and help the process of changing your appearance back." I sighed and nodded slowly.

Shocker. Another new form of shadow-kissed. Of course, it was me.

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