Dear Mom

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this is a poem about me writing to my biological mom about how ive been feeling, knowing that she's gone

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



Dear Mom,

By: Janelle-Marie


Dear mom,

Do you remember all those memories of you and me together?

Back in the days, when I thought you’d love me forever.

Do you remember all those promises you made?

Probably not, because if you did, you would've stayed.

Every night, I’d call out your name;

Crying, waiting for you, but you never came.


Dear mom,

Do you even remember me?

Probably not; all of us seven kids that you haven’t seen.

Do you remember that one scary night I had,

When I was so afraid, you tried to comfort me, and make me less sad?

Probably not, because that day never happened; you were never there for me,

You left me; alone; you abandoned things.


Dear mom,

I don’t know what happened! You promised you’d call, you promised you’d stay,

But you did neither; you walked away.

Do you remember all the promises you left broken?  

The promises, up until now, that were left unspoken.

Anger, and sadness build up inside me.

But you don’t seem to care, do you even feel sorry?


Dear mom,

It’s really hard for me to forgive you, right now.

My anger is so high, above in the clouds.

Forgetting is something I’d never do, but you don’t care; do you?

You walked away, you didn’t stay,

12 years later, and I’m barely doing okay.

There’s a little piece inside me missing,

Guess it’s there for you, but you’d never be listening…


Dear mom,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry, because I can’t forgive what you’ve done, even though I should.

I’m sorry, I would, if I could.

I’m sorry mom, I could never forget what you did.

I just can’t forget, and never forgive.



The lost child


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