The Historians

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The Historians were a group of thinkers who documented erasures of history by the government.

Submitted: October 02, 2013

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Submitted: October 02, 2013



The Historians

There had always been something different about Eleanor. Her whole family was so secretive; no one had ever really gotten to know them. They always seemed to know something no one else knew. So the look of terror on her face shouldn’t have been such a surprise  when she heard the Department of Anti Fallacy and Treachery were investigating a possible breach in the area.


Eleanor woke up slowly, stirring gently in the sheets too long. Still, it was early. 7:00 AM would always feel too early for her, yet it was when she always rose. She would be stiff today. She had a lot to do; The Historians was coming over to discuss an erasure of recent history. The Historians is comprised of many intellectuals. Eleanor’s father was the leader, and her family had been keeping track of erasures for centuries. She now hosted the meetings since he had passed. 

She moved to start the tea, and put out her favorite bread. They could eat semi-well while they were here. She wished she had meat for them, they were like her family now, and she wanted to treat them so. There hadn’t been reasonably priced meat in the market for months now. Only the rich could afford it lately. She was not rich.

It had become easier for the government to erase things lately, now that there were no physical bodies of these items left, and if there were, D.A.F.T. searched them out and destroyed them. The government has always twisted history in their favor, but it was happening more and more. It became very difficult to keep track of what was real and what wasn’t. 

She read the notice of the meeting again, just to make sure she had the times and topics ready for discussion:

Erasure of historical fact #229,872,013: deletion of fictional movie “Soylent Green”. Reason: unknown. Please meet at Eleanor Movisa’s home at 11:00 AM. Directions included.

Code word “Green”

The whistle of the teapot drew her from her thoughts. She hurried to the kitchen and poured the boiling water into the pitcher, then dropped the strainer with the loose leaf tea to let it brew. She had a plate with tea cups for everyone set out, spoons, she looked for the sugar. She was out. Oscar had used the last of it two days ago when he came to buy some bread from her. She was angry she had fogotten. There was that moment of fear that everyone would be disappointed, like when she was caught copying her multiplication tables off of the boy in fourth grade. she would have to go to town.

Sluggishly she put her essentials into a bag. The little money she had. An umbrella; for the freakish rain storms that had been popping up. A long list of recalled sugars, since most of it was synthetic anyway. She plopped her sunglasses on to protect her from the glaring sun. With one swift motion she grabbed her identification, locked the door and went on her way to town.

The trek wasn’t too long, a mile or so. She walked through the fields, waving at her neighbors. It enthralled her to know something they didn’t. She was almost concerned how they didn’t notice history changing right before their eyes. It was because everything was at their fingertips. They used their Identification Devices to look up definitions, and talk to each other. No one ever bothered with books or newspapers anymore. It was all at their fingertips. They had endless access to inaccuracy.

The store came into view, decrepit and dusty. It was empty inside; no one was even at the register. Better for her, she could look through all the sugar to pick a safe batch. It was odd to see shelves covered with fifty different brands of the same item. The store only carried essentials now, no one could afford anything higher end. Everything was made by the same company anyways, that’s why she needed to look up the batch number. It would take longer than she expected.

The door swung open. “Hoy, Rob! The DAFT is here! You gotta come see this!” The excitement emanated from his body. He was almost jumping from aisle to aisle searching for Rob.

“What do you mean the DAFT is here? In Painsville?” the disbelief oozed from his voice “you have got to be kidding me Oscar.” He sauntered out of the storage room, pulling up his pants that had fallen low on his hips. His belly had that effect on all of his clothes, the shirts rolled up and the pants fell down.

“why on Earth would they be in our neck a the woods? Ain’t nobody hear doin’ nothin’.”

“Have you talked to them?” Eleanor could barely whisper the words.

“Eleanor! Nice to see you! Did you hear the D.A.F.T. was in town? Can you believe it?”

“What do you mean “was” in town?”

“Well, actually they’ve headed up your way right now. They’ve been going to every house asking if they knew a Mr. Green. There isn’t anyone in this town by that name. I can tell you that mu-“

The glass shattered. Eleanor had thrown her bag off of her shoulder, and sequentially knocked over a whole shelf of pickles. The smell of vinegar was overwhelming. Her ID slipped from her hand into the puddle of glass and vinegar. she didn't care.

She was running. It hurt. The men behind her forgotten. Her breath came in like a sharp spear, going in and out. Her legs burned, muscles aching from lack of strenuous movement. The gears of her knees wear grinding, the oil long gone. She stayed in bed too long. With each pull for air her lungs felt new fury.

She was almost to her house when she smelled the scent of erasure.  The smell of wires burning, plastic melting, tell tale signs. A wave of nausea overcame her as she slowed. She couldn’t run anymore. There was nothing to run to. Her home, her life, her knowledge was to be erased. As the last house of true History fell so did Eleanor.

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