You don't know me now

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We are who we are and no one should try to change us unless it is to bring out the good in us. This poem is about that exactly, being told to change when there was no need to change.

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



You don’t know me now, years have gone by

You may have thought of me in the way you envision me

You may think that I needed to change, but my kindness is still there

My love is still strong, my heart is still pure, the Lord is on my side


I have changed in many ways, but who are you to say?

Can you judge me as you judge yourself?

 Do you know where I have been and what I have seen?

You call yourself a saint; you say you are humble when you weren’t


My thoughts are comprehensive now

My friends are true to me now

My family has taken their steps now

My enemies are gone now


I ran some hills, dive into the water

Became a fish for a day

Jumped out of a plane

Ended up in an island


What can I say?

It was never me that needed to change

It was you all along



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