Confession of a Fairy Godmother

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We all know the story of Cinderella, but do we know the story of her Fairy Godmother? Well we do now!

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012





The Confession of a Fairy Godmother


The sun is playing tricks on me. It is dancing around and within the lilac bush where I am whiling away my time. That is the trouble with old age there is so much time for reflection. Maybe it is a pleasant experience for people who have led a useful life and have happy memories, but for me I am continually worried that I have lived my life as a lie. You see I am famous and do not deserve to be.

I am Cinderella’s fairy godmother and I want to set my part of the story straight before it is too late.

Once I was a young and rather frivolous fairy. I led a privileged life and was the baby of my family. All my sisters and brothers got on and found jobs to do that helped the world and the humans who inhabit it. You see the humans do not do a very good job at looking after the plants and wildlife that have been given to them in abundance. They need the help of us fairies or they would have ceased to exist many thousands of years ago.

I was a worry to my parents because I just did not have a passion for anything. In the end, in desperation, they sent me away to study at becoming a fairy godmother. At school I learned many things but I did not show much aptitude for helping humans, I thought they were a selfish lot who did not deserve our help. It is only now, in my old age, I have come to realise that by helping humans we can slowly influence them to understand what a wonderful world they have. Nowadays some of them fight hard to save the planet and to try to stop others from plundering the world’s resources indiscriminately.

But I digress (another sign of old age) this is my confession and I must get back to it. You see it was only by extreme good luck that I was able to salvage anything for Cinderella at all. The reader of my confession must remember that times were different back then. Cinderella was a woman and women had to marry, become a servant or a nun, or worst of all live as a companion to a wealthy married woman.

Because I showed little aptitude for fairy godmothering I was given a privileged girl who had two doting parents. It was not a very onerous task and I was bonded to Ella for her life. Once a human is given a fairy godmother (or godfather) that bond cannot be broken. It is the same for a Guardian Angel, or a Spirit Guide, they are given to you as a gift and you should learn to listen to them.

I wasn’t terribly worried about Ella and I quite forgot about her once I left fairy godmother school. That is my shame and I have had to live with that for centuries. I completely left her alone to her own devices. I believed she did not need me. I went home and whenever my parents asked me about my duties I lied and said it was all under control. Pretty soon they stopped asking and I made myself useful helping my sisters and brothers with their children. I loved them all dearly and spent a lot of my time baby sitting and teaching them just like I was a real teacher.

Time is different for fairies, we live for centuries, but humans of course grow up quickly and time marches along for them at a very fast rate. Before I had even thought about having children of my own Ella was all grown up and I should have been by her side making sure she found a good man to marry. But I knew nothing about her except where she lived. It was a chance remark made to me by one special niece Charlize that got me thinking about Ella. She asked me why I was the only one in the family who did not have to work. I knew then that I had to go and see Ella, but how could I leave my little ones? To my shame I procrastinated and procrastinated telling myself that she had a father and mother to look after her and they would find her a suitable husband.

One morning I woke up with something on my mind. I had been dreaming about a beautiful young girl who was sitting in a kitchen weeping. I thought it couldn’t be Ella because she had a wealthy father and a mother who loved her dearly. But there was a niggling thought that it was indeed Ella and, if so, why was she in the kitchen? If tragedy had struck why wasn’t she in the parlour surrounded by luxury and crying on a soft sofa?

I packed a basket and took off to the world of humans. I was seventeen human years late.

What I found at Ella’s manor house has haunted me for the past several centuries. To my eternal shame I found Ella reduced to the ranks of a servant. Her mother had died soon after I was bonded to her as her fairy godmother and some years later her father had married a woman whom he thought would be a good mother for Ella. She was a good mother to her own two daughters and pretended to love and care for Ella while he was alive. Unfortunately for Ella he came off his horse and died leaving her in the care of her step-mother. Life changed for Ella immediately.

She became a servant who cooked and cleaned and worked among the cinders in the kitchen. Her unkind step-sisters started to call her Cinderella. Cinderella is the name by which little girls have known her ever since. I was at a loss. How could I help her? Something had to be done but I could not make myself known to her and explain why I had ignored her for all those years. I was so very ashamed.

Then, only a couple of human days later, luck was on my side. The King decreed that his son Prince Charming had to take a bride. He decided to host a ball at the palace and every maiden in the Kingdom was to attend so that his son could choose the bride he wanted. Somehow I had to get Ella to that ball. It was not going to be easy because I was not good at magic. I had wasted much of my time when I went to school and magic was hard to learn so I didn’t practice it like the other students. I had to go and find someone who was better at magic than I. So I left to find out the spells I needed to get Ella to the ball. I had one week (a human week that is) to learn them.

My mother was the obvious choice, but I did not want to confess to her what a useless fairy godmother I had proved myself to be. Instead I went to my brother Oscar and my sister Mia. But they gave me differing advice and I was more confused than ever. In the end I was forced to go to mother who said that the simplest spell to learn was ‘bibbity bobbity boo’, but it wasn’t very strong and would only work for 4 hours. I felt that 4 hours was pretty good and Ella could go to the ball at 8o’clock and the spell wouldn’t stop working until midnight. I was set.

Back to the land of humans I went, but because human time goes so quickly I misjudged the time of my arrival. I didn’t even have time to properly introduce myself to Ella nor to prepare her for the ball.

I arrived on the very evening of the ball to find her in tears in the kitchen exhausted from helping her step-mother and sisters to get ready and leave for the ball. I tapped her on the shoulder and made myself known to her.

Everyone knows the story from there. I turned a pumpkin into a coach, mice into horses, a horse into a coachman and the dog into a footman. Ella was ready. The gown was difficult but in the end I was amazed at how beautiful her rags were when changed into a flowing gown of blue chiffon covered with shiny gemstones.

The only thing I did not have to use magic on were the slippers which used to be her mothers. Everyone thinks they were glass, I don’t know how people could believe such a silly thing. They were beautiful satin slippers that had been covered with glass beads so they reflected light whenever Ella twirled in a dance movement. My mother had alerted me to their hiding place. Ella’s father had hidden them after his wife died. She had been wearing them on the night they met and he couldn’t bear to give them away. It was his last link with Ella’s mother. Anyway they were so small and dainty that his second wife could never have worn them even if he had allowed her to see them. Even Ella did not know of their existence.

So off to the ball went Ella. She caught the Prince’s attention. Of course, I had something to do with that. I didn’t use ‘bibbity bobbity boo’ because I wanted him to love Ella for longer than 4 hours. I used an incantation Oscar gave me and for good measure I used the one Mia gave me as well. The Prince was truly smitten. But Ella had to leave at midnight. She nearly blew it because she was having such a lovely time that it was only as the clock began striking midnight that she realised she had to get out quickly. She ran as fast as she could dropping a slipper on the way. Of course it didn’t change at midnight. It was a real shoe.

I don’t need to go any further with Ella’s story because the story of Cinderella has been told and retold to every generation of children for many hundreds of years. I just need to tell you that I returned to Fairyland a heroine. I had performed the most amazing intervention in the human world and had given hope of rescue to many downtrodden women for years to come.

I never again neglected Ella and I made sure her children and grandchildren were looked after by their Fairy Godparents a lot better than she had been. When Ella died I was given permission to retire from my role as a fairy godmother.

Now as I sit under the lilac bush an old fairy I am ready to go to my maker and I hope that when I am reunited with Ella she will be happy that I have written this confession and put the story straight.

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