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Short story of approx 9,000 words. Sarah and Josh have both been let down in their relationships. Josh comes up with an ingenious plan to get Sarah away so she does not have to face all her well meaning friends. She is not keen on his plan but is absolutely appalled by the plan her mother comes up with.

Reluctantly she accepts Josh's invitation to escape from all sympathy and spend her holiday away from everyone. That is everyone except Josh. Just maybe her holiday with Josh is better than the honeymoon she had planned with her totally selfish and cruel ex fiance.

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Submitted: May 18, 2012





Chapter One


 ‘Come on Sarah, it’s easy’ Josh had whispered in her ear as they sat at the table after what had been a long and difficult meeting. His father had temporarily left the room to go to the bathroom and the rest of the board had escaped as quickly as they could. Only Sarah and Josh were left in the deserted room. ‘We’ve both been hurt and now it’s time to shrug our shoulders and show the world that we don’t give a damn.’


‘Just what are you proposing Josh?’ She snapped at him. ‘That I take you on my honeymoon? Just dispense with the ceremony? Bring along a different groom?’


‘Well maybe I could come up with a different location and plan.’ He smiled apologetically as if he realised that suggesting himself as a substitute honeymoon partner might not be in the best of taste. ‘But if it’s already paid for! Why not? Maybe it would be fun.’


With a slightly shaky laugh Sarah shook her head ‘No. It’s not possible I’m afraid. Richard, must have been planning this for some time. He booked the tickets in Fiona’s name he just let me pay for them.’


‘You’re having me on. What sort of man lets his wife pay for their honeymoon?’ Josh was startled. He thought Sarah was the most together young woman he knew and this just didn’t fit with his image of her. He would have taken a bet that Sarah wouldn’t allow herself to be used like that. ‘What did he say to you? Marry me, pay for the honeymoon and then I’ll be the stud.’

‘Don’t be disgusting Josh’ Sarah admonished. ‘I was just stupid and I believed him when he said his money was temporarily tied up. He said it wouldn’t matter anyway as we were going to be married what was mine would be his and what was his would be mine.’


‘People with less money than you always say that.’ Josh said in disgust. ‘Fiona probably had more money to share with him than you did, but was astute enough not to pay for the honeymoon. Next time you contemplate marriage insist on a pre-nuptial agreement and at the very least share the cost of the honeymoon. Then you won’t be fleeced out of your hard-earned savings.’

‘That’s what you do is it Josh?’ Sarah was stung into retaliating. ‘I seem to remember a full on court battle between you and Jessica. Did you forget to make an agreement?’


‘Jessica could have had anything she wanted when she finally got out of my life. She just couldn’t have Mr Tom. That horse was too special to me. And she knew it. That’s why she wanted him.’ The tightness in Josh’s voice made it plain to Sarah that he was still smarting over the nastiness that followed Jessica’s defection. Then closing his eyes as if he hoped that might erase the thought of Jessica from his mind he said ‘See we’re both lousy at picking partners and now it’s time for the consolation prize. A week away together with no strings attached.’

‘I don’t think so. People would talk’

‘Not if we didn’t tell them.’ Josh smiled at her. ‘Oh! And I should add that I’m happy to do the bed bit but only if you insist. I’m rather good in bed.’

‘That’s always been your trouble you know. You are good at everything you do’ laughed Sarah. ‘It beats me why they put up with you at College. I worked myself ragged trying to get the best results I could while you just sailed through doing the minimum amount of work and still passed with flying colours.’


It was true. Ever since they met on the first day of their hotel management course she had known that everything was easy for Josh. He had never needed to be serious then because he was always going to run restaurants. His father owned or part-owned quite a few of them. All he had to do was get his certificate and his father would be happy. It was a different matter for her. She studied hard. She had to get the best grades she could because in hospitality a woman had to be better than most of the men she worked with if she wanted a managerial role. Even knowing that it had come as a shock to Sarah that her excellent grades still couldn’t land her a job that included any career pathway into management. That was until Josh had spoken to his father. Joshua Chrichton-Smith the first had appointed her restaurant manager of Chrichton’s and then after a few stints at his other restaurants he had finally sent her back to Chrichton’s as the General Manager. She had every reason to be grateful to Josh, but she wasn’t prepared to risk everything she had built up by going away with him?


Earlier in the day when Josh had suggested taking her away she had pretended it was a joke and so she didn’t need to answer him. The Board Meeting had been just about ready to begin when he had first brought up the subject and her mind was fully occupied with all the unique problems she had at Chrichton’s Seafood Restaurant. She was mentally rehearsing the report she was about to give to the Board. She wanted them to know that she was working hard trying to make the restaurant profitable once more. When she first took over Chrichton’s she had made some tough decisions about staffing levels in the restaurant and she wasn’t as popular with the staff as the previous manager had been. He had virtually let the staff manage themselves. They had all the hours they wanted with too many workers rostered on every shift and they were all very happy with that arrangement. Sarah was constantly trying to make them understand that their very jobs depended upon all of them making profits for the owners. In her report to the Board she would concentrate on the positives and she would point out that the figures had shown significant improvement.


As soon as the Board Meeting was over Josh had once again suggested that they could go away. It wasn’t fair. Richard had made a laughing stock of her. Josh was being kind suggesting they console each other but she hated people feeling she needed their sympathy.  Somehow she could always manage to forget her personal problems during her busy days but it was a different matter at night. And tonight was no exception.


Right now it was late and she was feeling very lonely. Sarah ran a deep bath and stepped into the relaxing warm water that she had liberally sprinkled with bath salts. Resting her head against the back of the bath Sarah thought back over the day as she sipped ice-cold champagne. The champagne had been a special gift from her father who had expected her to share it with her new husband. Now there would be no husband and she decided she might as well drink it as have it sitting on the shelf mocking her. Maybe it would help her to forget what Richard had done.


The champagne was definitely helping. She even started smiling to herself as she pondered on Josh’s preposterous suggestion that they console each other. Then again she was suddenly finding it difficult to remember just why it was so impossible. Just when, exactly, she had started to contemplate the idea as feasible she wasn’t altogether sure. Probably it had started to seem vaguely possible about the same time as she poured the third glass of champagne. Would it be so very bad? How would she explain it to her workmates? So many questions buzzed around in Sarah’s mind and she just didn’t know any of the answers. Ever since Josh had propositioned her after the board meeting his words kept popping up in her head at all strange times.

 ‘No strings’ and ‘I’m good in bed.’ That’s what he had said. Those words had been at the back of her mind all day. Hell she was tempted. Why not and what was she going to do next week anyway? She couldn’t just stay at work. She had already arranged a replacement. She had to disappear but she had no idea where she could go.


The worst part was that everyone knew her wedding was off. Sarah hated seeing the knowing smiles and the fake sympathy on the faces of the people who worked for her. She tried to convince herself that not all of them were laughing at her. Some might even be genuinely concerned. It was her problem that she couldn’t accept their sympathy at face value. Only Josh was different. He didn’t pretend sympathy. Instead he’d quietly suggested that she’d had a lucky escape and then surprisingly he’d offered to take her away.


Sarah knew that if she went away with Josh someone would find out. Someone always did. If Josh thought they could keep something like that secret he was kidding himself. Then again Joshua Chrichton-Smith the second probably didn’t care if his travelling companions were avidly discussed by the staff at Chrichton’s Seafood Restaurant. But Sarah did. She had worked many long hard weary hours clawing her way to the top. Hospitality was a hard business for a woman. Now she was managing a restaurant for the very first time and she wasn’t ready to jeopardise that for a fling with the owner’s son.







Chapter Two



The next morning found the sun shining and Sarah nursing a king size headache. She ruefully laughed at herself for contemplating, even for a short time, the idea of going away with her boss’s son. If only he wasn’t involved with her business life. If he was someone she had met anywhere else she just might think about it. No, she told herself firmly, going away with Josh had never been a possibility.


As soon as she arrived at work, a little later than usual, she found that Josh hadn’t given up on the idea at all.

‘Hi Sarah’ the head chef George beamed at her ‘Someone must like you a lot.’ She moved into her little office, switched on her computer, turned around and was confronted by a beautiful arrangement of roses. George hadn’t moved he was hanging around hoping to learn who had sent the flowers. Sarah opened the card and read ‘I thought long and hard about what colour roses to send you. Red is for passion and white for purity either is okay by me if only you’ll only come away with me next week. I think pink is a nifty compromise don’t you?’


Smiling to herself at Josh’s strange message she noticed that George was still hovering. She put the card into her handbag and said ‘The board are pleased with our performance over the past two months and the flowers are from them. However, I’m not so easily satisfied. I’m still waiting for the costings of the new menu. Just how much longer will they be?’

‘Give me a break Sarah’ George replied. ‘There is a lot of work in putting together a new menu it’ll be ready when you get back. We just can’t have a new menu before that. I’ve got to get prices and make sure of the supply.’

‘Sorry’ she said ‘it’s just that I’m nervous about hitting the percentages and without that new menu we will never get there.'

‘It’s okay. We all know the pressure you are under from the board and believe me we feel for you every time there is a meeting. However, you should cheer up, if they are sending you flowers maybe they are happier than you think. I’ve never known them send a present to a manager before.’

As George ambled off to his kitchen Sarah thought that she had just told a particularly stupid lie. Now George would take longer than ever putting the menu together safe in the knowledge that the board were happy with their performance.


Later in the afternoon Sarah still hadn’t contacted Josh. Her day had been very busy and she just hadn’t had time to arrange her thoughts and plan how she would decline his kind offer. Snatching a few quiet minutes she went into the kitchen to see if George could rustle up some food. He told her to go and sit in the sun and he would bring out a chicken salad sandwich and a coffee. Gratefully she moved to the outdoor eating area sunk into a chair and welcomed the warm sun. It was only a few minutes before George arrived with her food and then he went and got a large shady umbrella to protect her from the sun.

‘Thanks George’ she smiled at him ‘I didn’t realise how hot the sun really is. Why don’t you get a cup of coffee and join me?’

‘Good idea I could do with a break’ he returned her smile, ‘but would it be all right if I have a smoke?’

‘It’s not a problem to me’ Sarah assured him.


George had been a welcome distraction for a while but eventually he had returned to his kitchen and with a sigh Sarah got a pen and paper out of her bag. She was planning to write down all the reasons why she couldn’t go away with Josh. But before she had done more than write a large number one at the top of the page George was back handing her the restaurant’s cordless phone. Her mother was on hold. Thanking George she accepted the phone and pressed the hold button. She didn’t really want to speak with her mother. Sympathy at the moment would only cause her to start crying and she never wanted to cry over Richard ever again.


She needn’t have worried however, her mother wasn’t giving out sympathy she too was making an offer designed to distract Sarah during the coming week when the honeymoon should have been happening. Oh she started out sympathetically enough. She said that she knew this was a difficult time for Sarah but that if she was still taking her holidays how about coming with them to Sydney. Her father had some unexpected business to attend to and they had promised to look after her sister’s children for a whole week. She knew how much Sarah loved her nephews and she thought it might get her mind off the cancelled wedding.


This was just too much for Sarah. How could her mother be so insensitive? What was she thinking? A holiday with your parents was no substitute for your own wedding and honeymoon! Anyway she’d just finish up being an unpaid baby sitter for two small boys. No that was out of the question. Then she surprised herself by saying brightly ‘Thanks a lot mum but I’ve made alternative plans for next week. I am going away and I’ll get in touch when I get back. Give my love to Emma and tell her I’ll catch up with her and the boys some other time.’

‘But Sarah’ her mother protested. ‘Who are you going with and where will you be? How can I contact you?’

‘Mum you never asked me any of those questions about my honeymoon’ said Sarah ‘why start an inquisition now?’

‘But Sarah that was different. You would have had the protection of a husband on your honeymoon’ protested her mother.

‘Oh mum! Will you please join the new century? What sort of protection do you think Richard would have been?’


Now she had to go away. She only had to decide whether to make arrangements for a holiday alone or pick up the phone and accept Josh’s offer. Sarah picked up the phone.







Chapter Three


Saturday morning arrived. It should have been the best day of her life. Her wedding day. The day she married the man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. Now thanks to Josh it wasn’t going to be the loneliest day of her life. Josh had also helped her to realise that she’d had a lucky escape. Fiona was welcome to Richard. They might be packing their bags getting ready to go on a holiday that she had paid for but she wouldn’t let herself think about that. And she hoped it rained every day they were on that island.


If her plans had worked out she would have been buzzing around with her sisters going to the hairdresser and getting her nails manicured ready for her wedding. Instead she ate some muesli and toast, read the paper and went out into the garden to water her plants one last time. Josh would be arriving any minute now. He had been most specific. She was to pack two small cases, one with toiletries, night attire and a change of underwear while clothes and shoes were to go in the other bag. The first night they would stop at a motel and they didn’t want to take everything out of the car just for one night. When she asked where they were going the only thing Josh would say to her was ‘Let me surprise you with that Sarah.’

‘But how do I know what clothes to pack?’ She wailed.

‘Casual. Only casual’ he said ‘Once we get there we are not going anywhere else. The destination is the holiday.’

Which is another way of saying. if we go out someone might see us and I’m not prepared to get sprung with an employee Sarah thought. Still she couldn’t help feeling excited. She felt the same tingling anticipation that she had felt as a small child when she got up Christmas morning and explored the wonderful surprises left to her by Father Christmas. No one had arranged a surprise for her in a long time and she loved surprises.


The watering was almost complete when Josh arrived. It was the music she noticed first. It was spilling out of the dark blue car that pulled up at her front gate. It wasn’t all that loud. It was just free to roam unencumbered around the neighbourhood because the car had no roof. Looking up she smiled at a youthful looking Josh who waved gaily and then frowned when he saw what she was wearing.

‘Hell and all Sarah. This isn’t meant to be a business trip. How about putting on something less formal.’

‘Well you should have told me you’d be driving a sports car’ she replied a little hurt.

‘I said casual’ he replied. ‘You could wear that get up at the restaurant.’

Sarah flounced into the house leaving Josh standing in her garden unsure if he should follow and completely convinced he’d blown it.’ He picked up the hose and pensively finished watering the plants. The door slammed and a very rigid woman now dressed in tight jeans and a brief tight pink midriff top marched purposefully out the door carrying two bags. She dropped them by the car and stood expectantly waiting for his help.


‘Well Sarah that looks more like what I had in mind’ he said as he stowed her bags in the boot and opened the door for her to get in. Josh started driving across town and prudently waited for her to break her self-imposed silence.

Finally she said ‘I’m sorry I got so angry. I think it’s a symptom of the scars left by Richard. He too was never satisfied with what I chose to wear.’

‘I’ll try and remember that’ Josh teased. ‘Rule One. Never ever make any suggestions about what Sarah wears. Even if she decides to wear a ball gown to the beach.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve said I’m sorry let’s forget it shall we?’

‘Fine by me. And I don’t care what you’ve got in your case. You won’t be wearing any of it anyway.’

‘Sure I will.’

‘No you won’t. I’m taking you to a nudist colony.’


‘Hold it right there’ said Sarah in panic. ‘I don’t do that sort of thing.’

‘Sarah, surely you’re not going to chicken out?’ Josh teased. ‘I’ve gone to a lot of trouble organising this week. It’s a perfectly respectable nudist camp and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.’

‘Well why haven’t you then?’

‘Because it’s only for couples. Come on be a sport. Peter and Suzie go all the time.’

‘Well it’s the sort of thing they would do isn’t it?’ She replied scornfully.

‘They claim they have a lot of fun. They are always talking about it’ he replied wistfully.

‘No absolutely not. I am not like Peter and Suzie and you should know that.’

‘It’s just that Peter gives me a hard time he says that I just haven’t got what it takes to get a woman to go with me. This time he backed me into a corner and I said that of course I could find a woman to go with me. He and I have a $500 bet on whether or not I’ll turn up with a female partner.’ Josh was seriously pleading with her ‘Please don’t make me lose $500 to Peter.’

‘Well you can afford it and Peter can’t. So I think perhaps I can let you lose a bet you should never have taken in the first place’ she admonished him.

‘I’ll give you the $500 to spend anyway you like. Just help me win the bet. Please?’ he begged.

‘No. I just couldn’t do it.’

‘I’ll give you the $500 I get from Peter and another $1,000 for being a good sport’ he promised. ‘I don’t want to look a fool in front of Peter and Suzie. They think they are so smart running around masquerading as sun lovers.’

‘I don’t want your money. Some things can’t be bought even by the Chrichton-Smith’s’ she told him.

‘I’ll put in a good word for you with dad’ he tried.

‘And I’ll report you for sexual harrasment’ she threatened.

‘Scared to show off your body?’ He asked.

‘No I’m not.’

‘Anyway what’s wrong with your body?’

‘There’s nothing wrong with my body’ she retorted. ‘I just don’t parade it for everyone to look at that’s all.’

‘Well you’ve got to make up your mind’ he said. ‘I’m calling in to my place and I’m planning to drop off your bag of clothes. You won’t need them at a nudist colony.’

Weakening she asked ‘But who would I know there?’

‘How do I know? Suzie and Peter certainly. I don’t expect we’ll know anyone else.’

Caught on the hop and needing to make a quick decision Sarah realised that a whole new life was opening up before her. She wasn’t going to marry Richard. In fact she might never marry and she could do anything she wanted. She would be answerable to no one but herself. Thousands of people went to nudist camps every day of the week. It wasn’t a place for sexual orgies or anything. They only let couples in so that must mean there would be nothing other than nudity that she need worry about.

“Okay.’ She agreed ‘If I’m going to be a new woman I guess I better get started. A nudist colony is probably a good beginning. Drop off the case by all means.’







Chapter Four


What had she done? How could she ever have agreed to do such a disastrous thing? Sarah was brooding. She could be a bit impulsive at times and this time she had surprised herself. She kept asking herself How could she go through with it? She knew she would simply die when she had to walk around in public with no clothes on.


They had been travelling for almost three hours when the car phone rang and Josh answered it ‘Sorry mate’ a crackly voice came through ‘the camp is off. Suzie’s got the flu and can’t lift her head off the pillow.’

‘Well that’s great’ Josh replied crossly. ‘Here I am in a car with a beautiful woman and no clothes except what we’re wearing and you calmly say the holiday’s off! What are we supposed to do now?’

‘Sorry mate. But I’ve got to look after Suzie. I can’t help you. Maybe you should go and buy some clothes. You can’t go to the colony without us. You need a sponsor to get in.’

“Okay’ Josh replied ‘we’ll think of something. Give my love to Suzie.’

‘Who’s your partner?’ Peter was curious.

‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’ was the only answer Josh thought fit to give him.

After ringing off Josh turned to Sarah and asked ‘Well what do you want to do?’

‘See what a mess you’ve got us into’ she sulked. ‘I should never have come and I should never ever have been talked into leaving my clothes behind. I can’t afford new ones.’

‘In that case I’ll take you to my father’s mountain retreat’ he replied ‘we can just wear what we’ve got on and there are some old jumpers that are kept there for emergency use if it gets cold at night. But it means another two hours driving.’


They stopped at a supermarket and stocked up on steaks, salads, TV dinners, cheese, crackers, nuts and fruits and when Sarah suggested stopping at a Bottle Shop for some wine he had laughed. ‘No’ he said ‘dad keeps a heap of wine in a cellar. It is a standing joke that he doesn’t know how he goes through so much wine and I always deny helping myself to it.’


Three hours after Peter’s phone call they were pulling up in the drive of a rather palatial looking holiday house nestled in the bush at the end of a private road. It was certainly isolated and very beautiful. Just the sort of place Sarah would have chosen as a hide-away from inquisitive friends and family during this difficult time. That evening neither of them felt like cooking their steaks and they warmed up a roast lamb dinner each and then Josh said one wasn’t enough for him and he warmed up a second dinner before declaring himself satisfied. They drank a bottle of champagne toasting themselves and their new liberated selves and then polished off two bottles of Shiraz that they found in his father’s wine cellar.

When Sarah finally declared she would go to bed Josh said ‘I did mention that I’m good in bed didn’t I?’

‘Yes Josh you did. But I’ll still take the guestroom’ Sarah replied as she walked into a room with a single bed.

‘That’s not the guestroom. It’s actually mine.’ He grumbled.’ But who am I to dictate. I’ll take Dad’s and Mum’s room. They won’t be needing it.’









Chapter Five


A rather pale looking Sarah walked into the kitchen the next morning to find Josh cheerfully preparing breakfast for them both. Bacon and eggs were frying and coffee was perking.

‘I hope that’s not for me’ she said. ‘I couldn’t eat it. I don’t feel so good.’

Josh grinned at her ‘A greasy breakfast is the very best thing when you feel a bit off the next morning. We probably should have stopped after the second bottle last night.’


After Josh had eaten both their breakfasts and Sarah had drunk some coffee they had gone out to the pool. There Sarah had swam several laps wearing only her bra and panties. She then stretched out on a sun lounge that Josh had thoughtfully provided for her and picked up a book that he had also found for her amongst his mother’s library. Josh stretched out beside her and they both applied sunscreen. How would they ever manage to fill in their time? They had a whole week ahead of them and so far they had only filled in a couple of hours. Sarah had no idea how they would manage.


Josh was reading a magazine and the effect of what he was reading was plainly on display to the woman beside him.

‘Josh’ she said ‘what the hell are you reading?’

‘I can’t believe my mother reads this stuff’ he replied.

‘What is it?’

‘It’s a story about four women who confess their sexual fantasies to each other and then go out and try to make them happen.’

‘It’s probably your father’s magazine’ she scornfully replied, ‘it’s usually men who read that trash.’

‘No it’s definitely a woman’s magazine and it’s not trash; it’s fantastic. You can see what it’s doing to me. Want me to read some to you?’

‘Okay’ she agreed and lying back she closed her eyes and listened to the sexual fantasy true-confession of Melissa.


Melissa had once dreamed that she went to her hairdresser and there she found three gorgeous male hairdressers waiting for her. They led her into a private room and placed her on a couch like a dentist’s chair. She was completely naked while they were totally covered in tight white tee shirts and black pants. One washed her hair while another started shaving her pussy and the third was sitting at her feet manicuring her toenails and painting them bright red. As Sarah listened to Melissa’s fantasy of being administered to in such a personal way and as she listened to Josh reading Melissa’s description of the razor scraping across her skin and then being soothed and covered with hot face towels she found she was growing quite hot. Josh went on to read about the second woman’s fantasy. Jocelyn was with a man but she didn’t know who he was because she was blindfolded. He led her to a bed and tied her arms to the four poster so she was splayed on the bed as his play thing. And he played with her until she was screaming out to him to get on with it and release her.

‘And so he should’ said Sarah. ‘It would be horrible to be tied up and in someone else’s power.

‘Oh Sarah’ Josh laughed. ‘I think she wanted to be sexually released not physically.’

‘No way. She wanted to be untied. Anyone would.’


Josh put down the magazine. ‘Maybe you’re just too innocent for this level of eroticism’ he suggested. ‘I think we should skip the fantasies of Catriona and Lucinda. Don’t you?’

‘No I don’t. I want to hear what they are hankering after. I’m quite intrigued.’

‘Well if you let me tie you up and read it to you while you are stretched out on the bed as my plaything I’ll read the rest to you.’ He challenged.

Sarah looked at him. He was a lovely person through and through. She was already planning to have a whole week in his company and she knew that in her vulnerable state they would finish up in bed together. Why not act out Jocelyn’s fantasy. She had never done anything so uninhibited in her life and it was about time she let go and experimented.


Then completely taking Josh’s breath away with her total capitulation she looked at him and said ‘Okay. I’ll do it.’


Josh might have been stunned at her about face but he wasn’t one to by pass such a golden opportunity and he instantly led her into the room he had slept in the night before. He pulled off the blankets he had so carefully re-positioned that morning and invited her to remove her underwear and get on the bed. Then finding a couple of tea towels he tied her wrists to the bedposts. God he thought she’s beautiful. Her slender arms were above her head and her full breasts were pooling into flat bumps that wobbled when she moved. Not hard mountains that stood to attention as silicon breasts did. No they were the totally natural kind. She had large pink nipples that were crying out for attention and he had every intention of suckling long and often on them before he untied her.

‘You’re sure this is okay?’ He looked for reassurance. ‘I don’t want a rape charge brought against me tomorrow. I wouldn’t have much defence if it became known that you were tied up.’

‘You will stop if I really want you to?’ she asked.

‘Yep. Just say this is as far as it goes and I’ll stop’ he reassured her. ‘In the meantime we’ll pretend I’m a pirate and I’ve got you captive in my cabin.’ Josh leered at her as he left the room.


Josh was soon back carrying all sorts of things.

‘What have you got there?’ she squeaked.

‘I thought I’d get two fantasies over in one. You my dear are having your pussy shaved.’

Josh had a warm bowl of water, shaving cream and a couple of razors and he gently massaged the shaving cream into her pubic hair. He started by simply taking the sides off and bringing a mirror for her to see her new hairline. He said he liked to see nice square lines on women’s private parts, but completely shaved was even better. A guy didn’t often get that in his life.


Sarah couldn’t believe that she was actually letting him do this to her. But half her hair was already gone. She had to let him finish the job. The hot water was soothing her as he gently placed the hot face flannel on the shaved parts and proceeded with an air of concentration. It was done. He held up a mirror to show her the now nude pale mound. And then he got some baby oil and gently cupped the mound with his hand and soothed the skin that had never before felt the edge of a razor. It was the most totally erotic experience she had ever had. Then he went into the bathroom and rummaged around until he found scissors and red nail polish. Sitting at the end of the bed he started working on her toes.


As he worked he was constantly feasting his eyes on the oily love mound which was glistening in a shaft of sunlight that was streaming through the window. When he finally finished painting her toenails he got out a hair dryer dialled a cool setting and blew it on her toes to dry them. Occasionally he allowed the dryer to blow up her thighs and into the denuded love nest. If someone had told Sarah she would be tied up on a bed and shaved by a man instead of going on her honeymoon she would not have believed it. But here she was and to tell the truth she wasn’t sorry. She had never experienced anything like this in her life before not even with the man she had planned to marry.


Now she was ready. Her pussy was shaved and smelt like baby oil and her toes were painted a wicked shade of red. But Josh wasn’t finished. He shaved under her arms and kissed the bare flesh. She badly wanted him to kiss the other part he had shaved but so far he had only got close and smelt the oil. ‘Mmmm’ he had said ‘ that reminds me of earlier days at the beach. I had a girlfriend once who always smothered herself in baby oil and then lay in the sun and burnt like a crisp. She said it helped her get a quick sun tan.’

‘Didn’t she know about skin cancer?’

‘I must say she wasn’t too bright’ replied Josh. ‘Maybe she didn’t.’

Josh painted her fingernails but declined to wash her hair. He said it was too hard. Sarah agreed with him. They didn’t have the right equipment.

‘You’d better get on with the next fantasy or we’ll never get through the story’ she suggested.


Josh picked up the magazine and started reading Catriona’s fantasy. She wanted a man to be totally in her power. She would like to take him away to a lonely hideaway and post his clothes to him at the hideaway. Then he would be unable to leave until the post arrived with his clothes. She would keep him naked for the whole time he was her captive. And she would indulge him with as much sex as he could manage

‘That’s really stupid’ said Sarah impatiently. ‘That’s a pretty tame fantasy. No one would have such an ordinary fantasy.’

‘I don’t know’ he replied. ‘I was hell bent on taking you to a nudist colony so that I could feast my eyes on you for a whole week. And I was right I would never get tired of looking at you. I’d love to watch you playing volleyball and tennis in the nude.’

‘Well you can forget about a nudist colony until my hair grows back’ she replied. ‘And I still think it’s a pretty tame fantasy.’


Josh left the room and was gone for a long time. She had plenty of time to reflect on what she was doing. Why did she trust him enough to lie completely helpless on a bed and where the hell had he gone anyway? She didn’t really worry as it was all a game and she could loosen the bonds quickly enough if she really wanted to. She just wasn’t ready yet to give up the fantasy they were playing. Lying on the bed she tried to imagine how she would feel if she was really a captive of a pirate captain. He would rape her and she would most likely get a disease. No she was quite glad that this was all pretend and she knew and trusted Josh.


Josh came back carrying a cup of coffee and biscuits for her. He untied her so that she could manage her snack and then he invited her to be tied up again before they finished their story. Once more she surprised Josh by agreeing to go on with the game. He re-tied her bonds and then told her that she could decide for herself whether Catriona’s fantasy was silly or not because he had found a postal bag in his father’s desk and had been out and posted all their clothes and underwear back to them. He grinned as he suggested that the postal authorities might wonder why someone would post a parcel with a delivery address identical to the sender’s address.


‘How did you do that if you had no clothes?’ she asked in disbelief.

‘I drove the car and stopped next to the post box. I waited until there was nothing in sight on the road and I rushed out, put the parcel into the box and jumped back in the car. I just made it too. Two old biddies were driving along the highway at about 50 kilometres an hour. If they had been going any faster there would have been a report put in to the police about a streaker running loose in the bush.’

‘But Josh how could you do that? We might get cold’ she was worried that maybe this game was going too far.

‘We won’t get cold. It’s the middle of summer we are in more danger of getting sun burnt. Notice I didn’t post us the sunscreen. We’ll be all right.’


Josh was really enjoying himself. Before he continued with the reading he got the baby oil and rubbed it all over her front. He oiled her breasts and lingered lovingly over them. He tweaked her nipples and rubbed oil into her arm pits and then once again he anointed her pussy. ‘You know I once read a book of my mothers when I had nothing better to do’ he said. ‘A beautiful Scandinavian woman was captured and given as a gift to a rich and powerful Sultan. She was put in the harem and of course she soon caught the eye of the Sultan because her blond hair stood out amongst all the dark haired and dark skinned Arabs. Before she could go to the Sultan’s bed she had to have every hair plucked out. She was allowed no hair at all other than what was on her head. Lucky we only had to shave your hair away I couldn’t have plucked. I must say though that ever since I read that book I have wanted to make love to a blonde with a shaved pussy.

‘Do you think you can make do with a red head/ At least I am real and you don’t have to imagine you can just look’ Sarah was enjoying all the attention he was lavishing on her. She had never met a man who read women’s literature before.


‘There’s only Lucinda to go’ Josh said sadly. ‘I wish there was a Clarice, an Annabelle, a Catherine and a dozen more besides. I’ll be disappointed when this is all over.’ Josh picked up the magazine and continued reading in a husky voice pretending to be Lucinda.

‘He would strew the floor with a carpet of flowers and rose petals for me to lie upon and then pour pink champagne all over me and lick up every drop.’

‘Oh my! Are there any roses in the garden?’ Questioned Sarah.

‘Don’t worry about the roses’ Josh replied. ‘There won’t be any pink champagne in the cellar of that I am sure. I hate pink champagne and so does Dad.’

Josh left her then and went into the garden to look for roses. He returned with a big bunch of pink and red ones and on the way back in he had picked up a bottle of Bollinger from the fridge. ‘I don’t think dad would approve of me using Bollinger in such a wasteful way’ he laughed. ‘Perhaps I could just pour some of it and save the rest for us to drink later?’

Sarah agreed with him. She said she would like some Bollinger too.

‘Well as there are no champagne flutes available in this fantasy you’ll have to lick it off me. We can take it in turns’ he said as he quickly released her wrists.


Together they went into the lounge room plucked the rose petals from the flowers and threw them on the tiled floor. Josh led her into the shower and soaped away all the baby oil and then gently dried her down and hand in hand they moved back to their waiting rose petals. Lying side by side with the smell of crushed rose petals all around them they took turns to pour small amounts of champagne on each other and then lick off every drop. Firstly Josh asked her to sit up and hold her breasts together and in the cleavage he poured Bollinger and greedily slurped it up. He licked every inch of each breast and suckled for some time on the generously engorged tips.

‘That’s not fair’ Sarah said ‘how will I get the champagne to stay on your flat chest?’

She got him to lie back as she poured the champagne licking it up as quickly as she could. Then she repeated what he had done to her and was wonderfully pleased when his nipples responded to her touch and grew swollen and erect.


This went on for some time. He was daring her to follow his lead and every time a new part of her anatomy was chosen to be the recipient of the champagne and consequently his tongue she rose to the occasion. He even poured some in her mouth and then kissed her quickly sharing the taste with her. She did likewise. However when he poured champagne on her newly shaved arm pits she declined to follow suit and lick out his hairy ones. As he wouldn’t agree to shaving them they laughingly decided that he had won the game. However, he wasn’t finished. He poured Bollinger all over her love mound and began licking it clean. She could hardly contain herself. He hadn’t lied when he said he was good in bed. At least she supposed he must be good in bed because he was wonderful on a rose petal bower on the lounge room floor. He brought new sensations to her body. She tingled all over and little prickles of heat exploded all over her body even behind her eyes. She was on fire.


She could truthfully say she had never had an orgasm like it. When she felt like she was exploding he finally put on a condom and entered her and together they had scaled the mountains, reached heaven and spun through the air on a fragrant floral carpet. Nothing had prepared her for how she felt now. She stretched contentedly, wriggled around amongst the petals and savoured the perfume of roses, Bollinger and sex. Wantonly she stayed right there and dozed off for some time. When she awoke Josh was asleep beside her and she was feeling decidedly sticky. Standing up she went out the back door and dived into the pool.






Chapter Six


Josh, peacefully asleep amongst the rose petals with an empty bottle of Bollinger beside him, was completely unaware that a third person had intruded on their playground. His father had entered the room. Joshua Chrichton-Smith the first looked down upon his namesake and smiled. He knew what had happened. If the rose petals and champagne hadn’t given him away the open magazine lying where he had carelessly tossed it during their sex-play certainly had. His father looked out the window and saw a beautiful woman emerge from the pool. He looked at the vee between her legs and was amused but not surprised to see bare skin. He was less amused when he realised it was his newest restaurant manager who was playing sexual games with his son.


‘Uh hum’ he coughed.

His son sat up. ‘Dad what are you doing here?’

‘Well I would have thought that was my question son.’

‘Uh! I’m entertaining a friend’ he tentatively suggested.

‘I sincerely hope that bottle of Bollinger isn’t from my wine store. And I also expect you can explain the mess’

‘You should blame mum. Dad did you know she reads erotic literature?’ Josh countered stalling for time.

‘Come now you should watch what you accuse people of’ his father said sternly. ‘Your mother would never read trash.’

“Oh it’s not trash’ he corrected. ‘There’s this article about four women confessing their innermost fantasies to each other and then they go out and try to make them come true. It got me a bit horny reading about it and that got me thinking that…’

‘That you and your friend could live out their erotic fantasies?’

‘Yeah that’s about it.’ Josh was relieved at the ready understanding and quit wit of his father.

‘Then maybe you’d like to explain why your friend happens to be an employee of mine?’ He asked sternly.

‘Well she was miserable. This week was supposed to be her honeymoon and we decided to console each other. I promised her that no one would ever know. You’ve got to leave. She mustn’t know that you’ve seen her.’

‘No son you’ve got to leave.’ His father corrected him. ‘I’m expecting your mother within an hour. I can only allow you half that time to clear out. You must go now and all evidence of what has happened must disappear with you. You will need to hurry.’


Josh was dismayed. How could they clean up everything and then even if they did there was still the problem of the clothes that were now in the post.

‘Dad’ he confessed. ‘We haven’t got any clothes. How can we leave?’

‘That my son is your problem’ his father replied ‘you got yourself into this mess now you had better get yourself out of it. And later when you have more time we will talk about your intentions towards Sarah. You know it is quite against company policy for the owners to sleep around with the staff.’

On that note Joshua Chrichton the first reached down and picked up the magazine lying amongst the rose petals. As he walked out the door he said ‘we will continue this conversation when you are more suitably dressed. In the meantime I think I will just drive down the road and read this erotic article. After all if you are accusing your mother of reading it then perhaps I should read it too.’ He smiled to himself because he didn’t need to read it he knew the article very well. He knew every fantasy in it and even a few that hadn’t made it into the article but he wasn’t going to admit that to his son.






Chapter Seven


Sarah and Josh were soon rushing out of a newly tidied house. It was a shame that only the birds witnessed the funny sight they made when, with body parts wobbling up and down, they ran across the lawn and into Josh’s car. Sarah insisted that he put the roof up. It might be all right for him to sit in the nude and drive but her private parts were a little higher on her anatomy. They drove out the gate and headed down the deserted country back road with only minutes to spare.


‘What are we going to do?’ Josh asked his very distraught companion. ‘We can’t continue on to the city completely naked. We will need to buy petrol.’

‘It’s all your fault.’ She stated categorically ‘You do have some stupid ideas.’

‘Well you said it was a boring fantasy’ he glared at her ‘you must admit that it is anything but boring. And anyway you weren’t saying my ideas were stupid when you were cavorting about pretending to be a pirate’s mole and the Sultan’s newest hairless virgin.’


Josh suddenly stopped the car. ‘Well I wasn’t the only one getting excited at all the play-acting. You were doing a fair bit of the acting, and panting yourself you know.’

‘Shhh’ he whispered ‘do you see what is in that back yard,’

‘Just like a man’ she spat at him ‘you throw out all sorts of insinuations and then with a little shhh you change the subject.’

‘Sarah please be quiet. Can’t you see there is a whole clothesline full of clean clothes just waiting for an enterprising person to help himself.’

With that he looked up and down the road and sauntered behind a bush and quickly walked into the yard and grabbed a pair of pants and a check shirt for himself and a frock for Sarah. Then looking up he saw two very angry dogs. They had spotted him and were hell bent on defending their owner’s property. Running as fast as he could back the way he had come he threw the clothes on the back seat of the car, gunned the engine, spun out onto the road and drove away.


Laughing in relief that they had got away with it they put on the stolen clothes. Josh looked like a farmer, or at least he would have if the legs were six inches longer. As it was the man who used to own the clothes was obviously smaller and shorter than Josh. But Sarah’s dress was a disaster. It was yards and yards of fabric and it fell on her like a tent. ‘I think the midget’s missus must be pregnant with triplets’ observed Josh as he looked at Sarah who was glumly sitting in the front seat of his car. ‘It might be better if you stay in the car until I get you home and then we can sneak in when no one’s looking. I’m getting good at sneaking now that I’m a criminal’ he dryly observed.


As they sedately drove along the highway Josh said ‘You know I never thought I would stoop to crime. I wonder if we could send the clothes back. The pregnant woman might need that frock.’

‘Why don’t you just post it to them?’ Was her sarcastic reply. ‘You’re good at that.’

‘Look Sarah, you’ve got to stop blaming me for everything I might be the biggest fool in the world but you were right there helping me every step of the way.’

‘You’re right Josh. We were both pretty stupid.’

‘No. How can you say that? Was what we enjoyed together stupid. Even in that ugly tent you are wearing you look sexy to me. I am thinking about how it would be if I traced my hand along your thigh and found that bare little love mound in my hand. Every time I look at you I will know what is under, or maybe I should say not under your clothes? It’s the biggest turn on I’ve ever experienced.’ He said as his hand slid along the path he had so graphically described to her.

‘Sarah you do the most amazing things to me. I feel like a medieval knight protecting my woman.’


Sarah was squirming in delight as his hand teasingly touched then retreated until finally he began tantalising her with bolder and bolder strokes. She just couldn’t believe how different it felt with Josh. ‘You’ll have to stop’ she breathlessly said.

Josh obligingly stopped the car.

‘No I meant stop stroking me like that while you’re driving.’ She couldn’t understand how Josh could have misinterpreted what she said.

‘Well I’m not driving now. And frankly, my dear, I cannot wait another two and a half hours before availing myself of my lady’s charms’ he replied in his best knightly voice.


‘Some time later they were again heading towards Josh’s townhouse when Sarah surprised him by saying ‘At least your father has no idea who your companion for the weekend was.’

Josh just looked at her.

‘He doesn’t know it was me does he?’ She asked in some panic.

‘Absolutely not’ he lied.

 I would give notice and never go back if I thought he knew what I had been doing.’

‘No he’s too stupid. He has no idea who you are or what we did’ Josh lied again.


Back at the house his father and mother were laughing at how Josh had been caught.

‘He’s going to be all right’ Joshua senior said to his wife. ‘He’s met his match. They’re going to be good together. That Sarah, she’s a feisty little thing, she even let him work through every one of those fantasies. In a few days we will undoubtedly receive a parcel of clothes in the mail. I don’t know how I kept a straight face when I assured him that you never read trash like that.

‘I’m glad you kept my secret’ she murmured ‘can you imagine his horror if you had said your mother doesn’t read that stuff she writes it.’

 Joshua senior smiled lovingly at his wife of 30 years He had never enjoyed himself more. ‘You’re quite right my dear. I wonder how these young things imagine we made them. Probably imagine that we only know the missionary position and wouldn’t know an orgasm if we fell over it in the street. But perhaps it’s time you wrote another story. We could try out some more fantasies and perhaps Catriona, Lucinda, Jocelyn and Melissa could have a reunion and work through their newest fantasies.


‘No I don’t think so. Nothing is more boring than going over old ground’ she replied. ‘Maybe I’ll send two of them off to Antarctica and they can expand their group by two more. The two in Antarctica can connect with them via the internet and two new comers will come in to the group. I might make it a group sex therapy session. Who knows.


‘I’m all for it if it means I have help you act out six fantasies instead of four. You know my dear don’t you think it is time we started? We’re not getting any younger you know and we don’t want to run out of time.’

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