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Some people just suck.

Submitted: July 12, 2010

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Submitted: July 12, 2010



Crazy to think that I am the freak.
That I'm on the inside being looked upon.
The crazy heart out of her chest woman...
An abomination, a sin filled maniac!
Crazy to thin I am the freak.

Insane to comprehend that I'm worthless.
That I am the dirt they travel upon.
The wicked woman full of lust-filled actions.
A sinner never to repent, never to be forgiven.
Insane to comprehend that I'm worthless.

Outrageous to realize that I'm so insignificant.
That I am so easily overlooked, here inside my box.
The tiny excuse of a human barely visible.
The disgrace of air, an atrocity of flesh and bone.
Outrageous to realize that I am so insignificant!

I can't understand how I got here.
How I have come to be this person that they see.
The person that just can't be me.
All of this awfulness and radical indifference.

Oh wait in this mirror I can't see me...
They see them...
They can't see me...

Janice Ann

Copyrighted By Janice Tkachuk

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