The Valiant's Castle

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This will be my first post here and I want to share a story of a place wherein I met persons that I will never forget ever. It is a place where we learned a lot. Hope you'll like it. :)

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013




The Valiant’s Castle

By: Janina


It’s my special day when we first met,

And I felt that it’s a gift and it’s really set,

I was so green, immature and young then,

I was amazed when I met many clever men.


I felt like I’m a warrior lives in a castle,

Rode not a horse but of a cattle,

It’s really hard for me to win a battle,

How can I make it if my chance is just a little?


Suddenly, I met other warriors in the field,

They searched nothing but of a shield,

We decided to hold on to our faith,

‘Cause it is our choice, whatever it takes.


Many enemies want us to lose the war,

Others got silly and went too far,

They want us to die and lose our breath,

They want to see us crawling even in death.


A tigress saw us in the midst of the forest,

She faced all the enemies, fought all her best,

She taught us to be brave and become competent,

And said, “You can do it dear, ‘cause I know you’re excellent!”


Brave warriors went back to their castle,

As the enemies were lost in their battle,

The warriors were happy and glad,

‘Cause they’re not the old warriors who always nod.


I never thought that this will last,

My fellow brave warriors flee so fast,

They found a kingdom of their own,

Kingdom which help them developed and grown.


Now I am alone in the castle of dreams,

Yet, I was filled with happiness and beams,

Learning and knowledge is in my hand,

This will help me face the battle on the other land.


I thank you for the experiences that we have,

I thank you for the persons we met and loved,

God never fails and He gave you to me as a gift,

I will never forget you ’though I’m drifting so deep.

© Copyright 2017 Janina. All rights reserved.