7pm Meeting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

a glimpse of passion is worth a lifetime of mundanity

My passion wasn’t found in dancing

Nor in writing, nor in painting either

My passion wasn’t found in travel

Nor, for long, in being a make-believer

My passion wasn’t in the arts or sport

Or food or wine or work or song

Though these things have tickled my soul

It’s never lasted long

My passion is you at 7 o clock on a Wednesday

For ever and a day …. for just one hour

To sit in your presence is passion enough

To keep me from the glower

And this small window it keeps me ticking on

A tiny chapter, a moment, a whisper of time

And all my cares are gone

And you live your life and you have your things

To busy you, fulfil you and keep you sound

While I while away time as I will in between

Awaiting that moment my feet don’t touch the ground

But I am in a world with you that keeps my heart beating

And strong

And if it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly or yearly

It’s enough that I may get along

For though it’s not romance or love of that kind

But something indescribable that keeps

You in my mind

And in my heart and in my soul

It’s a magical word

A word they’ve not invented yet

A feeling descended from somewhere up above

My passion isn’t reading or wising myself up

My passion’s not religion or in wild brief flings

My passion can’t be found in any of these things

My passion is you at 7 o clock on a Wednesday

For ever and a day …. For just one hour sometimes

When you leave your world behind and those in it

And share mine with me

To keep it from turning sour

And every day until I am old and grey

I will find some things to do

I will go from day to day

But my passion is you

Just to sit in your presence

And to pretend you are a constant

That will never go away

That will stay with me for ever

Even if it’s once a year, on just one day

For just an hour

The angels they will ask what kept you burning bright

Your dancing heart, the stars at night, what kept your soul alight?

No, 7 o clock on Wednesday just to sit with you

I can’t describe exactly why, it’s when I felt most true

When you are fat and old and me also that

Youth remains only in the eyes and therein lie the stories

Of our time

Whoever, whatever is yours in life

A bit of you is mine

My passion isn’t shopping or cars or pursuits of all things grand

My passion is you

To sit in your presence for just one hour from time to time

And for your hand to hold my hand

If not physically then in spirit maybe

So that at the end of it all one thing will have stayed by my side

7 o clock on Wednesdays sometimes, that’s where my heart resides


Submitted: December 09, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Janine Claire. All rights reserved.

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