My Dead Husband

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Leave the dead alone, allow theme to rest in peace.

My Dead Husband

She wanted to reach out to Edward. She could not bear life without him. The loneliness ate away at her like cancer. Waking up in the morning to face another day was what she dreaded the most. The daylight brought the reality that he was gone and she was alone. She wanted to end her life and go be with him. She welcomed the nights; after finishing off a bottle of wine, she would take two sleeping tablets and escape the heartache and sadness.

Marion’s grandchildren were coming to visit her for the weekend and she had to make every effort to clean her apartment and go to the store to buy groceries. When Rose dropped the children off she told Marion about the fun-fair that was in town and how the children would love to go. Marion thought she barely had enough energy for the children’s visit let alone take them to the fun-fair. But the kids had way too much energy to be cooped up in her apartment so she decided to take them to the fair. Marion bought tickets for the rides which would keep them busy for at least an hour. She showed them the bench where she would be while they enjoyed themselves. Marion watched couples and families smiling and laughing causing the loneliness to press down on her heart. Her gaze wondered over the crowd; she saw a woman sitting at the entrance to a tent. The woman was dressed in a gypsy outfit which looked very dramatic. They made eye contact and the gypsy stared at her for quite some time, she then disappeared into her tent. Marion felt a shiver run down her spine. She heard the children shouting and waving from the Big-Wheel; she smiled and waved back. The gypsy approached Marion; handed her a card and said; ‘meet with her, she is able to contact the dead’. She then turned and walked away.

After Rose left with the children, Marion sat alone in her apartment, she held the card the gypsy had given her and dialled the number. Sabrina agreed to come to her apartment the following evening. After she put the phone down the realisation of what she had done came crashing down on her. She invited a stranger into her home to contact her dead husband! If Pastor Thomas heard of this he would arrange for an immediate exorcism.

When Sabrina arrived, she asked Marion for an item belonging to her late husband. She warned Marion; once contact was made with Edward, a door would open that could never be shut. They sat at the dining table; Sabrina held the item belonging Edward and called out to him. When she connected with him, she spoke of events and secrets that only Marion and Edward had shared. She told Marion that after a couple of sessions, the link would be strong enough for Marion to communicate with Edward on her own. Her fee was exorbitant but Edward had left a healthy Will for Marion. For the first time since his passing; she felt an emotion she had not experienced in over a year- joy! During their fourth meeting Marion made the connection with Edward on her own. She told him how much she had missed him and life without him was unbearable. He assured her that she would never be alone again; he would always be with her.

When Rose dropped by during the week; she could not believe the change in her mother. Marion wore a lovely floral summer dress; her hair was swept into a pretty clasp. Her make-up was neatly applied and she wore perfume. Rose was so happy to see this transformation. Marion loved spending time with Edward, she wanted to spend every waking moment with him but Rose and the kids were forever popping in to see how she was doing. When Marion heard they were going on holiday, she encouraged them to go and told Rose to stop worry about her, she would be fine.

She loved having Edward back, it took away the loneliness but the more time she spent with him; she began to feel that something was not quite right. She knew it had to be Edward’s spirit because he knew every detail concerning their lives together; yet there was something strange, cold and almost dark about him. Marion also found that she could not account for certain times of the day; at first it was just moments but these moments turned into hours. A week later she lost track of the whole afternoon; when she awoke it has six o’clock in the evening; she was lying on the bathroom floor, her dress covered in blood; the blood was not hers. The blackouts become more frequent and she no longer had to summon Edward, he would just appear. Late one evening she awoke to find him standing by the window watching her. As the days went by she could not recall one day from the next. It seemed like he had taken over her thoughts and actions. She was no longer in control and felt like she was in a trance.

After their three week holiday, Rose and the children arrived at Marion’s apartment. What Rose saw would haunt her for the rest of her living days. The apartment looked like it hand been vandalised, the stench was revolting, flies were all over the place and what looked to be raw meat was scattered all over the floors. Rose told Sharon to take Chase to the car; while she ventured further into the apartment. She found Marion sitting on the kitchen floor covered in blood. In her blood soaked hands she held a heart; she tore at it voraciously her with teeth, blood dripping from her chin onto the floor. The look in her mother’s eyes was that of a crazed savage. Rose screamed and ran as her mother came after her.

Rose and Pastor Thomas watched the screen; Marion had been placed in a padded cell. She paced up and down, chanting and laughing wickedly. Her hair was unkept and wiry, the dark circles under her eyes emphasised her ghostly pale completion. To prevent Marion from biting herself; Dr Gordon, the psychiatrist at the Asylum had arranged for her to wear a straight-jacket. Rose and Pastor Thomas were then escorted to the doctor’s room; where he reported that Marion had suffered a complete mental breakdown due to the death of her husband. She could not deal with the loss, so in her mind she fabricated the idea that Edward had come back from the dead and the only way that he could stay with her; was if she ate the heart's of humans.

Pastor Thomas on the other hand saw the spiritual aspect of the situation. Marion had played with the dark side; she had got involved with gypsies and séances. She thought she made a connection with her late husband, when in fact she had connected with something very evil. 1 Samuel 28 came to his mind…… King Saul went to a witch of Endor to perform a séance to call up a dead man’s spirit. But instead of the witch calling up the dead man’s spirit she called up a demonic spirit; which eventually lead to King Saul’s demise.

Submitted: October 21, 2015

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unmasked delusions

ha. I'm the friend Bob was talking about; he suggested I take a look at your writing. I'm glad I did. I really love this- especially how you show the truth of it- how mediums and those guys are bad news. Plus the scripture you mentioned....very cool. I think it's rare to find a horror writer who does this, it's very unique. Great job.

Fri, October 23rd, 2015 3:31am


Hi Bob. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my story. Writing takes us to wherever I imagination allows us to go.

Tue, October 27th, 2015 11:44am

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