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Why are girls attracted to bad boys

THE BAD BOYFRIEND She could not believe she was in rehab again. This was her third rehab and she was only 24 years old. The next year loomed ahead of her as she looked out the window at the dry and barren land which resembled her soul. Kate had really messed up this time!!! Chris was as toxic for her as the heroin she shot up her veins. She had met Chris seven years ago and was crazy about him because he was all bad. He taught her how to shoot up heroin, turned her into a notorious thief; shop lifting, hot wiring cars, armed robbery and larceny. They did most of their swoops at night and spent their days riding the waves and getting high. A month ago Chris told Kate he had a big heist but she had to do it alone. She was Chris’ girl and she would do anything for him. But her luck ran out, things went south and she got caught. She was going to spend the next three years in jail. Fortunately, Kate’s father knew the Judge who pulled some strings and got her sectioned to a rehabilitation centre for one year, on the grounds of her crime been drug induced. Her mother had said that the two previous rehabs had been short term and what Kate needed now was a long term rehab far from home and bad influences. So here she was stuck in No-man’s Land with a Housemother from hell who was a Bipolar mental case and believed ‘Jesus had saved her from the life of addiction!!’ The other eight girls on the program where such pathetic losers…. could her life get any worse?

It seemed like an eternity but eventually her year came to an end and it was time to put this dump behind her. She was heading home to Chris and the waves. Her parents hoped that this time she would stay clean. Kate heard that Chris had moved on, she was cool with the whole idea because that’s how they rolled. But know she was back and would be his number one girl again. Before long she was doing the same old same old. Stealing, riding the waves and getting high. But there was something very different about Chris; there was a darkness about him. It seemed as if his soul had crossed over. Like his mind was lost in a labyrinth. That Jesus Freak Housemother had once quoted a scripture to her, something about….. ‘God gave them over to an evil mind, to do things which were vile and repulsive.’

One night she awoke to the sound of voices, they were living in an abandoned warehouse at the time. She found Chris sitting alone in the centre of a room rocking back and forward, chanting, saliva running down his chin and only the white of his eyes showing. Kate walked towards him slowly and touched his shoulder. Chris spun around, flung himself at her, knocking her to the ground. He began punching her as if he was consumed by an uncontrollable rage. The look in his eyes was that of pure hatred. He continued to beat her like a possessed madman until she lay motionless on the cold concrete floor.

When she awoke her nose was bleeding profusely, this was not the first time her nose had been broken. Her bottom lip was split open, and she saw two of her teeth lying in a pile of blood. She tried to move but an agonising pain shot through both ankles. Chris sat in the corner of the room staring at her with a cold dead gaze. She began to cry; he stood up, walked towards her and kicked her in the ribs a couple of times. Before she lost consciousness she felt the front of his boot connect with her head.

Kate awoke to the nightmare that every addict dreads; withdrawals. It felt like every cell in her body was screaming for a fix. She raised her head to the side and puked; the familiar green bile confirmed she was withdrawing. Due to the server beatings she had received from Chris, she was unable to move and had no other option but to soil her pants. The blows to her ribcage made it almost impossible to breath, her left eye was swollen shut and she could barely see out the right eye. The combination of the beatings and the withdrawals made her want to die, at least then she could escape the torture her body was going through.

She lay there for what seemed like hours when she eventually heard the familiar sounds of Chris' footsteps. He walked towards her, he did not seem to notice the terrible stench produced by her urine, faeces and vomit. As she lay with her back facing him she heard Chris opening a packet, she hoped that he had come to his senses and would address her wounds. But her hopes were soon dashed when she felt a charge of electrical current hit her back. What was he doing to her!!! Before she had time to gather her thoughts another burst of electricity surged through her body causing her muscles to contract as she began to convulse. Chris walked around to face her. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she saw him through the slit of her right eye. She gasped in horror when she realised he was holding a Taser. Chris held the electronic devise in his hand aiming it at her chest; Kate withered and screamed as the volts rushed through her body. He repeated this action four times, eventually Kate stop moving, she died of heart failure.

Chris’ mind was lost forever but his soul belonged to his New Master. As he opened up his heart to the evil forces, the moral decay eroded his mind. Chris knew that his Master was pleased with him. He had done well with Kate. The darkness was no longer surrounding him but within him. Chris knew what his Master wanted and would serve him faithfully.

It is estimated that thousands of drug addicts go missing every year. Kate was one of them.

Submitted: December 05, 2015

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