The Passengers

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Canibalism can be so tasty

Submitted: December 20, 2015

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Submitted: December 20, 2015



The Passengers The bus coach pulled out of Noupoort, relief and excitement flooded Cheryl’s emotions. She was heading home. She had not seen her family in six years and they had parted on bad terms. It was 2am in the morning, the road ahead was long and all the seats occupied. Most of the passengers were sleeping but Cheryl was too excited to sleep so she joined the few that were taping away on their cell phones.

An hour later the driver pulled into the Ultra City Garage. The passengers were grateful for the stop as it gave them time to stretch their legs and visit the rest room. Cheryl joined the smokers who had gathered outside. When it was time to board the bus, a pretty hostess handed out complementary coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The passengers welcomed the hot beverages as it was a chilly winter’s night. Cheryl opted for the hot chocolate.

Once they were all seated and accounted for, the bus pulled out of the Ultra City Garage and headed towards their destination. Cheryl sipped her beverage and thought about her future. She had paid her debt to society. She had done the crime and served the time. A job and a place to stay awaited her. Life looked good. Her eyelids became heavy so she finished her hot chocolate and reclined her seat, grateful for the blanket and pillow supplied.

After 20 minutes on the road the bus driver looked in his review mirror and smiled. The generous dosage of Rohypnol (better know as Roofies) in the beverages had caused the passengers to pass out. Five miles to go and he would take the old dirt road which lead to Mr Clark’s secluded mansion deep in the woods.

When Cheryl awoke her head felt thick and her mouth was dry. She lay on a bed in the corner of a small room. Next to the bed was a table and chair. In the far corner of the room was a wash basin and toilet. The room was similar to that of a hospital room except it had no windows. She tried to open the steel door but it was locked. Cheryl shouted and banged on the door but no one came. She sat on the bed trying to make sense of it all. Where was she and what was going on?

An hour later she heard the door unlock and in walked a nurse wheeling a food trolley. Cheryl noticed a security guard standing outside the door. She asked the nurse what was happening but only received a polite smile in return. Once the nurse had placed the food on the table she walked out the room locking the door behind her.

Unfortunately Cheryl was an emotional eater and now was the perfect time to replace her feelings of anger, frustration and fear with food. Layed out on the table was a three course meal. To accompany the meal was a glass of red wine. Once Cheryl had finished the delicious spread she began to feel drowsy and lay on the bed.

The security guard sat at his desk watching all fifteen monitors. As soon as the passengers finished their meals he released the sleeping gas into their rooms through the air vents. Within half an hour they were sound asleep. It was very important that they were well fed and rested for tomorrow night’s event.

Mr Clark had chosen fifteen passengers who would be just right for his honoured guests. The rest would be taken care of and their bodies buried in the woods. Tomorrow night was a very important night for him. He wanted everything to run smoothly as his dinner guests where going to invest a lot of money into his new project. Therefore perfection was essential.

Three hours later the nurse woke Cheryl as it was time for her to shower. This time the security guard entered the room. He roughly restrained her hands and feet with chains and led her out the room. When they entered a large ablution block the site before Chery caused her to stop dead in her tracks. Some of the female passengers were standing in chains washing themselves as security guards stood watching. After crudely having her hospital gown removed Cheryl was forced to join the rest of the woman under the showers. When she tried to speak to one of the passengers she felt a burst of electricity surge through her body causing her muscles to contract. As she laid on the floor the guard holding the taser warned the other woman that if they tried speaking to each other this would be the result.

When Cheryl returned to her room another trolley of food awaited her. The same procedure followed the next day. But after her evening meal no sleeping gas was released through the air vents as it was time for the banquet to begin. Two security guards entered her room. When one of the guards tried to remove her gown she screamed and clawed violently at his hands. He slapped her across the face; silencing her into submission. The chains where put in place and she was lead down a long corridor towards an elevator. Once inside the elevator the guard pushed the basement button. When the doors opened they walked down a poorly lit passage towards two large wooden doors.

When the guard opened the wooden doors, Cheryl was bewildered at the site before her. Six large chandeliers hung from a high ceiling. The entire floor of the massive dinning hall was made of marble. Expensive art work hung on the walls. Tables were arranged in the shape of a large horse shoe. Each table was set with crystal champagne classes, sterling silver cutlery and bone china crockery. Woman in elegant evening gowns, wearing sparkling jewellery where sitting alongside their male partners who wore well fitted tailor made tuxedos. The forty seated guests fell silent when they saw Cheryl.

In the centre of the large dinning hall was a room made of glass. The room resembled that of an operating thearte. It contained a surgical table and on a steal tray instruments such as scalpels, clumps, forceps, bone saw were neatly laid out. A doctor wearing a blue surgical gown and gloves beckoned for the guards to bring Cheryl into the glass room. They forcefully lay her on the operating table and removed the chains. The doctor used the leather straps attached to the table to restrain her hands and feet.

Cheryl was paralysed by fear and kept begging them to let her go. She became hysterical and began to scream. One of the guards held her head in a vice grip and forced her mouth open. The doctor pulled out her tongue with forceps and in one swift movement he sliced it off with a scalpel. This would keep her quiet while he worked on the rest of her body. The doctor began cutting away at her flesh. He threw her body parts into large silver bowls. When he was finished; Cheryl’s remains that could not be eaten were placed in a black bin. Butlers were ushered in to collect the silver bowls; Cheryl was to be the appetiser for the evening meal.

When the guests were served; they voraciously attacked the human flesh. They did not bother with the cutlery but barbarically used their hands. One of the woman squealed with delight as she was served Cheryl's heart. Blood splatted all over her face and evening gown as she greedly sank her teeth into it. Cleaners were brought in to prepare the glass room for the main meal.

Mr Clark sat in the camera room. The cameras in Dining Hall 1 and 2 showed that his guests were not only delighted with the entertainment provided in the glass rooms but were ravenously enjoying their meals. Before he went down to join his guests he thought…Who knew that cannibalism could be so tasty. And savages ate human flesh on bone china crockery while drinking their blood from crystal glasses.

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