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Happy endings rarely exist, patience is tested, though only to get lost in the end.

Submitted: May 10, 2015

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Submitted: May 10, 2015



Two buckets, two hearts, two hammers, two parts. Two hearts that keep on breaking, two buckets that keep on shaking. Two hammers to shatter the pieces, two parts of a heart that won't ever be completed. Two times broken, two things lost, two hearts spoken, two rings gone. Two men tortured, both lose hope, Two hearts spoken, both don't joke. Two beats at once, two start to run; two guys are done, two lose patience.
Things that were there, love, patience, fear, turn back to the past, to where things once were clear. Two men who believe in happiness, go towards a young woman who is surrounded by darkness. One voice, one shot, both men, why not?
To express the dark reality, of being pushed off the edge by another's insanity, is the same as giving lectures to a huge class filled with belchers. To say one thing, just to be ignored, is pointless isn't it, though the words are never unheard. The words may not be present in one's mind who's meant to receive the message, though somewhere down the road there is another, who awaits to be called upon to live happily ever after.
Don't knock on the same door twice, cause after one shot, they're gone for life. How depressing life is, though it's the honest truth, that some poor souls can't fit the glass shoe.

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