The death of one man could lead a city into chaos.

The question: Did he jump, fall, or was he pushed?

For the Lord Protector of Tarkar’s Bridge and the highest ranking courtesan in the city, the questions forces them both to begin investigations that would see the highest profile citizens under suspicion. Secrets and lies lead the investigators far from the city and deep into its bowels, with death following their every move.

A fantasy murder mystery set in “Patrons’ World”

Table of Contents


1   The bucket bounced against the hull as Jhsonni hauled it back up to the deck. When it reached the gunwale, he lifted it,... Read Chapter


2   A crowd had formed upon the Lower Docks beside “Our Lady Of Flame”, held back by several members of the docks’ gua... Read Chapter


3   The Kannai was good, but not as good as she thought she was. Sora noticed her almost straight away and she felt certain ... Read Chapter


4   As with Lady Harrehal’s ascension, the swearing in ceremony and celebration of Lord Avksa winning the presidency of th... Read Chapter


5   Sora tilted to the left as something else came flying towards her. A pottery tankard of some kind that shattered against... Read Chapter


*Contains a scene some people may find upsetting*
Read Chapter


7   The Temple of Elea Kha, Patron of Maidens, received many visitors, though few so early in the morning. The Adherents ros... Read Chapter


8   Today was not a day to blend in, nor was it a day to appear in any kind of distress. Cierene entered the Great Hall of t... Read Chapter


9   Within seconds a full half of the guests had run, screaming from the Great Hall before Klaron could order the doors clos... Read Chapter


10   With the aid of the Underside Free Watch, the woman, Sora, had soon become collected by the City Guards sent for her. F... Read Chapter


11   Sora had no idea the forest to the east of the city stretched so far. She had never travelled east before, only spendin... Read Chapter


12   The House of Zshamon Kha, Patron of the Dead and Dying, almost bulged with the sheer number of mourners packing themsel... Read Chapter


13   The Night Blossoms sparkled in the light of the four moons and the City Gardens rang with the sound of nocturnal birds,... Read Chapter


14   She entered the bedchamber as silent as possible, but Rifnarus being Rifnarus, he knew she was there. Even now, at the ... Read Chapter


15   Cierene stepped over the stinking, stagnant stream of water, holding her oil lantern out before her. She had already st... Read Chapter


16   Klaron held back the yawn that threatened to engulf her entire face. Rifnarus had held her in his office for hours goin... Read Chapter


17   With Pirizd managing to still seem as perfect as usual, despite languishing in the interrogation room for hours, and tr... Read Chapter


18   Sora watched as Dylin struggled up the ladder, squeezing his massive body through the small hatchway, a crude hole chip... Read Chapter


19   They emerged from the grating into the cold evening air, each drawing in deep, fresh breaths. Klaron had the sense to r... Read Chapter


20   This area looked unlike any other part of the Tweens seen until now. Clean, cared for. The walls, straight and carved w... Read Chapter


21   It would be pointless to attempt a stealthy entrance. D?r knew they were there, hiding in the shadows of the crates, ba... Read Chapter


22   With Pirizd leaning upon Sora’s spear, Klaron and Sora carried D?r to the nearest Watch House of the Underside Free W... Read Chapter