A different Friendship

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This is actually for my best friend, Gian, whom I call Placido, hahaha, that's his second name (his real name is Gian Placido)

Submitted: June 11, 2012

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Submitted: June 11, 2012




Nothing exists without a friend. Everybody needs someone in their side to share their life with. But not all are lucky enough to have a friend that will stay until the end. On my case, I am very lucky to have many friends, rather I say true friends. Though I’m not a sociable kind of person I know that all of my friends are real and honest with me. I have two great crazy one-of-a-kind friends in high school, Celine and Joy. While in college I have laughter-bringer friends that make my day full of smile. They are Haji, Joanne, Grace, Jamille, Em, Jane, Camille and ate Kim. Though all of them are really close to my heart it stills not justified to call any of them as my best friend.

I already have my own best friend. Gian is the oldest friend I know. That’s why the memories we had together are incomparable. I remember we are already in high school (I am two years older than Gian so when he step in high school I am already in my 3rd year) we just play badminton or stroll around the town with our bike every afternoon. Our day is not complete without that routine. But unlike other best friends out there we are both not aware of our friendship—we both are not aware that we are best friends. I just realize that this moment.

I may not define the exact meaning of friendship but I surely know what best friends are. Sharing secrets are not necessary, same as often communications. Those things are nothing, so as time you will spend together. What’s more important is that you both know that when everybody around you walks away both of you will stay with each other. Best friends are those who, at the end of the day, will sit beside each other’s side and share the wonderful things happened in their life.

Just like the bird and the tree. The bird keeps on flying high and meeting new friends while the tree stays and continued to grow. No matter how far the bird went it still keeps on coming back to the tree. The tree on the other, no matter how much it changes, still waits for the bird to come back and share their experiences in life. And that’s how Gian and I make a different friendship.

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