Meeting Strangers

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It's funny. Not so much but my friends laugh when they read this.

I'm not good at this summary thing. I recommend that you just read this and see for yourself. Anyway it wouldn't take you 25 min or more reading this :)

And please if not too much, I need some comments ^-^

Submitted: June 10, 2012

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Submitted: June 10, 2012



Someone asked me why I always bring Pool with me. He is really cute and fluffy; nobody can make an argument about that. But that’s not the only reason why I always take him with me. He is a really good companion. He made no emotion to whatever I’m doing. Of course, no stuffed toy can make emotions so whenever someone asks me the same question I just told them the same thing. ‘I need someone to chat’ I told them.

Suddenly when I am on the airplane I sat beside this young man. I think he is French base on his looks. He is on his mid 20’s, I estimated. He eyed at Pool so hard. I feel a bit awkward because he might be thinking that I’m too old to keep my teddy bear. I used pull him (Pool) out of my bag and place him on my lap whenever I travel, whether on bus, cabs, car, train, ship, or airplane. His artificial furs keep my legs warm when it’s cold.

The stranger besides me still holds his eyes on Pool until I break the ice.

“Is there any problem?” I blurted.

“Nothing” he said “I’m just curious with your stuff toy. He must be so special. Where did you get him?” he continued as we cross each other’s eyes. He has these pale blue eyes that struck me inside. Before I stammered and fall from my sit I look down to Pool.

“He’s cute, isn’t he” I said, still looking at my dear Pool. But honestly I’m referring to the guy next to me. Anyway he didn’t notice that. I think no one would.

“Yeah, he is, indeed” he said. Then he ask me again of where did I get him and how’s special that toy is.

For the first time someone finally someone asked me that. I then began to think of why Pool is so special. In a heartbeat I remember why. It started on that site ‘Omegle’ which I discovered from ‘Tumblr’. I got curious with that so I tried it. I talk to a lot of strangers. Some are perverts, some are nice, some are stupid, some are witty, but they are not boring. Most of them are just bored. I remember a stranger asked if I am a dot-headed. There are really many Indians on that site. They must be the one who created that site like their ‘Kama Sutra”, pyjamas and all. There are many stories to tell but before I gone so far from the story of Pool he, the stranger beside me, interrupted. I just realize that I am talking to him. I thought I’m just remembering it on my mind.

Then I started again with my story. I begin it with ‘once upon a time’ that make the stranger laughs.

“With the hundreds of strangers I talked to” I started but now seriously and sincere “there is only one person that I become very interested with. He is very witty and full of compassion. I feel so alive when I chat with him. It feels like I know him before. I bet the feeling is mutual between us. But then we just realized that we’ve been talking on the ‘Omegle’ site for about 2 hours. Most of my conversations lasted for 5 minutes. 20 minutes must be the longest then with David, that’s his name, it’s been 2 hours!”

I think I really had a glee in there. He just listened to me intently as if he knows me very well. I didn’t get bother so I continued.

“It’s getting late already so I asked him that I’m going to disconnect now. He said it’s okay as long as I’ll give him my e-mail address before I leave so we can continue to communicate. My heart pounded so fast. I was like being asked by Benedict Cumberbatch for a date!”

He smiled a bit as I said that. I think he knows who Benedict Cumberbatch is. Well I’ll be glad if he did.

“I didn’t hesitate to give him my e-mail address and he also gave his” I continued and he just nods.

“I used to check my e-mails before I sleep so the next day when I checked it I am so surprised to see a strange e-mail ”.

“From him?” he asked for assurance. I think he knows where this is going. Well, it’s too obvious. Anyway as I tell him my story I don’t feel awkward anymore. I really like foreigners, as a matter of fact. I felt like I’m traveling other countries whenever I talked to them. Ipso facto I love travelling. That’s the only thing I wanted to do with my life.

“ Yes, it’s from him! I am really happy because for a long time I could finally talk to real smart person. I’m not a sociable kind of person. I find other people stupid, honestly. So now I found a diamond in the mountain of rocks.

We then began to exchange e-mails and so we know each other even more. He’s not just a stranger anymore. But rats! I have told him this lie that made me feel guilty. I don’t know how to tell him the truth. I am scared that he might change his impression towards me. I don’t want him to think that I’m a liar” I confessed all of a sudden.

“What lie? Can you tell me?” the stranger asked.

“I told him…that I’m…I told exactly the opposite of me” I hesitate to tell him what it is.

“I can’t understand. Can you explain more? Besides I didn’t know him so we can keep it as a secret” he convinced, wink wink nudge nudge. I was convinced to tell him, since it doesn’t matter and at least there’ll be someone who knows the truth that I don’t bother to be very open with.

“Fine. I told him that I’m 24 and already working to support my younger siblings. I told him that I’m the bread winner in our family and it made him impressed” I told him with slight shame.

“What? Is that it? I don’t think he wouldn’t mind if you tell him the truth” he interrogates.

“You don’t know him that’s why it’s easy for you. He is really high and unreachable for me. I fancied him so much and I want to impress him. I don’t think he would like me if I tell him the truth”

“So what’s the truth?” he continued to interrogate.

“Can we drop it? Besides I’m supposed to tell you the story of Pool so if you’re not interested anymore with it let this conversation end.” I finally found an excuse.

“Fine. I’m also lost with your adventures.” He finally gave up interrogating me. “You may continue your story now”. I manage to talk more quietly as possible because some of the passengers are already staring at our direction.

“So where am I? Oh right! I still am having guilt with those lies. Then he proposed that we should meet. I of course panicked. He said he is willing to travel overseas just to see me. I don’t know what to do when he said that. I just said ‘Sure. That’s a good idea’ but I’m so phony typing it. I then thought of something that will stop him from coming” I stop talking when I remember how fool I am.

“What did you tell him?” he asked again, but his voice is sad, I think he sympathize to my foolishness.

“I told him my ‘husband’ will be very glad to meet him that’s why we should really meet. I think I upset him so much. He just said he’s surprised that I’m already married. Then he informed me of the package he send me. He said it’ll come that very week but it’s a wrong gift since he really has no idea about my ‘husband’. After that I didn’t receive any emails from him. I tried to tell him the truth but I think it’s too much lie and I should tell him everything in person”.

“If you are married why are you not wearing your wedding ring?” he noticed.

“I’m not married, please. I just turned 20! Don’t I look very young to be married?” I feel little embarrassed.

“Well I notice that but you said you are…wait. So you’re lying again!” He is really a jerk when he is surprised.

“Yeah. But you don’t have to be mad at me. He’s already gone. Can you please stop making so much reaction?” I jerked.

“Sorry for the outburst. I just sympathize for the guy” he pointed that slaps on my face.

“So the package I received from him is this teddy bear. It has a note with it, which I won’t bore you with, that makes me guiltier. So if you’re thinking that I’m that bad, maybe you are right. But because of that note I did everything just to get into France. My dad didn’t allow me to go; since I don’t have a sure destination of where I’m going and he thinks it’s just a waste of money and time. Since I don’t have my own money I starved myself to save every allowance Dad gave me. I also accept part-time jobs to add into my France savings. And you won’t believe it when I say I had money from Pool”

“I think I have no choice. How?” he smirked but I could see in his face that he is interested.

“On our foundation day I set a booth for building Pool’s family. 20 bucks for every picture with Pool. Many students supported it. So less than 2 years I had earned enough for us to get here! But rats! Before I leave the house my dad still gave me extra bucks! I think he also wanted me to do what’s right. So that’s it. That’s how special Pool is!” I ended my story.

“That’s a very…long and…that’s quite a story. So what do you think happened to David?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t hear anything from him for 2 years now. But sometimes I kept thinking that he might be married now, or he might not accept me or even curse me. But it took me 2 years before I face him and no matter what happens I must talk to him” I said.

“I knew he’ll understand you. Besides you just did that because you like him” he grinned. I noticed that he blushed when he said that but I don’t know why. Before I say something else which I forgot he then fell asleep. I think he gets tired listening to me. I just watch him until I also fell asleep. When I opened my eyes I found my head leaning over his shoulder. I pulled myself away from him and I could tell that he is already awake but he didn’t bother. Well, he is a sort of gentleman I must say.

We already travelled halfway to France. It’s 18 bloody hours flight and there’s still 9 hours before we landed. They finally served the meal when my stomach groaned. It’s quite funny in a way. After we ate I notice the stranger besides me turned to be very quiet. I didn’t think he is loquacious but he’s silence makes me feel awkward again so I started a chat. He cooperated kindly that makes me feels so comfortable with him. Strangers really work with me. He is very funny in a witty way.

After few more hours we then landed. Finally! I get so excited that I forgot about the stranger and everything around me. I grab Pool over my chest and hurried to get a cab with my bag and everything. I pulled out the note where David’s address is written. I could hear the pounding of my heart. It’s too loud and too fast. When I held my hand for the cab I saw the stranger pulling the handle of a black car. I run towards him but he already get inside the car.

“Hey!” I shouted. He opened his window and smiled at me.

“Hi” he said. “Welcome to France”

“Yes. Thank you. Finally I’m almost seeing David”

“Yeah. Good luck to you and to Pool. But I’m sorry I’m on a schedule” he winked as he looked at his watch.

“Oh. Alright. By the way I’m Reese” I said as I reach my hand for a hand shake.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Reese.” he said as he shook my hand and bade good bye. The cab is still waiting for me. I wanted to ask his name but he’s gone so fast. I just ride the taxi and headed to the hotel. I wanted to rest first before I face David.

France is a very nice place but nothing run through my mind except David. I’m so excited. I rested that day and then I woke up too early and ordered for a breakfast. Everything must be alright. I waited for 2 years for that.

It’s around 9 in the morning when I’m done preparing for the big day. I carried Pool on one hand and my bag on the other. It took me a lot of courage to tell the driver where we’re going. It’s Sunday that day so I’m sure he won’t be anywhere. ‘Dingdong…dingdong…dingdong’ says the door bell. My heart beats with the sound of the bell. Then a familiar face answered the door. I’m not sure of where I saw that man but I’m sure I met him before.

“Who is it?” he said in his French accent.

“I’m Reese. I’m looking for my friend, David. Is he in there?” I said with grace.

“Oh. Ms. Reese” he said with glee “follow me, please.” I don’t know if they are expecting that I’m coming or it’s just their culture to open their house to anyone who rings the bloody bell and looks for someone inside. I followed him to the living room. The place is not too big but you could sense the posh in style.

I didn’t bother to gaze the place. I’m too busy thinking of how I’ll tell David all the lies I told him. It’s too foolish.

Suddenly a voice behind me echoed through my ears. I know that voice. I know it too well. I literally stumbled and fall off the couch when I turned my head to face him. Rats! David and the stranger is the same. I should see this coming. I cried, I smiled. It’s really a mix of emotion. At least I don’t have to explain anything to him since he already heard everything.

I’m too tired to tell our story after that; besides this is about Pool. To end the story should say David is a jerk. He didn’t ask me to be his girl friend or anything. I felt sad because I’m expecting that and after all I’ve been through that’s where things supposed to go. But I’m also happy in a way that everything turned just fine.

“Don’t you have anything to tell me?” I insisted him to ask me before checking to the departure area. I’m going back to my dad.

“Yeah. Can I barrow Pool?” he said. He is really depressing.

“What? Okay here” I hand him the toy. I was surprised when he stabbed Pool on its body. I nearly cried and all. I started to hate him but when he pulled out a ring out of Pool my emotions turned upside down.

“Can I come with you and marry you, Reese?” he bends his knees and tears started to fall in his eyes. I’m still on the state of shock. ‘Please say yes!’ the people cheered.

“You stabbed Pool in front of me and I can’t believe myself that I’m still saying ‘Yes’”. I hugged him so tight. “There’s a very low chance of me letting you go, but you must fix Pool if you still want to be on your wedding”. The End

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