Luke Brooks fan fiction

Luke Brooks fan fiction Luke Brooks fan fiction

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Rose Gomez is constantly fighting with her dad and meets Luke brooks and discovers she used to date his brother beau.
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Rose Gomez is constantly fighting with her dad and meets Luke brooks and discovers she used to date his brother beau.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Luke Brooks fan fiction

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Rose Gomez is constantly fighting with her dad and meets Luke brooks and discovers she used to date his brother beau.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 03, 2013



Chapter 1.

Rose POV: It was another typical dinner in the Gomez household, screaming and fighting. I played around with my food, not feeling hungry at all, “Have you thought about what I told you yesterday” my dad questioned, I sighed to myself knowing another war was going to erupt. “Dad I’m not going to Ivy and that’s final” I firmly said, “Rose, it’s an amazing school, with many different …” I cut him off, “Dad stop, I’m not going” I emphasized, “Why not? Do you like to question my patience? ROSE! You will go to ivy And that is final!” That’s it, I shot up out of my chair, I grabbed my keys from the key holder and made my way around the enormous house, I flew down the staircase navigating towards the front door,I ran to my Porsche, I jumped in and I drove away.

LUKE POV I tossed and turned but I couldn’t fall asleep, I stared out my window into the moonlight, the moon was so bright it lit up the whole sky. I got out of bed and put on a shirt, I grabbed my phone and car keys and slowly opened the back door, being careful not to wake anyone. I got in my car and drove away, this was pathetic, 7 days like this, 7 days of barley any sleep at all, I drove for a while until a saw a 24/h Starbucks, deciding that was what I needed right now. I parked my car and went in hoping no one else would be there.

ROSE POV I drove and drove, I was so sick of it, the family bullshit, the stupid things my dad does, the expectations he has. I saw a little Starbucks sign and I drove to it, I parked my car and walked in, I skipped on dinner, and considering it was 2 am I figured no one would be around, which meant no paparazzi or squealing girls. I walked in and ordered, my order came pretty fast, so I settled in a corner, I took out my phone and played music, I picked up a magazine from the table and read it not aware of what was going around me.

LUKE POV I opened the door to Starbucks and the first thing I saw was this beautiful girl, she had brown long hair, it was a little curly, and she was reading a magazine and listening to music, I made a mental note to talk to her later. I went to the counter to pick up my order and I walked straight towards the girl, I slid in the seat in front of her. She looked at me and then took of her headphones, “Hi, I’m Luke BROOKS” I said to her, hinting the fact that I was a Brooks, and that I was kinda famous hoping to impress her. She looked up at me, and her eyes were bright green shimmering orbs, her features were perfect, she looked flawless. She smiled a perfect toothed smile at me. “I’m Rosalinda GOMEZ” she replied, while emphasizing the Gomez part, I gave her a questioning look, she returned it by giving me a mischievous grin, and then it hit me, “Your the daughter of a billionaire, and I’m an idiot” she giggled, “Both very true” she laughed, I smiled at her, I really liked her personality. “What are you doing here at 2am?” she asked me, “I could ask you the same Rosalinda” I cheekily said to her, “I have my reasons, and call me Rose, I hate my full name” I saw her smile kind of fade, “Well Rose, I have my reasons too” I replied. I noticed her checking me out, “You like to watch me, don’t you?” I asked her a half smirk on my face, the blood quickly rushed to her face, she turned her head to the window and slowly turned it back at me, “I don’t watch you, I’m not one of your fangirls, Luke” She said quickly, “Feisty, that’s how I like them” I laughed at myself, a smile crept her face, she playfully shoved me, I pretended to look outraged, she laughed at my actions. That’s how it went for about 2 hours, we talked a lot, about sports and so much more, we had a lot in common. Time came when she said she had to leave, we exchanged numbers and gave goodbye hugs, I watched her drive away. I got into my Car and drove home, I turned up the radio, “Good morning Melbourne this is your #1 hit radio station, DJ Connor here and today we are proud to announce that we are having a contest for 2 tickets to the Janoskians Meet and greet” I smiled to myself, the past few months were insane, we had sold out arenas just for meet and greets, we were becoming more known by the day. I pulled up into our driveway and there were paparazzi outside, so I slid on my shades and walked past the paps, closing the gate in their face, another excruciating detail about being famous, having the paps follow you around. I entered the house to smell pancakes, “THEY’RE MINE BITCH” I heard Beau yell, “SIT DOWN SLUT” Jai shot back, “Boys calm down, and watch your tongue” typical mum behaviour, I walked into the kitchen and kissed mum on her forehead, “You were out rather early” mum asked me while she mixed the batter, “Couldn’t sleep so I took an early morning Starbucks break” Beau shot me a pathetic glance,

“Bet he was too busy giving some fan a hickey” Jai muttered, and with that chance Beau grabbed Jai’s plate of pancakes and chugged them down, Jai chased him around the house until he caught beau and dunked him into the pool. “You just fell off the bus sucker, well payback is a motherfucker” Jai sang in beau face, “BEAU” I yelled at Beau as he climbed out of the pool, he threw a football at me, I caught it “SUCK ON IT SONNY” I screamed at him, we all laughed and walked into the house, I settled at the dinner table while Beau went to go and get changed. While I was hoarding the pancakes down my cell phone started to blow up, I turned to look at it , the caller ID said: Bells&Roses, figuring it was Rose I picked up the phone, “I know I’m sexy and addicting all but sweetheart it’s only been a few hours, don’t you think it’s too soon?” I saw Beau’s eyes google out of his head, I smiled as I waited for Rose’s reply, “Wow, you play douchebag too? I just keep learning all this stuff about you” she replied sounding really sarcastic, I could almost see her smiling,

“What can I say, I am a man of many talents” I shot right back at her,

“Sorry to burst your bubble Brooks but I have your hoody, you forgot to take it back” she instantly shot right back; I remembered the hoody I had given to her while we were talking at her car she looked cold so I gave it to her.

“Alright, how about we meet at the grove shack at 3?” I questioned,

It’s a date, bye Brooks” she replied. I closed the phone call smiling like an idiot.

“LUKE LIKES HER, LUKE LIKES HER” Jai chanted across the room,

“Luke who is she?” mum cooed at me,

“No one” I quickly replied,

“Lukey, I gave birth to you I know you better then you know yourself” mum replied. I felt the warmth in my cheeks,

“THE FAGGOTS BLUSHING OHHH IT’S SERIOUS” Beau said in harmony, I chucked a pillow at him, he finally became quiet, mum was still there waiting for a reply..

“She’s this girl I met this morning and we talked and she’s HOT, and I gave her my sweater and I forgot to take it back so we’re gonna meet up an yeah…” I quickly replied saying everything hoping mum didn’t pick up a single word, but she did. “That’s great sweetie, have fun” she said while taking the laundry upstairs. Luke Fic chapter # 2.

LUKE POV I got into my car and followed the directions Rose had given me. I slid on my shades while turning up the radio, I listened to music as I drove past the busy streets of Melbourne. I pulled up to this little smoothie shop called “The Shack” I walked in and quickly scanned the little shop, it was quiet; but not to quiet. Music played and there were a few customers but no frantic-ness, no screaming and loud cheering or fans, this all seemed incredibly… calm. I walked to the very back of the store and sat in a booth waiting for Rose to arrive.

ROSE POV I slid on my flats and checked my appearance in the mirror one last time, I was in booty white shorts with a white laced golden tank top and golden sandals, I picked up my Prada bag on my way down the spiraling staircase. I walked towards my car and drove away. I took in my surrounding, it was a beautiful day in Melbourne, sunny and cheerful, I glanced in my rearview mirror, paparazzi, great. I made my way to the beach, I parked my car as the apps followed close behind, I took Luke’s sweater and strut passed the men. I walked about a kilometre until I was sure the men had ditched me or given up and made my way towards the shack. I walked in and glanced around, I caught him in a corner, I quickly walked towards the booth, “I’m so sorry , but just let me explain” I started, Luke just got up and hugged me, I hugged him right back not wanting to let go of his lavender Lilly scent. “It’s okay, pretty sure you had a good reason to come late” he said, “Paparazzi” I said and he gave me a knowing look, “hate’em” “agreed” I said, ”Here’s your sweater, it’s really cozy” he laughed, “keep it, you can remember me by it” I smiled at him, and he gave me back a smile, a beautiful smile, starring into the brown pool of liquid in his syes brought butterflies to my stomach; I liked him, I could tell from now I liked him. “Hey there’s this summer festival going on just along the beach, want to go with me?” he asked me unsure, “Why not , music , dancing food my kinda stuff” He gave me an uneasy look, “Paparazi” he said, “Then let them see what they want, who Cares , this is our life . They sit by the sidelines and watch” I continued hoping to build confidence in him, he nodded and we walked out the door hand in hand.

LUKE POV This girl was something, she was stunning and funny and sweet and perfect, every time I sneaked a peek at her pale face and brown curls my heart melted, and her laugh drove me insane, I loved it, I loved everything about her, she is different, I can feel it.

We went to the festival it was pretty big, we bought food and ate and then she lead me to the dance floor, I looked around me, we were on an open beach, there was a DJ on the wooden docks and speakers everywhere, there were girls in bikinis and boys with tans. Everyone had a drink in their hand and were rocking to the beat. I saw Rose head towards the dance floor and she kept calling me up, “I’d rather watch, not a big dancer!” I yelled at her, she gave me a smile and flicked her hair at me . She wispered something into the DJ’s ear and he was like a sailor under a mermaids control, and before I knew it the music started to pour thorough the sandy waves, the bass vibrating through the docks and into the summer breeze . The music weaved through her body, awakening her. She obliged, raising her arms over her head and swaying her hips carefully to the beat. Long hair flowing down her back, glinting in the pulsing, orbiting sun, she looked fantastic. The music called to her like a Siren, hypnotising and mesmerising. I felt hypnotised, I couldn’t control myself I walked up to her and started dancing with her, grinding into her to the beat, she ran her perfect manicured fingers through my hair and I spun her around, she glanced into my eyes, a certain lust forming within her, a fire inside both of us, I leaned in and kissed her, she was motionless for a few seconds gaining control of what was going on, before I knew it she was fighting back into the kiss outing everything she had into it, I ran my fingers down her back, her fingers laced through my hair in a swift movement, we both pulled apart and gasped for breath, fighting for air she managed to escape a little smirk, after I finally caught up and slowed my breathing I gave her a look of satisfaction, “That was….” I started , “Amazing” she finished off for me, “Luke Brooks, I could get used to you” she playfully wispered into my shoulder as I pulled her in for a slow dance, I had my hands around her waist and her hands were entwined with my neck, we moved in slow movements, back and forth until I realized the party was almost over, people had left there were paper cups everywhere and from the corner of my eyed I saw a big bulky dude with a camera get into a van and drive away. Great.

ROSE POV I was munching on my toast still fantasizing about what happened between me and Luke yesterday, that I didn’t realize my dad storm into the room and slap a magazine next to my breakfast. “Care to explain?!” my dad yelled at me while shooting daggers at me and glaring, I picked up the magazine it read “Rosalinda’s Wild Day” and underneath the tittle it read, “Daddy’s good girl, gone bad” I scanned through the article, there were pictures of me and Luke kissing, Pictures of him grinding into me and pictures of us basically squeezing the life out of each other, “Dad I had no idea..” I was at a loss for words “Save it Rose, I’m done” my dad was so pissed! I’m pretty sure steam would start coming out of his ears, “YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT BRING OUR FAMILY NAME DOWN OVER AND OVER AGAIN” my dad shouted at me. I was furious at this rate, “IF MUM WAS HERE SHE WOULD NEVER HAVE LET THINGS GO SO WRONG” I yelled back just as angry, “DON’T BRING YOUR MOTHER INTO THIS” my dad flared back, “Looks like I just did.” Chapter 3

ROSE POV Shadows danced across the walls; firelight weaving in gentle rhythm to the crackle and pop of kindling in the grate. Cool air blew through open doors, bringing with it the soft scents of midnight: green grass, lilac, and that subtle hint of rain lying dormant in tufts of cloud. Each was muffled by night, made softer by the cloak of darkness that stretched across the horizon beyond my balcony doors.

I crept to the corner of my room, the corner I had been so reluctant to go to. I steadied myself as I walked closer and closer to the corner. I took in a sharp breath when I saw it. It was brown made of the finest wood, and the strings were tuned perfectly as if I had just played it yesterday, the brass glimmered in the light, I bent down to observe what I had been running from for a long time. I sat down and took the instrument into my hands, I waited not knowing what to expect, I waited to see if I would melt into a pool of hopeless and self pity, or if the tool would blow up in my face as a sign, i waited and nothing happend. With trembling fingers I played a few strings, until I was strumming a slow and powerful tune, i opened my mouth and sung a low pitched tune,

“And I hope your happy, wherever you are “ The tears crept along my face, as I felt the anxiety build up, “And I hope your life was everything you dreamed your life would be and so much more”

I stopped playing and took a deep breath, I just did what I hadn’t done in 6 years, I stood up and my knees buckled, I came crashing to the ground, I pulled myself into a ball and slowly wept, I needed her now more then ever. I felt the hollow pitt inside me, the guilt it was coming back. I pulled myself together and stood up, I slowly walked towards my bed; each step feeling like a million tons, I climbed into the sheets of silk and satin I cozied myself until I felt the familiar drowsiness, “I hope your happy where ever you are” I slowly whispered each word cutting through me like a knife, until my eyes closed and i drifted off into the world of familiar fairytales and majestical dragons.

LUKE POV I tried to fall asleep, really I did but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. I concentrated on my breathing, that didn’t help either. I was about to drift off until I saw my phone light up from the bedside table, I picked it up, the message read, “Couldn’t fall asleep, I’m really sorry for waking you up, but meet me at the creek in about 10 mins, please Luke -Rose xxx” Well I couldn’t fall asleep so I carefully tip toed across the house to the end and I slipped on my shoes and walked out the door, not bothering to change out of my pajamas . The creek was this little place up the river where every summer teenagers threw a bonfire and got drunk and had forest sex and all this other stuff, I slipped on my hoodie while walking, and then put my phone in my pocket, it was 3 am. The creek was about 5 min away from my house so I made it there and I walked around until I saw a little thing hunched up on a log, figuring it was Rose I ran up to it, “Rose” I slowly said She turned around frightened like a deer caught in the headlights, I studied her face as she looked at me, her eyes were red and puffy and her hair was pulled into a messy ponytail, she was wearing her pajamas too and she still looked oddly stunning, she got up and threw herself into my arms. I hugged her right back very tightly, as she sobbed uncontrollably.

In about 20 minutes I managed to calm her down, stop her hysteria. She still hadn’t said one word, I sat on the log and then I pulled her into my lap, we looked at the river, the horizon looking past the long thick forest. The smell of winter pine was everywhere, the moon reflected into the tiny lake as it illuminated the area. The fireflies lit up our surrounding, they gave me enough light to study Rose’s face. “Do you want to tell me what’s going on love?” I questioned hinting she could talk to me when ever. “Luke I’m so sorry for dragging you out here at this time, I just needed someone and you were the first one that came to mind” she said in between little whimpers, “That’s stupid, I would have come here for you anytime for any thing, besides I have this sleeping problem I can’t sleep anymore, it’s crazy but yeah” I said while kissing her forehead, “Tell me, I promise I’ll listen Rose” I pleaded “Please trust me” After a while she gave in. She got up from my lap and paced back and forth, she looked at the tiny stream, after what seemed like an eternity she spoke up, “My life isn’t easy Luke, people think I’m Rich and famous and that makes my life easy for me. They think I live between choosing a Lamborghini or diamond studded shoes, they think I have no worries in the world, but they’re wrong, they are so wrong like becuase money doesn’t buy you happiness; and if I could do anything I’d get away from it. I’d burn all the money and start from scratch, I’d stop by and smell the roses along the road, I’d be happy” I didn’t move, I stayed absolutely silent, just waiting . She took a deep breath and faced the stream before she started again, “A while back I was happy, I had a whole family. I was happy with my money, my mother would always take me to visit hospitals and she would tell me the importance of donating money and giving back, and I always did. One night I didn’t feel well and I couldn’t sleep so my mother took me out for a midnight drive, we drove for hours and talked about a lot of stuff, I was 15 going into an age where I had a lot of questions and she answered them all. Along the drive I kept distracting her until..” her voiced croaked and I saw her fingers tremble “Until our car flipped over.” She collapsed onto the grass and buried her face into her lap, she let out silent sobs of anguish, I leaped from my log and got on my knees right beside her, again I pulled her into me as she buried her cries of distress in my chest, her body was spread out before me like a map of all the heartache and loss she suffered, it broke me to see her this way, it broke me to know that this girl I had just met could mean so much to me. “Baby it’s going to be all right I promise” I kept saying trying to soothe her, she wimpered and pulled up her head so she was facing me. “After the accident I was a wreck and I had these dreams, I would have these crazy dreams where instead of my mother I was the one who didn’t make it and she was the one who left the car crash without a scratch, those dreams they wouldn’t go away. It was horrible becuase I knew I deserved it, I was the one who caused our car to crash, an it wrecked me inside. It killed me to the point where I believed it was all me and that I didn’t deserve to make it. Luke the dreams were so vivid and yet so real, they were scary because I knew they were true. And those dreams they’ve come back” she cried out while crashing into my chest again. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do, her voice it resembled her pain, I cuddled her, I took her cheeks into my hands and lifted her face, “Those dreams will go away, you have to learn to believe in yourself, find the power inside you to fight it” I leaned in and kissed her, she pulled away she pulled on a faint smile. “You’re really are a good listener Lukey” she smirked at me, I took a breath of relief for now I had managed to get her mind I things, she leaned in this time and kissed me, the kiss turned deep and our bodies were perfectly fit, her hand slid up my shirt as I ripped my hoodie off, she surfaced my stomach as the chills went down my spine, I knew what she wanted and I couldn’t give it to her, I pulled away from her as he have me a puzzled and plank expression. “I like you a lot Rose, more than i’d ever imagined but I can’t do this with you now, especially out here. You’re upset and I dont want to take advantage of you.” I expected her to storm off or yell and curse but she simply turned her face towards the lake and sat down on my lap, “A gentlemen at heart, I like that.. But at least watch the sunrise with me” she said while she cozied herself into my body. I kissed her temple, “Sure my darling” and we watched the sunrise together. We talked for hours until a beautiful orange Aurora lit the sky, we sat in silence as the fireflies all slowly flew away and as the crisp smell of morning pine filled the air. We watched together as every piece of nature awoke in the morning . We watched our first sunrise together. Luke fanfic chapter # 4

Chapter 4 -

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?” Shouted my dad, as I tip toed up the stairs. I slowly turned my head to him; I could tell he was furious. “YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL!”

“I went out to get away from YOU!” I shrieked, and ran up to my room, slamming the door behind me. I turned and slid down the door and I cried, I cried un controllably, so much I couldn’t even breath, I didn’t know how much I could take of this life. I just wanted to get away from it all. I continued to cry like this for a couple hours, I couldn’t help it, I was a mess. My life is a mess.


I tried to call Rose a number of times, but she didn’t pick up, which worried me. I knew how protective her farther was and how he didn’t like her staying out late. I got in my car and drove to her house, I drove up the long entrance which was surrounded in trees, I finally got to the house and nervously knocked on the door. After a few seconds of waiting the door opened and I presumed it was Rose’s farther,

“Um, M-Mr Gomez” I stuttered

“Yes. Who wants to know?” He asked

“Um, I’m Luke Br”

“Ah! You are the one responsible for making my daughter out of control and disrespectful.”

I didn’t understand, I hadn’t done anything wrong. Yes, there was the magazine but I didn’t think it was THAT bad

“Um..” I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want to say the wrong thing or say anything rude.

“From now on you stay away from my daughter. I don’t want her to have ANY contact what so ever with you. Is that clear?” Why did he dislike me so much? I hadn’t done anything wrong. “IS THAT CLEAR!?” He repeated this time his voice was louder.

“Uh, y’yeah. I guess..” I said nervously


I thought about it. I’m Luke Brooks, why am I scared of an old man?

“Is that a threat?” I asked smirking

“No it’s a warning. Now I suggest you get away from her now.”

“Sure I’ll go, but I’ll be back” I gave him a smug look and turned around and walked back to my car.

There was no way I was going to let him stop me from seeing Rose.


After 3 hours of crying hysterically I had finally managed to calm down and I slowly stood up, my body was trembling, I walked towards my window and looked out of it. I noticed what I was sure was Luke’s car I took a closer look and saw Luke getting into it I banged on my window, but he didn’t hear, I tried to open it but the window was locked. So I knew my only hope of catching him was to run downstairs, which is what I did, I knew exactly what had just happened, it would be so predictable of my farther. I got to the hallway and saw my dad who was stood by the front door I tried to push past him, but he wouldn’t move.

“Why won’t you let me see him?” I asked furiously

“See who?” My dad asked, like I was stupid

“I know Luke has been here, I’m not stupid, I want to see him!”

“It’s alright sweetie, I told him you were sick”


“Because, I know what’s best for you”

“What do you mean?”

“He won’t be bothering you anymore”

“Bothering me!? The only person that bothers me is YOU! Why do you have to be so controlling, mum would have never let anything like this happen! We have done nothing wrong!”

“He’s already started to change you! Before you met him you never spoke to me like that, you were a sweet, polite, innocent girl. Now, well I don’t know what you are becoming!”

“You just don’t like it because he made me happy and no one has made you happy since mum died. All you care about is you stupid self and perfect reputation! You don’t care about me. I HATE YOU!”

My dad knocked me out the way, causing me to stumble and started walking up the stairs, I started to follow him as he went into my room and took my phone and laptop.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I shouted

“I know what you are like. You are to have NO contact what so ever with that boy! Understand?”

“Oh I’ll find a way!”

“If you do, then you WON’T see him again, ever!”

“What do you by that?”

“You know what can happen when someone disobeys me”

I just glared at him, with nothing but hate in my eyes. Sure I knew what would happen to Luke, but I wouldn’t let that stop me.

Chapter 5

Over the next few days I didn’t speak to my farther, he said I was being immature and pathetic. Personally I think he’s the one being pathetic, not letting me see one of the only people that can make me happy because of one night! He doesn’t even know Luke.

I was downstairs eating my dinner at the table with my farther,

“ROSALINDA, I HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD ENOUGH OF THIS! I think it’s best for you to stay with your aunt in Sydney for a bit.”

My head snapped up and I looked at him, was he serious?

“W-what?” I said shyly

“Well it’s not doing you any good here”

“You mean you are sending me away because I’m ruining you!?”

“I just think it’s for the best! So you will do as you’re told!”

“Well I’m not going”

“I’ve already arranged it”

“You know, sometimes I wish I was the one that died instead of mum. Then I wouldn’t have to listen to your shit!”

I had heard enough, I stormed up to my room and thought long and hard about what I was going to do.


“How come you haven’t seen Rose in a while?” Asked my mum, I just shrugged, not wanting to talk about it. “I thought you really like her?”

“I did. I do. It’s just I’m not allowed to see her”

“What do you mean?”

I explained to my mum everything that had happened and how I haven’t spoke to Rose for days,

“I’m really worried about her”

“Well, maybe it’s best you just forget about her..”

“NO! I’m going to her house”

“Luke, it’s not safe”

“I don’t care, what’s the worst that could happen”

I drove to Rose’s house and knocked on the door, I prayed she would answer, but her dad did. I gulped loudly.. What was I doing.

“Didn’t I make it clear enough for you last time? STAY AWAY FROM HERE!”

“It was clear. I just chose not to listen” I replied bluntly

With that Mr Gomez stepped outside and closed the door behind him, my heart started to beat faster, what was he going to do.. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

“How much will cost for you to leave my daughter alone?”

“You think you can pay me off?” I chuckled “Your daughter means a lot more to me than a few dollars”

“I’m not talking a few dollars buddy, I’m talking thousands, millions if it means you’ll leave”

“I wouldn’t for all the money in the world!”

There was a few moments of silence..

“She means that much to you, huh?”

“Yes. If you give me a chance I promise I will treat her right and won’t do anything to hurt her”

“Ok. One chance. But if you do ANYTHING to upset or hurt her in the slightest, I promise you, you will regret it.”

“Understood. You have no idea how much this means to me!”

“Come back tomorrow, I think she’s sleeping at the moment”

I drove off with a smile spread across my face, I couldn’t believe he changed his mind.


I thought for a while many ideas made their way in and out of my head, but most was just too risky and impossible. I looked out my window and just admired the sunset. I thought about sneaking out my window, but it was far too high.. I sighed and made my way to the shower. After a long hot shower I got dressed and sat on my bed and put on the TV, I flicked through the channels but there was nothing decent on. After a while I drifted off to sleep, probably due to the fact I haven’t slept properly for days. I woke up about 2am and went downstairs to get a some cereal, when I had finished I made my way back upstairs, passing the front door on the way. I could easily go right now, my dad is asleep he would never know, but where would I go? It would just be me walking to wherever my instincts took me. No money, no phone, no nothing. Just me and a fresh start, alone.

Imagination is the great gift humanity was given

Go ahead and chirp, lovely me. writing Luke Fanfic

Luke fanfic chapter # 6

Chapter 6

I put on my shoes and I slowly unlocked the door and silently opened it, I stepped outside and the cool breeze hit me, I closed the door behind me and started walking up the driveway. I continued to walk until I was too tired to go any further, I lay down on the bench, closed my eyes and I was soon a sleep. I woke up still on the bench, and I had no idea what time. There was nobody around so I gathered it was pretty early. I knew I couldn’t stay there long and I knew I couldn’t be seen out. If the paparazzi saw me this would all be over. But I didn’t know where to go.


I happily made my way the Rose’s house and knocked on the door, Mr Gomez was quick to answer,

“Goo..” I started, but was soon interrupted

“Where is she!?”

“What?” I asked confused

“Rose! She’s gone”

“Gone where?”

“That’s what I’m asking you”

“I-I don’t know, I haven’t seen her”

“You are the only person she would go to. I gave you a chance and you..”

“I swear I haven’t seen her! Maybe you should be out looking for her, instead of blaming me when I don’t know where she is!”

“Go and look for her, I’ll stay here in case she comes back”

“Do you really think she would just run away and come straight back?”


I checked the pockets of my jeans and had some change; I asked an old man for the time, it was 11:35, so discreetly made my way to Starbucks. I ordered and went and sat in at the table in the corner away from people, in fact it was the same table me and Luke met, which brought back so many memories. I didn’t have any money, no fame, I was just me but for once I was happy. I slowly sipped my coffee and flicked through the magazine.


I looked around everywhere, I looked in all the parks, around the streets, in all the cafes, everywhere, but I couldn’t find her. So many thoughts were going through my head.. What if she’s hurt? What if she never comes back? What if she left the city, the country? What if..What if? I tried to think of where she might go, but the worry had took over my mind, I couldn’t think straight. I needed something to calm my nerves. I walked to the nearest Starbucks and ordered myself a coffee to go. I was stood waiting looking around and it all come back to me meeting Rose here, I looked over at the table we sat at and noticed a girl sat there with her head on the table.

“Rose?” I said to myself quietly. I walked over to her and saw her sleeping peacefully. “Rose” I said, gently shaking her.

Her eyes soon shot open, “Luke! What are you doing here?”

“Your dad said you were missing, so we came to look for you”

“You need to leave” She said bluntly


“Just go Luke and don’t tell him you saw me, please”

“No Rose, I won’t! It’s not safe for you to be out here alone.”

“I hate my farther”

“No you don’t you’re just mad at him”

“No Luke. I HATE HIM!”


I could feel my anger boiling and my eyes burning, I bit my lip to try and stop myself from crying as I didn’t want any sympathy I just wanted to be alone. Not even Luke knew how I was feeling, no one did. Only me.

“But we can be together now” Said Luke

“No we can’t.. Unless you want to end up dead.”

“No Rose. You’re farther said we can see each other”

“No he said that to make me come home, he doesn’t mean it”

“He told me yesterday, before you ran away”

“What?” I asked confused. Why would he say that? Was Luke lying? “I don’t believe you Luke”

I knelt down beside her,

“I’m serious, I went to your house yesterday afternoon and your dad tried to pay me off and I said no and he realised that I really do care for you”

This is why I don’t want to be around my dad, he thinks money is everything.

“How much?” I asked

“Why is it important? I didn’t take it”

“How much Luke!?”

“I don’t know he said however much I wanted” A tear fell from my eye, “What’s wrong?” asked Luke wiping the tear away

“That’s why I ran away Luke”

“You knew about it?”

“No. The fact doesn’t care about me”

“He does care for you” Said Luke putting his arms around me “That’s why we are out looking for you, silly. Come on let’s get you home”

I gave Luke a little smile and we left hand in hand. Luke fanfic chapter # 7

LUKE’S POV: It had been forever since I had seen Rose, we were both just so busy. Me with interviews and filming for videos and her with all these events.

“LUKE GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE WE’RE LATE” yelled Beau, I sighed and closed my laptop shut. I made my way down the stairs, I ran out the door and made my way towards the car, I slid in the leather seat and shut the door as the car rolled down the street. “Well boys let’s get this straight, no swearing on air, no giving out information you shouldn’t” our Manager Stacey started before Jai cut her off,

“Don’t fight, don’t promise anything, keep private information private yada yada yada, we’ve heard it all Stacey, calm down”

Me and the other boys were due for an interview in Sydney on one of the biggest shows, but Sydney was like a 9 hour drive away so for now I was stuck with them for 9 hours, great. I cozied myself in my seat as I watches Beau fall asleep, how typical. Skip was about to fall asleep on Beau’s shoulder, I made a mental note to tweet a pic of that. Jai drowned himself in music, and James was texting Sarah like a maniac, a maniac with a wild smile plastered on his face. James looked up from his phone and I studied his face,

“Text her, call her, let her know how much you like her” Said James

“I wish it were that easy” I started before James cut me off,

“Stop looking for reasons not to try”

He was right. Before I could even reply he went back to texting Sarah. I took out my phone and texted Rose,

‘How you doing babe? Xxx’

I got an instant reply, ‘Surviving another insane gala ugh, I miss you Lukeey xxxx’ I smiled to myself .

‘On my way to Sydney, wish I could be with you :( xxxx’

‘;)’ was how she replied and she went, leaving me confused.

ROSE’S POV: Finally the stupid Gala was done, I ran my way up the stairs and packed a bag, I was going to see Luke and surprise him. I slipped out of my silk dress I slipped on black jean shorts and a cropped top, I slid on converse. I dragged my way down the stairs and walked towards the kitchen I left my dad a note that says “Daddy, I’ve gone to Sydney for a few days, shopping trip” he would believe that! I hopped into my Porsche and drove the sunny skies of Melbourne.

LUKE’S POV: we finally arrived, we quickly went into the studio and went through makeup and wardrobe, and then we were on set. We went live, we did exactly what Stacey said to do, the interview asked us if we were going out with anyone, and I replied with a no, simple and easy. After the interview we hit the shopping mall, we bought a few beanies hats signed a few autographs and I bought Rose this dress, it looked really sexy and it would look amazing with her curves.

ROSE’S POV: I finally arrived at Luke’s hotel, I slipped the manager a hundred and he lead me to Luke’s room. I hid there waiting for him. After a few minutes I heard the key lock chime and I hid behind the door, the minute like stepped in I put my hands around his face,

“Surprise” I yelled in his ear,

“ROSE AH” he said while attacking me into a bear hug,

“Luke..miss you to… can’t…. breathe”

“oh right, I’m sorry” he said while letting go of me, I kissed him and he kissed me back, full of passion. He pulled away, “The boys and I were just going to hit the club, you have to come with us!” He started

“I’d love to Lukey, but I have no dresses” I pouted, he held up a bag, I took the bag and took out the dress, it was sexy, not my type but it looked great and I wasn’t going to let Luke down. “It’s beautiful Luke, Thank you so much” I said while throwing my hands around his neck ,

“Haha okay, now quickly go and put the dress on, I’ll just change” he said,

“Ight” I replied.

I made my way towards the hotel room bathroom as I saw Luke changing into his clothes, he looked at me

“No peaking” he smirked,

I winked at him and proceeded towards the bathroom. I slipped on the dress, it was a shade of olive green, it matched my eyes, it had a completely bare back, and it fell mid-thigh, I looked good in it I had to admit. I let my hair down as it fell in soft curls around my shoulder. I went outside and slipped on a pair of black pumps I brought with me,

“You look great babe” Luke said, while kissing me on the cheek , he held my hand and brought me out to hallway where the other boys waited, Luke introduced me, “Rose this is James” he said while James said a quick hello, “This is Skip, and that’s my twin Jai” both skip and Luke took my hand and kissed it, I giggled, “Where’s Beau?” questioned Luke, “Right here” he replied, he froze in his tracks as he saw me.

BEAU’S POV: I saw her, those bright green eyes and I felt a sudden rush of familiar drowsiness, I looked at her pale and fragile body, I soaked it in. She was here, again. I wasn’t going to let her leave me. Walk out on me, not again.

ROSE’S POV: It was him. HE WAS LUKE’S BROTHER, out of all the people out there, why him? Why this boy? why him? I sneaked a peak at him, I felt the blood rush away from my face as he eyed me, just like he used to “Woah, Rose are you okay? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost” exclaimed Luke,

“Oh it’s nothing haha, just a little star struck” I laughed it off, Luke seemed to buy it.

He grabbed my hand and lead us down in the hotel towards the club and bar area, from the corner of my eye I saw Beau give me a look, I pretended I didn’t see it. We made it to the club, we all took a few shots and everyone went in different directions, me and Luke danced our heart out on the dance floor, until I was quite tired, “I need to go to the bathroom, and drink something, I’ll be back” I said while pecking Luke on the lips,

“Okay I’ll wait by James” he said while motioning towards the VIP section of the club where James was.

I hopped off the staircase that lead to the illuminating dance floor, I walked towards the ladies room, the farther I got the less noise there was. I think I was lost, I walked past a narrow hallway when I felt a pair of strong hands grab me into the room, I squealed until I saw who it was, Beau.

He pushed me up against the wall, being dangerously close to me,

“So you’ve moved on to my brother I see” he started I avoided his face, “LOOK ME IN THE EYES GODDAMIT” I jumped, scared and hopeless I did what he said I looked at him, “You have no idea what you’ve been doing to me in that dress” he whispered, his breath lingering on my neck ,

“You know I didn’t buy this” I started, he cut me off by grabbing my wrists and pinning them to the wall above me, I wriggled trying to free myself, but it was no use he was too strong,

“Yeah well he’s fucking naive for buying you something like that and expecting no one to be all over you”

“Yeah? Well I bet he didn’t expect his BROTHER to be all over his girlfriend” I shot back, He responded my kissing me, long hard and lustful, it brought back so many memories.. *FLASHBACK* I woke up as the sun shined through my window, I grumbled and grunted as I saw Beau lying next to me wide awake staring at me,

“Good you’re awake” Said Beau.

I laughed and moved my body closer towards his, I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him, “Why what were you going to do?” have sex with a sleeping girl” he flipped us over so that he was on top of me, our blankets falling towards the floor, I ran my fingers through his hair

“If you hadn’t woken up sooner… yes” he pinned my arms above me and kissed me as we rolled around in bed until we both fell hitting the floor with a thud, I fell on top of him knocking the wind out of him, we both laughed as he strained to gain his breath “Freak” he said while shooting me a smile,

“And you love it” I replied by kissing his neck, he snuggled into me on the floor,

“I do” *END OF FLASHBACK* He loosened his grip, and I pulled free and ran my fingers through his hair, I pulled off his shirt making sure not to break our kiss, once his short was off I worked on his belt, pulling it lose and pulling his pants down, we both pulled away gasping for air, he helped me out of my dress as he started sucking my neck, I moaned in response as I felt him ripping apart every layer of skin on my neck, he worked his way back to my lips and we kissed as we both slid off our underwear, and one thing lead to another. We both finished and I couldn’t deny the fact I just had the best sex of my life with my boyfriends brother. I looked for my dress, while sliding it on, my hands were shaking, Beau managed to finish dressing himself and he took a hold of my hand he ran his thumb back and forth on my delicate skin, I jerked my hand away,

“This is the last time” I snapped at him, he smiled a sly smile and pointed to my neck,

“You might want to do something about that”

“Lord you didn’t leave a mark did you” he shrugged his shoulders

“What a better way to mark my property than with a hickey”

I hissed at him and he laughed, I covered it with my hair. We both went outside to the club, Luke ran over to me,

“What happened? Oh my god I was so worried”

“Um.. I got lost while looking for the bathroom and managed to get to the other end of the hotel and Beau found me and helped me back”

“My pleasure, brother” Beau said while stalking off onto the crowd of girls,

“What did I miss?” Luke laughed, “He seems more drunk than usual”

“Nothing” I said taking Luke’s hand, “nothing at all” I muttered to myself.

Chapter 8 -

ROSE’S POV A few days had passed and things had gone back to normal between me and Luke. I liked him and I wasn’t going to do anything that proved it otherwise. Beau on the other hand, we had history. We were friends with benefits, and we started getting attached; too attached. I broke it off with Beau, but seeing him again sparked old memories. It brought back old feelings and emotions, it was hard for me to control myself around Beau, and so I avoid him. I always invite Luke over to my place. We always spend time together, anything it takes to get away from Beau. Luke is fragile and I don’t want to hurt him.

LUKE’S POV I got out my phone and dialled Rose’s number, “Hello” “Hey babe, how are you?” “LUKE ! I’m great, I miss you though” “I miss you too love, the boys and I were going to watch a few movies have like a popcorn marathon movie night thing, I was hoping you could come over?” “Erm…I don’t know” I frowned to myself; Rose had never turned me down “Is something wrong? You’ve never turned be down before” “No no, it’s … nothing, I’ll be over at 7” “Alright babe, love you” “Love you too Luke”

I closed the call and made my way down where the boys were getting ready “Guys! Rose is coming too” The boys all cheered and James spoke up, “That’s Great, Sarah is coming too, and Jai is bringing Belle” “Great it’ll be like one fucking slumber party, maybe we can braid our hair too” Beau said in sarcasm, while stuffing his face with popcorn, mum walked by Beau and grabbed the bowl of popcorn from him

“Popcorn is for the movies, remember boys, I’m only a phone call away, if anything happens call me, and the extra food is in the kitchen on the counter, and if you’re going to have sex remember, safe sex” Mum said

“Got it. Bye mum” Jai chirped.

We all went and hugged mum bye, she was going on a road trip to god knows where with her boyfriend.

ROSE’S POV I looked at the clock 6:45 and I wasn’t even ready, SHIT! I ran upstairs and took out my overnight duffel bag, I chucked in some PJ’s toothbrush, clothing, slippers and I slid in a few condoms too, Luke never had any. I quickly discarded my clothes and changed into my PJ’s it was kinda cool, like a summer breeze so I put on booty shorts, and I changed into my Turquoise tank, I put on sheer lip-gloss and slipped on my black UGG’s, simple outfit but effective. I threw my duffle bag over my shoulder and got into my car while speeding away to Luke’s house.

LUKE’S POV Everyone was here but Rose was still late, typical. Beau had already gotten himself and everyone else a little tipsy and the pizza was going to arrive any time soon, I heard the bell ring “PIZZA’S HERE, I’LL GO AND GET IT” Beau yelled, I heard him run down the stairs as Jai changed the song to a Dubsteb Remix, everyone was on top of each other dirty dancing, as the bass shook the walls of the house .

ROSE’S POV I heard someone running down the stairs, I took a breath of relief it was getting kinda cold and I was tired of waiting, not that anyone could hear me though, the music was so loud and the cheering too. The door opened only to reveal Beau, the Pitt in my stomach started burning and the fire inside me grew with intensity. “My my my. What have we here? A little Rose whose thorns are in everyone’s side” “Beau I don’t have time for your sleazy lines, get out of the way I’m cold” I shot at him, with a sudden jerk he pulled me in close enough so that our bodies were touching and I could feel the heat running inside him,

“I know a way we could heat up” he sluggishly whispered, his lingering hot breath on my neck, I wriggled free from his tight grasp,

“We are over, we were 1 year ago, get over it. You mean nothing to me now, I’m in love with your brother, so get the hell over yourself, I was done a year ago.” I fired at him; my words only seemed to fuel his fire,

“You may be in love with Luke, but you’re attracted to me. You’re mine” He opened the doorway and released his arms gesturing me to come inside, I hesitantly stepped in, and as I did Beau leaned into my ear and whispered “I’m not done with you yet” it made my hair stand on its end, he turned towards me and placed a kiss on my lips, I jerked away,

“No” I whispered. I quickly ran up the stairs, I ditched my bag at the top and then ran into Luke’s arms, “Woah there Texas are you okay?” Luke questioned while holding me tightly, “I just missed you a lot” I covered up for why I was so shaky. “GUYS PIZZA IS HERE. LETS WATCH THE MOVIE NOW” yelled Skip, we all settled in front of the TV everyone took a spot; James and Sarah cuddled on the carpet, Jai and Belle were on the other end of the carpet, Skip was cantered in front of our couch, and Luke, Beau and me took the couch. Luke held my hands as I rested my head on his shoulder. The movie was so intense and interesting, but I couldn’t focus. I felt a strong pair of hands trail up and down my leg until the hand reached mid thigh, I almost jumped but luckily no one noticed, I turned around to see it was Beau who was bugging me,

“I need to bring the vodka and glasses Rose, mind giving me a hand?” Beau questioned me, I turned to Luke who nodded and said,

“Go ahead”

I quickly got up and followed beau into the kitchen while everyone else dove into the movie. The minute we walked in I almost slapped beau,

“ARE YOU INSANE!?” I hissed at him, he stayed quiet, “don’t ever do that again” I shot at him, he went and got the bottles, he walked towards me and held me up against the fridge, “Let go of me Beau” I wriggled and squirmed trying to free myself from his tight grip.

“I told you you’re mine, and hey, we haven’t had our fun yet” Beau calmly said to me while kissing me again, I pulled away,

“Let go of me Beau or I’ll scream”

He looked at me with a fiery rage in his eyes,

“And tell Luke what? That his beloved Rose is sleeping with his brother?” Beau shot at me, I stopped fighting,

“Are you blackmailing me?”

“More of giving you a reality check, I’m not about to leave you, so unless you want to tare Luke’s world apart I’d keep my mouth shut. Call it blackmail or whatever you want, I don’t care.”

He let go and walked past me while taking the Vodka and glasses outside. I crumpled in a fit of tears, sheer desperation mixed within, how did I stoop so low? Flash back* *** 3 years ago ***** “YOU SON OF A BITCH HOW DARE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING MY GIRLFRIEND” Yelled Steve, Rose’s boyfriend , “SHE NEVER TOLD ME SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND, TELL HIM ROSE” Yelled Beau, desperately looking at Rose to say something . Rose did nothing , she didn’t even look him in the eye, “YOU LITTLE BITCH HOW DARE YOU EVEN SAY HER NAME ” Yelled Steve , Rose saw it coming, she knew what was going to happen next , Steve Lurched at Beau, the 16 year old was fragile and weak, he was nothing compared to 17 year old Steve , who was filled with muscle had a lean and mean looking face and looked like he could easily crush Beau beneath his fingertips. Rose just stood there, motionless as she watched her boyfriend beat up the boy she loved , Beau. She couldn’t say anything to Steve , Steve was the perfect boyfriend ,hot ,sexy , smart rich and he had everything , Beau had nothing. She couldn’t risk everything she had for love , She watched Beau get beat up senseless and she willed herself to walk away, he was nothing to her, she would miss him for a few days then she’d move on. Beau’s bruises would heal so would her relationship between Steve, besides sneaking around and having a secret affair with the boy your father hated didn’t seem exciting anymore . She walked away, walked away from a hopeless Beau who had sacrificed everything for her.

ROSE POV I kept trying to gather myself together and every attempt I failed , I felt the deepest parts within me burn with intensity. I did this to myself, I buried my own grave, and Beau had the power to kill me and bury me within it. He held my whole relationship in his palms. The music was turned to a full until I was sure the walls of the house where shaking, I must have been there on the kitchen floor for a while with my head resting on my Knee, just staring at the floor. I didn’t even realize that Luke had walked up to me , he tapped me on the shoulder and I almost jumped out of my skin , “Woah there rosey you okay?” I looked up to face him, I looked into the hazel eyes I had grown so fond of, he looked at me and I saw his eyes scatter all over me , “What’s wrong? what happened? why are you crying ” he sputtered at me, after what seemed like an eternity I spoke up. I gathered my guts and feelings and looked him directly into the face , “it was Beau, He tried to force himself on to me.” I saw his face twist from Concern to disgust, I saw the yearning in his eyes the gleam that always comforted me was no longer there. He stood up , I could see his fist trembling he reached for a plate and threw it across the room with such force it shattered and caused a dent in the wall, everyone came running to the noise , I stayed on the floor hopeless . The minute I caught a glimpse of Beau’s face I knew he was planned for this , “WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE SAYING BEAU?” Luke angrily shouted at Beau, “Your little slut was all over me, begging me for it over and over she said you didn’t have to know but fuck it I was gonna tell you all of it today; she knew I was gonna tell you and caused a scene , who do you believe Luke ? Some Whore you picked up on the street or me. Your elder brother for you who’s always had your back , took care of you when dad left us , huh Luke who is it going to be ?” The silence was dreadful, I scanned the room Beau was facing Luke and The rest of the guys were at the door all shocked and motionless, everyone was motionless. It took me all the energy I had to stand up, yet every muscle every joint and bone in my body tried to keep me down, it was as if they knew I was walking to my destruction as well. I walked towards Luke and I rested my hand on his shoulder “Lukey it’s a lie” I started before he cut me off “YOU DID ALL OF THIS YOU RUINED US ROSE GET OUT GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND MY LIFE I DON’T NEED YOU , YOU WERE JUST A FUCKED UP PHASE YOUR NOTHING BUT A LIYING MANIPULATIVE BITCH” his glare cut me open . Luke stormed out of the kitchen and everyone followed him . I heard the back door shut and open as the Guys and their girlfriends followed him, I collapsed onto my knees and buried my face into my hands and sobbed , heartlessly and effortlessly. “My dear dear Rose, looks like your thorns aren’t going to be in anyone’s side anytime soon” I looked up to face Beau, a cruel and twisted smile crept up his face , I stood up my adrenaline kicking in, I ran up to Beau “YOU DID THIS, YOU RUINED THIS YOU KISSED ME, ” I yelled as I hit his chest, he anticipated my actions and held my wrists so easily, he was stronger then me , much stronger . “Leave me alone, Get out of my life, please” I pleaded him, my tears streaming down my face , “Your pain and suffering just fuels my fire Rosey, I want to ruin you like you did to me when you left me , you played me and now it’s my turn,” he let go of my wrists and his fingers crossed towards my eyes he wiped my tears, i stood still my body trembled with fear, “I’m done with you when I’ve used you up and completely ruined you” he let go of my face and walked away from me, his back facing me “Growing up we were taught two wrongs don’t make a right, but truth is two wrongs can never make a right, because two wrongs can never equal each other .” JAI POV I saw everything. I heard what beau said to rose , I saw the desperation pin her eyes and I hate myself for not saying anything, but I was filled with shock , I hid behind the fridge and watched beau harass Rose, and the way Luke yelled at her made my blood boil , it's not like I did anything. That day rose left Australia and after we never saw her. It's been 5 Months Rose never Looked back , Luke on the other hand is a mess, he shows the world he's pulling it together but he's not I know, I'm his brother I can feel it he's still in pain. The day everything happened I was in complete shock, I just left the house and had no idea what to think of everything , I couldn't believe my own brother could ever sink so low. I didn't say anything that day, I went to Rose's house the next day , I was going to talk to her and tell her to come with me and tell Luke the truth but when I went there was no one there , the neighbors said she moved away, funny how it rained all day. Five months on and I haven't said anything . What should I say ? Everyone's moved on and Luke's trying to move on, I can't bring back old nightmares .

LUKE POV I sat at the breakfast table with my brothers and my mum . Thanks to the new contract we (Janoskians) signed with MTV & Sony we moved to a new house, more like mansion. It's huge and so beautiful , our mum loves it and that's all we need to be happy. \"Sterile turn the tv on\" Beau said while stuffing his face with chocolate chip pancakes , our maid Sterlie walked towards the 73 inch flatscreen inside our kitchen and turned it on , the gossip channel was on, great. \"Rosalinda Gomez Daughter of multi billionaire Steve Gomez was pictured clubbing last night in Spain , witnesses say she was drinking heavily and was seen leaving with two boys, Rosalinda was once also linked to Janoskians member Luke brooks, picture of Rose came on screen with her hands around two boys and the headline of the picture was \"Rosalind's wild night\" , the room went silent, everyone was starring at me, I tried not to notice and continued eating my pancakes , I focused really hard on the chocolate chips hoping everyone would stop starring, they didn't . I was tired of getting sympathetic looks , I needed to show people I've moved on, I haven't though. I'm stuck , I like Rose a lot but ever since we broke up she's been all around the world hooking up with different guys , clubbing every single night , getting drunk and arrested , the only reason I know all of this is because of paparazzi, they follow her every step. \" So when are we going to Good morning Australia , they did ask us for an interview\" Said Jai, \"They called this morning and asked for an interview tomorrow morning \" Beau replied , \"and Luke I think tomorrow would be a great time to clear up the rumors about you and rose \" the room fell to an eerie silence \"Yeah sure\" I replied instantly and gave them a smile to show them I was okay, if only I could fool myself too.

ROSE POV I opened my eyes , my head was pounding, it felt like a thousand knives and swords have been shoved up in my head, I looked around it was dark except for a faint light coming from the what seemed to be a window covered with a curtain, I slowly sat upward in the bed and looked around there was no one, nothing except for messy bed sheets and things thrown around and broken glass, champagne bottles and the bed was covered in Pills and white powder stuff which looked like sugar . I got out of the bed and crept around the room which seemed not familiar to me at all. My headache got worse , I gathered my guts and walked towards the window and pulled the curtain opened the sunlight blinded me I covered my eyes , I re-opened them and scanned the outside area \"motel\" it said in the front where cars where parked . How did I end up in a motel ? I gathered bits of information that I could remember , all I remember is drinking a lot and leaving with two boys. I Walked towards the night stand and looked at the champagne bottle , it must have cost at least four hundred dollars , there was a sticky note on it \"Thank you for the night , anytime again rose -Carlos & Pendejo\". I felt dizzy , I had no control over my body and before I knew it , it all went dark.

Rose POV I heard faint sounds of monitoring and low hushed whispers. I opened my eyes slowly and looked around . It was all white , with machine and monitors and a bar stool, it took me a few minutes to realize I was in a hospital. “darling” my dad said as He walked into the hospital room “What happened” I asked him , he looked down at his shoes and took a deep breath “You where in some kind of a motel , you stayed there for a week the doctors assume you where passed out for the whole week, you had a drug overdose , the room was filled with cocaine and other drugs, Rose

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