as a candle ..

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Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



I blew the candles out and laid my head down on the pillow.. I used to fill my room with candles
It makes the room cozy and me comfortable amidst the rush of my thoughts..
You can say that the room and its ambience is a way of expressing the mood I am in ,

It’s a way of expressing myself when everyone sleeps.

Plus these candles do not differ much from me ..

I burn them while something else burns my mind..

The only difference is that I am here to put them out while there is nothing to put my mind out

There is nothing to stop this fire inside

There is no problem as long as I am in the dark 

As a candle, I am glowing

As a candle, my glow goes down in the morning.

The morning light has permeated through the room's curtains to wake me up inside

I sweep the curtains aside and take a deep breath

I relive .. it's just like a lot of stress taken off  

How delicious and fresh the morning air is !

I want to saturate my soul with peace and love

I hunger for more and more

I can't get enough of this  





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