The Demons Breath

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Just read it like really its a poem its not long

Submitted: February 04, 2015

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Submitted: February 04, 2015




The wind won’t stop, it’s been spinning for days now

sixty-six miles per hour

In the mouth of the cave dozens of boulders block the entrance

These are the powers possessed by the demon

The demon we named, we created, we gave pain

Now there are only four of us, there would be five but the demon is hardly man

The first man is more ape

The second woman is more machine

The third is me

and the fourth was the brightest general in the war

"What does the demon want?" asked the fourth 

The second began calculating, thinking, realizing


"What have we done?" muttered the first in an archaic manner 

Processing, contemplating, wide-eyed machinery 

Continuously the world burns, the wind stirs, the dust soars

The demon prepares its abilities, prepared to torment us in an endless dimension 

"What world is this? It never looked like home." the fourth begun to implore the second for answers 

Ten days passed, or was it months? 

I started to realize this wasn’t just a sick dream, it was a sick reality 

What had we done to deserve this? 

Out of the mist emerged a recognizable figure, and with the emergence of its perfect geometry came shivers of fear and hope, hope for release, perhaps the demon has had its fun? 

The demon stood in front of the fourth, juxtaposed to the second, behind the first, and we stood back to back 

"Do you not recognize your home? Can man really be so forgetful? After all, you created this." 

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