Adulterous Affair (collab outline)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Limitless Writing UK

I'm doing a collaboration with a friend of mine, a set of poems about an affair, one from the husband's perspective and the other from the wife's, we're deciding who does which so this is my rough draft of each. ENJOY!



I walk across the empty street,

Darkness enveloping me like a sheet,

In the silence of the night,

My conscience battles between wrong and right,

He gave me all his trust,

But our relationship turned to rust,

We promised never to go astray,

But here I've gone anyway,

Adulterous thoughts plague my mind,

The web of lies will soon unwind,

Carnal desires sated by lust,

I will now do what I must,

So now I will do what I would not dare,

I will tell my husband of my affair.




Her absence tears my soul,

Her treachery truly takes a toll,

So long ago we exchanged vows,

So at this betrayal I furrow my brow,

She told me she loved me,

She told me she cared,

Now nothing has been spared,

She thinks she's so subtle,

But her lies scream like a crashing shuttle,

She walks around with this man,

So much gone wrong in such a short span,

Now she comes to make things right,

And I will contain my rage with all my might,

But this I know will be futile,

For I have gone the extra mile,

I have my shovel,

I have my axe,

Now she will pay the penalty tax,

I hear the door shudder and open,

Preparing myself as the doorknob spun,

I click the hammer on my gun.

Submitted: February 12, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Jared Gustafson (SarcasticDragon). All rights reserved.

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