Cartoon Logic Explained #1: SpongeBob

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Submitted: April 15, 2016

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Submitted: April 15, 2016



Okay, I totally pulled all of this out of my head randomly, but I fact checked and it's pretty solid.


Cartoon Logic Explained Episode #1
SpongeBob logic

SpongeBob is obviously in an alternate universe, as there aren't cities underwater, and yes, a fictional story is an alternative universe meaning there are different rules. So this is an alternative earth and I will now explain how these concepts could work.

Underwater fire

This one is the easiest, part is done for us. Magnesium is the third most abundant element in the ocean, and magnesium can burn underwater, cool that's half the work done for us. As for how the wood burns, the explanation is that certain plant species on this alternate earth appear to have wood, but this is not the case, it is actually highly oxidized magnesium that the plants collect to form a hard, protective shell. However if the right amount of friction is applied, the "wood" can catch fire and therefore burn underwater.

Underwater beach and ocean

This is another easy one to explain with the help on another substance, the beaches are not actually water, but oil. Hence why the fish can drown in it, and the blue color comes from a microorganism that feeds off the oil. The reason it never dries up is because the beaches are actually underwater oil geysers that release large amounts of oil periodically and replenish the oil that is eaten by the microorganisms.

Why fish drink water

The reason they drink water is because in this alternate world, the ocean has a lower oxygen level because of a bacteria that transforms it into methane 
(this actually existed, it is believed to have caused the Permian Extinction Event 250 million years ago, the largest mass extinction ever, wiping out 95% of all life)
Because of this, fish have evolved to absorb as much oxygen as possible, but it's still difficult. But when civilization rose, they found a way to create water with very high oxygen content which doesn't really make it water anymore but whatever. They drink this to help their bodies collect oxygen.

How they blow bubbles through glass

When you see spongebob blow a bubble in the tree dome while wearing a helmet, this is actually because the glass is full of symmetrical holes due to the environments natural quartz formation, and invisible specks of highly magnetic iron line the helmet and produce a magnetic field, which holds the water (high oxygen content water) in, however when they blow on the glass, the force of the exhale pushes through the water and out the holes, allowing spongebob to blow bubbles with a helmet. And Sandy can whistle with her helmet because of the way the water currents push against the holes when sandy is underwater. This is actually possible and displayed in the show, during the episode in which SpongeBob goes insane after being swarmed by jellyfish, because the holes in his body produced a whistling noise. Sandy uses this and her vocal cords to amplify the noise and therefore whistle, as for why she does the hand movement here she puts the hand against the glass, it covers a portion of the microscopic holes to limit the spread of the noise and make it more audible.

BOOM! Done!

Request more explanations below! Hope you enjoyed!

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