Cartoon Logic Explained #2: TMNT

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Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



Cartoon Logic Explained #2

So there are really only two things I can see that I can explain, so this will be rather short. But we will be explaining aspects of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that don't seem to make sense, and find ways to fix that.

DISCLAIMER: I am not proposing theories or stating that these are true, simply finding logical ways in how some of these things could happen. Also I don't do a lot of research so... Meh... but it seems to check out :D

Why wear masks?

So this one is the most famous, "You're a turtle! What will a mask do to conceal your identity?!"
And this can be explained through their biology, turtles do have color vision, and are very social animals when they are happy-


This would also explain why these turtles always run far away, alone when upset.

And this may help them visually identity each other as an extra aid, the reason they may need such signals is because they are likely less evolutionarily advanced than humans.

What made them smart and why was Splinter always smarter?

So this one isn't brought up a lot because it's obvious, they are mutants, it's in the damned name. What I'm going to explore is what exactly could cause such a mutation. And that would be... Replication- Transcription Conflicts. This is a process that can be done in labs and has been known to speed up the genetic evolution of a given organism. Therefore a highly concentrated version of this combined with other factors could speed the evolution of these turtles and the rat, likely along the same path as Humans into bipedal creatures, as their front fins would be less suited to walk on land, and could be better utilized to manipulate the environment around them.

And another thing is why Splinter always seems to be smarter than them, and yes I know "he's a sensei, old and wise and stuff". BUT! He was mutated at the same time yes? And rather than insinuate he was wise before the fact, I would say his intelligence and experience in survival helped stunt his knowledge, as rats/mice/whatever he is, are more inclined (evolutionarily) to become sapient beings, which allowed his knowledge and ability to progress faster than the turtles.

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