Diary of an Emperor (Short Spin-Off)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: House of Ghosts

So this is just a quick little spin off on the events that spawned the Promethean Empire, written from the perspective of Emperor Kraken as a series of diary entries as he slowly progresses into world domination. This is not the only spin-off I will write on this time period so don't worry about the short length. This is the first in a long, long, long sequence of short spin-offs I will write and post here on Booksie. While the full novel will soon be published and ready for marketing; these will continue to be posted for free to serve as little extra details to help build the lore of the Promethean Wars universe. So, without further stalling for time I really don't need. ENJOY!

Diary of an Emperor


Well, I like to think that our society has become increasingly civilized as time went on. But this was ridiculous, this used to be a nice neighborhood. Oh well, no use in complaining. The energy crisis is getting out of hand, and by out of hand, I mean the world is going full on apocalypse.

 However, I am coming to the rescue, me, a simple gas station employee. I have created an alternative energy source that would save the world and I am damn excited about it. But this isn't just a simple invention, it is the key to saving the world and I own it, I am sure to become a billionaire. But I always say, go big or go home, so my plans don't stop there.

 Nobody else needs to know this until the time comes but I have no intention of stopping once I've made my fortune. I've thought about every possible outcome. I'm setting something in motion here; it starts with me walking into the patent office, and ends with me as ruler of the world.

 Now I know that's a bit ambitious, but how hard can it be when you control the entirety of the planets power? Today I don a mask and I assume a new identity, I have always been alone, nobody supported me, so I have no problem disappearing.

 I walk into the office, a hood concealing my face, as far as I know, this is the last time anyone will see my face. "How can I... Help you..?" The secretary says. I walk up to the counter and drop my electricity generating microorganisms onto said counter. "No no... How can I help you? I have the solution to our little energy predicament here and I'd prefer to... Claim it as my own." I say.

 The secretary nods slowly. "I see, and what is your name, sir?" She asks. I smirk beneath my mask and hum thoughtfully. "You may call me... Prometheus. For I am here to give a new fire to mankind." I speak softly. She gives me that look, the look of uncertainty. I suppress the urge to begin making sarcastic comments... They mustn't know the extent of my... Immaturity... That would lead to uncertainty and inhibit my plans for dominance over the world.

Now is not the time for doubt, that comes later. When my presence descends over the world, that is when the world may doubt me and my intentions. "And... What might your property be?" She asks. I hum again. "I have microorganisms that can generate electricity." I say boastfully.


Ah... This is nice... Hot tubs are nice... Life is nice... So, it's been fifteen years since I walked into that patent office and met my good buddy Tori... I'm kidding I haven't talked to her since I met her... Anyways, people are finally getting the idea of what I'm pulling here, and I'm getting some mixed reactions to it. People didn't take it seriously until I kind of sort of became the de facto ruler of Detroit. Kind of. But I think that soon enough, some countries will see the futility. Several third world countries are so heavily influenced by my presence that the government is virtually powerless. I don't live in the U.S anymore; a lot of people don't like me there, except in Detroit. I think my home country will take longer to win over, but my progress is steady, and I know that, whether they realize or not, I've already won. Soon my control will be total. I need a name; the world's government can't be named Promethean Energy Tech. What have people been calling it recently? Promethean Empire? Ooh... I like that... Alright then, naming session is finished.


Well then, five years since I named my new empire. And I now control half the world. Shouldn't be much longer. I'm getting old. It's 2064 now... I need to start looking into that nanobot tech again; I should make it to 120 years old easily. But that's not good enough for me. I'm sixty five years old, I don't like that. Once I get those nanobots ready I'll have my twenty year old body back. But first I must finish up the whole conquering the world business. Today I am going out of the shadows... Partially... Got to keep my mask on... But I need to calm people down a little. I walk out onto the stage and address the cameras and crowds of people. "Greetings, citizens of the world. I am Prometheus, and I want to address your concerns regarding my actions. I want to clarify that I am indeed aimed at ending the division of the world." I say. That got some gasps, a few boos, and several cheers. "I want to see humanity take what is rightfully ours, and that is our place as the caretakers of all life in the galaxy. And unfortunately, that will only work if we stand as one." I go on for a while, addressing each and every concern. I think I've done well. Yay!


Yes! I now control the world! That only took seventy nine years of my life and forty four years of running a company! Anyways, I don't know why I've been keeping this journal but I think it's time I wrap that up. My body is now that of a twenty year old man again thanks to the little robots that now run around in the bloodstreams of both I and billions of other people. Things are looking up, now I need to further our technological advancement. Can't have any aliens coming along and destroying my work. Nobody is kicking down my sandcastle! Need to get interstellar travel going, weapon advances, and all that good stuff. So now I conclude the diary that my therapist suggested I write so long ago. I wasn't very consistent on it anyways. Goodbye little book thing.

Submitted: March 06, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Jared Gustafson (SarcasticDragon). All rights reserved.

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