Diving Man

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A man taking in an adventure, one that has a little surprise in store for him.

Submitted: March 21, 2014

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Submitted: March 21, 2014



  I found an ancient map in a little old shop on Marble St. The map seemed to be a treasure map of old age, I asked the shop keeper how much the map was, for I could not find a price. The young man looked over it, soon he realized he'd never seen it in the shop before, he went tot he back to talk with the owner and moments later returned only to say that it didn't belong to the store. The boy said that I could take the map for free since it wasn't part of their store. I took the map back home to look over it some more, only this time, I found that the map was made for an area less than a mile away. I took my bike, mounted up, and made sure to grab some adventure type gear. I set off on my bike to the map's destination. I arrived. 

  It was an open field of grass and weeds, and in the middle lay a well. I took the map from my back pocket and flipped it over only to find a letter.

" Enter the well and you shall find the answer you have always been looking for."

  I unclothed down to my pants, and with my survival gear, a rope, flashlight, and pocket knife, I dived into the freezing water of the well. I had always been a great diver, and could hold my breath longer than anyone I had ever met, but I had begun to swim so deep that water pressure grew and stole my breath. Panicking, I clawed through the water in search for air. A small light begun to shine below, I quickly begun swimming towards it as fast as I could.

  Moments later, I was sucked into a hole only to discover a hidden cavern. I grabbed my flashlight and begun to light the room uo in search of a way out or some artifact. I heard a voice, and surprised, I leaped back about ten feet. An elderly man asked me, " please dear boy, help me move this boulder out of the way." With as much strength as I could bring about, I nugged the boulder out of place, only to reveale a hidden passage that leas to a flight of stairs to the surface. 

  A nice cold breeze came from the passage and it felt like it had been years since ive been outside, when infact, it had only been an hour. When I had reached the opening to the surface, I asked the man, " who are you?"


" I am God."

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