selfish mother

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a mother decides the fate of someone whos fate should have never been decided...

Submitted: October 07, 2011

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Submitted: October 07, 2011




A mothers selfishness

a short story by : Jared Davis

Genre: tragedy







As I lay down on the floor, thinking why o why did this happen? I begin to loose contentiousness and remember everything.

I came home from work, sat down to some bacon and eggs and began eating.

what,are, you doing?” my wife said


whats it look like to you, im eating dinner, bacon and eggs the same thing weve ate for the past year straight” I mumbled as I crammed food in my mouth.


well maybe if you would start working at a real job we would have real money! And I could buy food, but no , you stare me in the face and tell me that you love me and that your going to work, when somehow I know your lying. I got curious today and decided to follow you, You went to the bar and pulled out a 20 dollar bill! Dont you think we could use that for food or clothes or something?”


we've been like this everyday since a year ago, her parents let us live with them, they were too rich, when one day they were mugged in a new york ally and were shot and robbed. All of the inheritance money went twards rent,gas,bills, and my alchohol. But if we thought it was hard now, then we were wrong.


I woke up at 5:30 today, I had a weird feeling in my stomach, like I knew something was going to happen. And the only scary part is I couldnt tell if it was good or bad. A noise came from the bedroom,


KYLE!!!!!! Om my God....KYLE!!!”


And then the feeling changed and I knew it was bad.


Kyle ….Im pregnant!”

the hair stood up on the back of my neck, how? We never had sex because we knew that we cant afford children. We both sat down and screamed, what do we do? I buried my face in my hands, but when I looked up I saw her walk away with something in front of her.


where are you going?” I asked


im going to end it, kyle im just sick and tired of...well... I guess being sick and tired”

she slowly walked towards the balcony, she turns around and faces me, with a gun in her hand. She stared at me then told me to either shoot her stomach then her head or she'll jump. I didnt know what to do, I was stunned, as I froze she shook her head up and down, then sat on the balcony and stared at me. Why couldnt I move? Move! I screamed to myself. Then she teared up and started moving slightly over the edge, and said

I should have listened to father and mother...”

when fear let me go I ran towards her as she shoved off , I threw my hands down and grabbed her wrist. As I grabbed it I had a vision go through my head, I was of her body slowly rotting and then just disenigerating.


why did you do that? Why couldnt I fall? Do you want this baby? Do you really want it?”


its what I want, please hold on” I pulled her up and we hugged


9 months later....


Kyle! I think its happening!!!!!! lets go!!!”

I ran and got to the car, she was in the backseat breathing hard. As we drove that vision came back to me, I asked myself what does this meen? Why am I seeing this?

We pulled up to the hospital and the valets grabbed a wheelchair and rushed her into the ER. So I checked her in then went to the room. But when I got up to the room I felt that feeling again. So I rushed to her room hoping the best,and saw the worst.

I looked in and saw doctors and nurses running all around her, blood is flowing across the ground. Nobody tries to clean it up so they were all just stepping in it, until blood tinted the tile floor. I looked closer and watched them go from running all around her to a very sudden stop...


I slammed through the doors, asking what happened?

And they said

she tried a abortion with a clothes hanger, and bled to death,were so sorry that we couldnt save her “

at that very moment I died...








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