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This is quite 'messed up' not sure why I wrote it. I'm really quite normal...I swear lol.

Submitted: January 12, 2007

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Submitted: January 12, 2007



Before life ever breathed through me

The seed that gave me life walked away

And has not blown this way again

Before the first anniversary of life

I knew a new father that brought love

And I rode my pony in snowy fields

With his father, a most loving father

Walked those fields days after

And ended that which is only given us once

Still not old enough to know pain, pain

The like only life can give

Father and mother walked different paths

Tearing me two ways, before I rode

My first tricycle.


I stayed with mother, and father

Was a seldom visitor in a childhood

Wrought with fire and places that changed

More than most would forgive

And as I grew I watched as men

Walked over mother, as business people

Walk over a mat in a revolving door

Left with a usual goodbye.

Though you should know,

To count on someone is

Inevitably to be let down

Or picked up.


Cause eventually father returned,

And though grief is wrought,

It once was said happiness is to be pursued

And in that there is no room for grief

Angst can be forgiven, to return.

Though mother has not yet found one

To share her heart that would melt a fiery iciness

That you would think may build in me

After that much, but whose to say

How I should feel, since

That is everyone else’s to decide.


Why Johnny woke up one day

Killed his family and his friends

Or why Susan decided it was inhumane

To let the family she loved

Live in a world so fucked up


Today I will love, and elate in this gift

A world fucked up.

And tomorrow I will cry and despair

In a world fucked up.

But after all that, wouldn’t you say

I’m a little fucked up?

But who’s to say; what is fucked up?

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