Nightmares I

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What do you do when every time you sleep something comes to get you? you stop sleeping of course. But that wont help you against him! He will get you eventually. Even broad daylight wont save you!!!
When a boy in a local school starts passing out at random he becomes terrified not of the frequent bouts of unconsciousness but of the creature who visits him while he sleeps. All he remembers is two words..."im coming"

Submitted: June 11, 2015

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Submitted: June 11, 2015



I awoke to strange surroundings. I was in a forest and from the lack of light I guessed it was around midnight. I began to stand when suddenly everything when very cold and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. It felt like something was watching me but where from. SNAP! I spin round. Nothing. Then a noise the sound of footsteps. I panic and run but everything seems to happen in slow motion as I run I turn my head only to see the glint of claws and gnashing teeth but the scariest  thing was the  eyes they burned with fire and insanity. And then blackness. I wake up in my room drenched in a cold sweat I look across at my clock its half seven time to get up. As I got dressed and had breakfast I was still thinking about my dream even now it left me shaking. The day was pretty normal after that I stumbled through history and maths went to drama club at break and then headed to English for third period when suddenly I began to feel very drowsy and lethargic like all I wanted to do was sleep all of a sudden. I tried to carry on walking but instead collapsed to the corridor floor. My eyes closed and I could feel myself dropping off to sleep and then I was back in the forest again but this time I was standing I looked around me I was in the same place I was when I had woken up except there was no creature with flaming eyes this time just empty forest. And then a rustle I spin round but as last time I saw nothing. Then a deep voice rang out.

“You’re in my domain now and you can’t escape I will get you eventually I never lose my victims”

I thought on the statement for a moment before formulating a question.

“So w-why haven’t you killed me yet” I cried

“Because the boundaries of my domain are restrictive, only here in my territory can I reach you”

And then I was back in the corridor the first aider looking at me with concern

“i-im fine” I mumble “just felt a little tired and woozy that’s all”

And with that I got up and walked to English. I tried to convince myself it was just a dream that maybe this was all because of lack of sleep. But always the voice sounded at the back of my mind. Just two words ‘I’m coming’. The rest of the day went fine, I worried through English science and tech then prepared to go home it was as I reached the gates that I began to feel drowsy again I screamed two words at the top of my voice “he’s coming “and then I was back in the forest and this time I didn’t stop I just ran as fast as I could until I was struggling to draw breath. I stopped and leaned on a tree I closed my eyes for a second and then opened them and I was back at the gates I stood up and ran towards my house If only I could get there then in could get some caffeine or a tablet or something to stop me sleeping. But already I felt drowsy. I collapsed and knew there and then that I wasn’t going to see this world again. I was back in the forest  and this time I showed no resistance I stood still and welcomed the gnashing teeth and the glinting claws and the insane eyes that  were  coming towards me not with fear but with glee and that’s when I realised that now I was the most insane out of the two of us.

Epilogue: the boy’s body was of course taken to hospital but by the time they got him there he had been dead for fifteen minutes. The cause of death never was discovered but after this incident many more children went the same way and still nobody knows why…..

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