The Moan Of Horror

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I wrote this for the Nuneaton Festival of arts contest and won second prize on one of the shortlists i am currently writing a sequel and did write another short story tied into the same storyline if you would like to see either please comment.Anyways this is a story about a police chief called Charles browning who goes to investigate a school that collapsed trapping some young girls inside. enjoy!

Submitted: June 07, 2015

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Submitted: June 07, 2015



He was walking in endless darkness with no idea where he was going as he walked through the darkness shadows curled into indescribable shapes that struck pure terror into my heart suddenly I felt as if something was behind me and that that something was closing in with sharp claws and teeth that would sink into my flesh. I ran. I ran and ran but then a scream echoed across the darkness the kind of scream that sends shivers down my spine .I turned around to find the source of the scream a dark figure staggering towards me letting out a tortured howl that echoed across the empty space. And then suddenly he was in my face screaming and howling his eyes open fearfully wide and his face twisted in agony his mouth uttering  two words  ‘wake up’ . I wake up in darkness and I begin to panic what if my dream had not been a dream but as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see I was in a classroom which meant there was probably a window somewhere but as I got up the room went pitch black so that I couldn’t see anything then a Childs voice possibly a little girls began to talk ‘tick tock on the clock ‘the voice sang.

For some reason this voice unnerved me then the room lit up. I was shaking and didn’t really want to leave the classroom but neither did I want to stay in this classroom any longer I got up and went to the window that showed the corridor outside the classroom the light from the classroom cast an eerie glow into the corridor. I went to the door. Locked. There had to be a way out somewhere I thought, I looked around and saw a key glistening on a desk made of old oak wood. I picked it up and fitted it into the lock and turned the key. The door opened slowly and I stepped out into the corridor and looked both ways even though it was so dark down the corridors I couldn’t see anything. I could however vaguely see what looked like a large open room with tables in it down the left corridor so I decided to go that way.

 As I waked towards the room shadows seemed to curl around my feet and voices whispered in my ear chilling me to the bone. When I reached the room I could see that it was a canteen to the left of me there was a desk and behind it there were tables and ovens and cooking equipment and on my right was a large open space crammed full with tables and chairs. There wasn’t much here and I didn’t really want to find a knife and take it with me either because as much as I might be able to use it to protect myself the idea of stumbling around in the dark with a knife in my hand didn’t appeal to me so I carried on down the corridor. After a short while I started to see a dim light at the end of the corridor. I ran towards it. The light I had saw was two glass doors supported by thick iron frames painted a deep brown, through the doors I could see the playground at the back of the school lit with the light of the moon that hung in the centre of the dark night sky.

 As I looked up at the moon a face of pure terror passed across it , as if someone had made a shadow on the moon. I stumbled back only to be grasped on the shoulders by two arms. I turned around but saw nothing. “What is this place” I mumbled aloud before turning back to the door and attempting to open it. the door began to slide open when the little girls voice sounded again ‘ you don’t want to do that HE won’t like it’  I could have been afraid of that had I not been so desperate to get out. Finally the door gave way and swung open and at the same time a terrible moan of pain and torture cried out and then there were footsteps and they were heading right for me. I hastily ran out of the doors and bolted for the playground my steps echoing into the darkness. And it was as I was running that I started to remember. I was Charles Browning chief of the Nuneaton and Bedworth police department and I was here investigating the group of missing young girls who had supposedly been crushed in the collapsing of one of the classrooms in their local school. He hadn’t noticed but as he’d been running he had also become encased in fog so thick he couldn’t see in front of his face. Again he heard that terrible moan and in response I changed directions and carried on running already knowing even before he was grabbed from behind that he wasn’t going to see daylight.



Nothing was ever seen or heard of Charles browning again the police say that he had been found lying dead on the floor his face twisted into a look of pure terror but even stranger still there were no knife claw or bullet wounds nor were there any signs of burning. An eyewitness who lived near the school said that he had seen Charles running into the fog followed a few seconds later by a dark figure that looked as if it were encased in writhing shadows. Five minutes after the two figures had entered the fog he had heard a terrible moan that had chilled him to the bone followed by a scream of terror. Two weeks after the police chief was found dead the police announced that they were withdrawing all investigations from the school and that the case had been handed over to the armed forces special ops teams. It was also announced that any strange activity around the school grounds should be reported to the authority’s immediately. Many people say that it would be silly to send the armed forces in to something that was probably a murder but me I think that this is something different something that maybe we should just leave alone or it will come for us when the moon rises and the fog rolls out! 

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