The Moan of Horror: Shadows

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David Browning the brother of the late Charles Browning has been getting phone calls from his brothers work phone all week but only once does he actually answer and what he hears will change his life for ever in a terrible course of events. The Moan of Horror 3 will happen soon!!! thanks for reading guys please leave me a comment to let me know how i did!!!!

Submitted: June 12, 2015

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Submitted: June 12, 2015



Dave was alone. That was good this meant he had time to think.  This was the good thing about the countryside there’s never many people around to disturb your thoughts. Dave was still trying to come to terms with his brother Charles browning’s death. It had been both sudden and terrifying. The way his face had looked when they had shown the corpse to Dave to break the bad news had terrified him. The face had been twisted into a face of pure terror.

And then there was the call. A few months after Charles had died Dave had received a call at 5:30 am. This wouldn’t have bothered Dave normally but the number that was calling him was the phone number that Charles’ work phone had used. The work phone hadn’t been recovered from his body but it had been thought that he had lost it in the school and after the disaster with the armed forces task force the school had been completely sealed off and the surrounding area had been evacuated.

Dave just put it down to one of Charles’ work colleagues playing around but after it happened twice more he began to get more suspicious. Finally at the fourth call he answered his phone.

There was no reply for some time before Dave finally worked up the courage to answer.

“Hello, this is David Browning speaking”

There was a single bone chilling howl in reply. Dave hastily ended then call and stood still for a moment the howling still ringing in his ears further instilling fear into him paralysing him making him unwilling to move. He ended up staying like this for a while until he finally calmed down enough to walk back to his flat. When he got back his flatmate said he looked like he’d seen a ghost.

Dave smiled in return but for some reason felt reluctant to tell his flatmate what had happened. That night Dave couldn’t sleep. Whenever he felt sleep take hold his mind would replay the howl he had heard and he woke up drenched in sweat. Later that week Dave went on holiday with his girlfriend Alice and her friends. After the second night he couldn’t bear not being able to sleep. For Alice’s sake he had had to trade places with one of her mates on the sofa so that he  didn’t wake her with his fitful sleeping. Finally Dave couldn’t stand it any longer and quietly as not to wake the girls David left the caravan and took a walk out into the country.

David was alone. This was good it gave him time to think.

David’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of twigs snapping behind him. Dave spun round to find a female shape standing behind him. A second look showed that there was in fact two figures and one of them was Alice. The other one was Molly Sunfront one of Alice’s friends.

“What are you doing Dave” Alice asked. She sounded concerned.

“I just went out for a walk…  I thought it would clear my head and help me sleep”

“Dave, come on lets go bac-“

Alice was cut off by a moan of pain that was very loud and sounded close.

“What was that” asked Molly

There was another moan. It was closer but it was coming from a different direction, something rustled in the bushes to my left. Molly panicked and ran into the trees.

“Go back to the site Alice I will go after molly and make sure she gets back”

“Ok but Dave” Alice began to ask something but David cut her off

“Be careful though Alice whatever that is its not friendly, you might be safer if you run”

Then without another word David ran in the general direction of molly. Eventually Dave got to the edge of a clearing David was about to cross when he saw molly’s face on the other side of the clearing. That moment of hesitation may have saved David’s life as at that moment a human figure shrouded by writhing shadows stepped out into the clearing. He looked around for a few minutes before standing perfectly still. Suddenly David’s phone vibrated in his pocket. On impulse he answered it.

“Hello…look whoever you are you have to help me ther-“


Dave looked up and nearly jumped out of his skin at what he saw. The figure was now facing him and its head was inclined as if he was looking right at Dave.

David wasted no time and ran across the clearing towards Molly, when he got close enough he screamed at her to run. Molly had already started running but David caught up easily. Keep going Dave shouted he didn’t want her to think that she was alone so he kept talking to her at certain intervals.

David shouted at molly to turn left. This was a bad decision as turning left resulted in them both falling down a steep slope. David yelled out as they fell into some bushes that were concealing a hole which they both tumbled down and landed in some shallow water at the bottom of the hole. Dave stood up still rubbing the water out of his eyes.


There was a long pause before David was answered with a scream. He ran in the direction the scream had come from. As he ran he heard another scream but this one sounded different it wasn’t molly but he still recognised it. It was Alice!

She was above him but there was no way up.

“ALICE” he shouted in desperation


David’s hopes soared. She could hear him!


David heard Alice’s footsteps moving quickly forward and he followed them until he came to a junction in the roof were there was a large hole.

“ALICE” he shouted “DOWN HERE”

Suddenly Alice’s head appeared over the hole.

“Dave oh god it’s after me I don’t know what it is but-“

“Alice listen to me calm down quick jump into the tunnel”

“Dave oh god I can hear it its coming there’s no time-oh god it’s here ITS HERE!!!”

She started running but tripped on the edge of the hole and fell out of his sight.


There was what sounded like a muffled scream and then the terrible moan sounded again.

“Alice….Alice please, please be ok” he whispered to himself

Suddenly out of nowhere something heavy landed on David knocking him to the ground. He looked up to find Alice on top of him but her face was twisted into an expression of pure terror. He checked her pulse but she was already dead but her face still looked alive as if it might start screaming again. It was the same face he had seen when his brother Charles had died. His face had looked the same way. A flash followed immediately by a bang brought David out of his thoughts momentarily. He listened for another bang but there wasn’t one.

David sat there for a while not quite sure what to do. Alice was dead that was for sure but molly had to be down here still but he hadn’t heard her screams since he had seen Alice and he feared the worst. Finally David pushed himself up and carried on down the tunnels. He had to find molly then they could get out of here. The tunnel carried on for a few hundred yards and then just suddenly went up. There was no other way but back the way he had come and there was no way he could see Alice’s face again he had to keep moving forwards or in this case up!  He climbed up the tunnel which was covered with a drain at the top.

 When David got up close he saw that the drain cover was half open which suggested that someone had climbed out of it before he had.  It had to be molly!  David squeezed out of the drain to find that he recognised where he was. He was on the road that led to the holiday site where he Alice and her friends were staying. Molly would have gone back there for sure. Dave followed the road back up to the campsite and what he saw when he got there would haunt him forever.

Every caravan was on fire and every tent in pieces on the floor. Bodies were strewn everywhere and every one of them had the same look of terror. But the worst thing was hanging from nooses attached to the gate. Alice molly and all of their friends hung from ropes and all of their faces had the same look of terror. Lightning flashed and rain began to fall as a terrible howl rang out and David Browning fell to his knees cradling his head in his hands.

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