happiness and imagination

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just a short story about a dreamer

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013




he lived a life free, had stories to tell, loved meeting new people. he like everyone had problems, thats why he liked meeting new people, they don't judge as easily when you greet them with a smile. he loved making food, and eating it, tries new things and just gets past in life, but really loved picking up hitchers. he meets amazing people. once on the train he saw a most gorgeous girl, pretty eyes, few sun stained freckles and hair. he got up and she followed there on the train they danced, old fashion style, they danced to the most beautiful written music as the world around was oblivious.




his job was mediocre, but he enjoyed it, made games out of most things, he once met this man, just imagine with me here, a man with one eye, he holds till this day a meeting he had with a man who climbed mount everest, his story was so incredible how he lost all of his toes and 2 fingers, the pinky and the index finger, he told him at how harsh it was on him but it was the best thing he'd ever done. while stacking apples one day at his job, fuji apples to be exact, a pyramid that almost touched the dirty dust on the grey ceiling. 


his stories to people who he just met were so amazing that he can't remember all of them, on another fine summers day, 32 degrees and partly cloudy, he was walking through the outback and saw a green log with moss like dirt on it, slowly moving towards him in the swampy lie conditions and t turned out to be an crocodile, which were never heard to be this low in part of australia. he ran as fast as you would ever see anyone run. his great stories were met with aggravated family life. he lives by himself and his family hardly keeps in contact with him, 


his parents were angry with him for not taking his medication, as his mum would let herself in prescriptions layer on the messy floor, there was something about him that you didn't know, or many knew at all, he had a wild imagination if you get what i mean, his medication were antipsychotic, to keep him from living in this fantasy world, he gets lost a lot.


so at this point his family came together, for an intervention, he entered the main door to his house walked past the eggshell coloured walls to a room with all of his family, never has he seen so many of them at one time especially in his own house, his mother sobbing with a wet kleenex box with a dog on the side, how cute he thought, totally ignoring the fact that his family were starting to talk, gem they said, you have to be honest with us at this moment please, his mum said, with red eyes, son why do you do this to us, your so stressful and selfish. no wonder he didn't like his family. honey his aunty said you haven't been taking your medication, he replied i don't need to I'm happy, just the other day i made a new friend, his names paul from america and is the sun of the most wealthy man in texas, no son his father said looking at him right in the eyes, you didn't, you've been creating lies again, this isn't real, no, no he said swear i swear, but then he snapped back and the beautiful eggshell walls turned to a haunting white, had this been real as he ignored his uncle talking, everything went deafness silent, is this real, is this real now, yes i have problems but I'm happy, I'm not lying, or am i. A man he didn't know touch whim so gently on the arm, you have to come with us gem, come on its ok,  stricken with a  thousand lightning strikes he ran to the door only to be met with a tall man in white clothes, is this real is this really happening.


as gem woke he found himself in a hospital look ing place, his mother leaning over him brushing the hair out of his long shocked face, its going to be ok, i swear, his mother did care he felt it in the embrace. this is my reality, none of this really happened, the girls he met that looked like your indie film esque looks, the most amazing people you would ever met, this wasn't real and he'd finally awakened, even with his mother there he felt more alone then ever.the pillow clutched to with a vice like grip, had i been dreaming all this, who knows, no one ever will.

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