The Fruitful Murder

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It seems the George, owner of a small fruit market was murdered. Luckily Detective Jonathon's boss quickly gave him the case. This is the short story of Jonathon trying to solve the mystery. Will he find the murderer? If so who would kill George and why?

Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016




One day Detective Jonathan received a case of a murder in a fruit market. The owner George was found dead last night. Jonathan went to investigate. When he got there the first thing that caught his eye was a set of keys with a name tag that said Steven. When he got to the body he saw a small pile of wood shavings near it. ‘’I think it’s time to ask people some questions.’’ He said. On his way out he spotted a few colorful parrot feathers.

First he went too little TimTim’s house to see if he saw anything. When he got there he rang the doorbell, little TimTim opened the door. ‘’Hi I’m Detective Jonathan.’’ He said. ‘’There was a murder in the fruit market across the street I just wanted to know if you saw anything?’’ He asked. ‘’Why yes I did Mr. Jonathan, a suspicious man walked in at about 10:30pm he ran out and raced away in his car at 10:40pm but that’s all I know.’’ Little TimTim replied. ‘’And also do you know this Steven person I found his keys while investigating?’’ Asked Jonathan. ‘’Why yes I do Mr. Jonathan, he is the fruit market mascot the banana man.’’ Little TimTim replied. ‘’ Thanks for the information, now I’m going to go see Mr. Smith, there were wood shavings on the ground at the fruit market and I know he works at a woodshop I’ll see this Steven guy later.’’ Jonathan left.

Jonathan got to Mr. Smith’s house and rang the doorbell, Mr. Smith opened the door. ‘’Hi I’m Detective Jonathan there was a murder in the fruit market and I found wood shavings while investigating, know anything about that?’’ Jonathan asked. ‘’Well I was there a few nights ago so they might of fell from my clothes then, but I swear it wasn’t me.’’ Was he telling the truth or lying. ‘’Well I should be going now but thank you for your time.’’ Jonathan said while exiting. ‘’I think it’s time to see this Steven banana man guy.’’

He got to Steven’s house and rang the doorbell, Steven opened the door, there were car keys in his pocket. ‘’Hi I’m Detective Jonathan I’m investigating a murder in the fruit market and found your keys while investigating, but I see you already have keys.’’ Jonathan said. ‘’I keep my keys and car keys on different key chains, but thank you for finding them and I swear it wasn’t me, I didn’t even know about it before you told me.’’ Said Steven. ‘’Well are there any usual customers?’’ Jonathan asked. ‘’Well there is Bob but I don’t think he would have done it.’’ Steven answered. ‘’Well just to be sure I’m going to see him.’’ Jonathan got to Bob’s house and rang the doorbell; Bob opened the door as a party was going on in the background. ‘’ Hi I’m Detective Jonathan investigating a murder in the fruit market I hear you’re a usual customer.’’ Jonathan said. ‘’Why yes I’m a usual customer I just love their sales on fruit, but it couldn’t have been me I was organizing this party.’’ Bob said. ‘’Well I think I know who did it and I’m going to bring them to justice!’’ Jonathan left.

Jonathan got to Steven’s house and rang the doorbell, Steven opened the door. ‘’Steven I know it was you, you’re under arrest.’’ Jonathan said. ‘’What how did you know it was me?’’ Steven asked. ‘’I knew it was you because you were the only one with keys to the fruit market, and after you killed him you dropped your keys while running out the door, but that didn’t matter because your car keys were on a different key chain, so you could drive away, and I knew you drove away because little TimTim told me and little TimTim don’t lie, but why did you do it?’’ Jonathan asked. ‘’I did it because I was tired of having to listen to his lame jokes every day.’’ Steven replied. ‘’Well you’re going to jail now.’’ Jonathan drove Steven to jail and locked him in a cell. Suddenly Steven’s boss walked in the room and said. ‘’Another well solved case Jonathan.’’ ‘’Thanks but I still can’t figure out why there were parrot feathers in the fruit market.’’ Jonathan said. Jonathan’s boss replied, ‘’Parrot feathers now that’s just weird.’’

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